So do you want a UK VPN with a wide range of UK based IP Addresses? There are lots of advantages to having a UK based IP Address. You can get to watch some of your favorite BBC shows and access various sites that are only available for UK users.

Whether you’re at UK or outside of UK but want to appear as though you’re using the internet from the UK, it’s always wise to access your internet via a VPN Provider to protect your privacy and ensure 100% anonymity.

When it comes to UK VPNs, there are hundreds of different VPN providers out there. VPN services that offer their services to the US, AU and Canada markets tend to offer services to the UK market as well.

Even though the internet population in the UK is not as much as other countries, it still has a HUGE growing demand for quality VPN providers.

Over the last couple of years, many UK VPN providers have set up store. However, not all of these are the same in terms of service, anonymity and security.

If you’ve been searching for a quality UK VPN and haven’t been able to find one yet, don’t worry. We’ve done the hard work of finding quality VPN’s for you.

We’ve researched various VPN providers and have uncovered 3 providers that are top notch when it comes to speed and dependability with their UK Based IP addresses.

With that said, here are the three best UK VPN providers in the market right now…

1. HideMyAss

HideMyAss is an organization that has its base set up in London, United Kingdom. Being a UK based company, it isn’t subject to the Digital Millennium Copyright Law. The reason why this organization clearly stands out when it comes to VPN services is because of the wide network it has.

HideMyAss boasts of over 300 servers in different countries including countries in the Indian Sub-Continent, North Africa and Middle East. It’s one of the largest VPN providers out there with over 50,000 IP addresses in 56 different countries. Yearly subscriptions are as low as $6.55 per month for their professional VPN service.

Whether you want to access the internet via your PC or your smart phone, it’s possible with HideMyAss VPN. The company has an extremely easy to set up system for almost all devices.


  • High speed 300 servers in about 50 countries
  • Very large number of UK based IP addresses
  • Established in the United Kingdom
  • 30 day money back guarantee so you’re not likely to be ripped off
  • Protocols offered – OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP protocols


  • Expensive when compared to many other VPN providers


2. Private Internet Access

If you’re interested in a VPN provider with a simple and fast service that beats the competition, look no further than Private Internet Access. It’s one of the few companies that accept payments via BitCoins.

The organization does not keep record of any of its user’s activities and boasts of quite a large number of UK based IP Addresses that you can depend on (high speeds and top notch security).

Pricing is also an important factor when choosing a VPN. Private Internet Access offers extremely affordable VPN services when compared to many other providers out there.


  • Accepts bitcoins
  • Large UK network
  • Extremely affordable rates


  • Not as established like certain companies (Ex- HideMyAss)


3. StrongVPN

Based out of the US, StrongVPN is one organization that has been offering top notch VPN, Hosting and various other internet services since 1995. Its network is quite huge (as good as HideMyAss). Like many other US based VPN providers, the company is not required by law to monitor activities of its users.

Their system is easy to set up and use from just about any device. Whether you want to login from your PC or your smartphone, it’s possible and set up with StrongVPN only takes a couple of minutes.


  • Established presence, large number of servers in different countries
  • Extremely affordable pricing starting at $7 a month
  • Compatible with several devices
  • Large number of UK based IP Addresses


  • Data maybe recorded through time stamping as it’s established in the US