author of vpn-review.comHi, I’m a cybersecurity expert and practitioner.

For 9 years of my career, I’ve studied about 50 issues related to cybersecurity and data privacy. Realizing the complexity of cybersecurity environment, I try to examine ways of reducing cyber risks and improving Internet safety.

What did I create this website for?

Being on the niche for a long time, I understand how vulnerable our privacy in the 21 century is. As cybercrime is flourishing, today more than ever individual users have to pay great attention to anonymity on the Internet and use special security tools in order to guard themselves against malefactors. Today.

The point is while our anonymity is put at risk, we cannot reckon on complete freedom online. Besides, there are a lot of countries that highly censor the Internet. That worries me a lot.

Just have a look at this map that is taken from It shows freedom on the Internet in 2018. Free locations are coloured green, whereas purple – censored countries. Yellow ones are considered to be partly free.

Freedom on the Net in 2018 according to

The above-mentioned reasons pushed me to create a website that would be able to help people who live in countries with strict censorship and those Internet users who take their privacy and anonymity seriously.

Why did I create

As a cybersecurity expert, I have to test different software. VPNs are among my favourite privacy apps. Unfortunately, I realize that the major published VPN reviews are too biased, ‘’promotional’’, and ‘’not in-depth’’. There are even fake ones.

For instance, let’s take Hotspot Shield VPN. The service is extremely popular. Though, it was accused of selling data in 2017. Besides, advertisers may collect certain information about Hotspot Shield users. However, many websites do not cover this issue, misleading their readers.

One of the websites claims that with the provider, «All your visits, log-ins, and emails are 100% safe”. The VPN has 7.7 rating out of 10 there. That’s a high rating, I should say!

Hotspot Shield rating on the Net

Have a look at the cons of the VPN on the other website. Neither questionable zero logs policy, nor issues with data selling are mentioned here:

Pros and cons of Hotspot Shield VPN on the Net

I may go on and on with such examples. However, the point is positive reviews are very important for services, that’s why there are a lot of paid/fake VPN reviews on the Internet!

So, I promised myself to create the site with honest and unbiased information for VPN users that would cover the following topics:

  • Online anonymity;
  • Personal data protection;
  • Unblocking geo-restricted content.

Being a practitioner and a travel lover, I decided to put together my favourite activities and test VPNs from different countries in order to make my reviews more useful.

What countries have I been to?

Once I reached a certain country, I tried to buy a local VPN service. Testing VPNs in the countries that heavily censor the Internet and locations of VPN jurisdictions helped me to see a full picture and the truth about providers.

I’ve already visited about 90 nations, here are just some examples:

  • Hong Kong
  • BVI
  • Panama
  • US
  • UK
  • Romania
  • Hungary
  • Germany
  • Turkey
  • China
  • UAE
  • Russia
  • and many others

What’s my checklist for each country?

  • Study local data retention laws and the issue of online freedom and Internet censorship.
  • Test a VPN service for security and privacy (IP leak, DNS leak, logging policy).
  • Do speed tests (primarily EU and US servers).
  • Do tests for streaming services (Netflix, Hulu).
  • Do tests for torrenting.

All my reviews and guides are based on my personal research, experience and tests. Nobody paid me for the reviews. All of them are unbiased and honest.


  • I personally tested the VPN services.
  • I personally proved the fact that the VPN works or doesn’t work in a particular country.
  • I thoroughly studied the data retention laws of the VPN jurisdictions.

How do I earn to maintain the website?

I am not paid for my reviews! Still, I use affiliates links in some VPN reviews. What does it mean?

If you purchase a VPN subscription via the link on my website, I’ll get a commission from the provider.

Does it influence the final review?

No! As I have mentioned above, I personally tested, personally proved and thoroughly studied the VPN services.

If you are looking for impartial reviews, you are in the right place!