Have you been searching for a VPN provider that you can use to access torrents and various P2P networks?

With increasing censorship on file shares and heavy lobbying from well-funded entertainment companies to criminalize P2P file sharing, it has become more important than ever to use a VPN while accessing torrent websites and downloading P2P files.

Even if the file sharing and P2P law in your country is favorable, it’s likely that it may change in the future. And if it does, websites and internet service providers that have been capturing your data (i.e. your IP address and behavior) may be forced to hand over all of the data to the various entertainment companies so they can sue you.

File sharing has actually popularized entertainment in a lot of ways especially when it comes to music-sharing. When music goes viral through P2P websites, users are more likely to purchase the music and attend a live event.

However, pressure from various entertainment companies and various other groups can seriously cause the laws in your country to change, thereby making downloads via P2P files completely illegal and criminal.

The best way to ensure that you’re safe is with the use of a VPN that completely anonymizes your internet usage. However, not all VPN providers are created equal.

There are so many VPN providers that don’t favor the use of torrents. These providers tend to track and monitor your usage (even if they do allow torrent use for now). Should the law change, there’s a high chance of your data being passed on.

So it’s important that you thoroughly research about a VPN provider and their terms before signing up with them. Finding a reputable VPN provider that you can depend on for torrent downloads can be hard and challenging. But don’t worry.

That’s where we come in. We’ve researched various VPN service providers and identified some of the best companies that are favorable towards torrent use. Not only are their terms torrent-friendly, they also boast of a wide network, offer top notch customer support and ensure high speed connections all the time.

With that said, here are some of the best VPNs for torrents…

1. TorGuard

TorGuard is VPN service which specializes in providing VPN services to users who download torrents via P2P websites and programs. TorGuard is a company that is based out of Panama where the laws are quite favorable.

Panama’s cyber law does not require websites operating out of the country to record or log user’s activities on the internet. And therefore, you can be sure of 100% anonymous browsing when you’re using TorGuard.

With a secure 256-bit OpenVPN encryption and 1000+ anonymous servers in various countries, TorGuard’s security system is one of the best amongst VPN providers.


  • Wide network of servers (1000+ in 41+ countries)
  • Top notch secure 256-bit OpenVPN encryption
  • Designed keeping torrent downloads in mind



2. BTGuard

BTGuard has become an extremely popular VPN service especially amongst Torrent Users thanks to the endorsements it’s received from various torrent file sharing websites. BTGuard is an organization that is based out of Canada.

The current laws in Canada do not require a website to keep logs or record a user’s activity on the website like some other countries. And therefore, downloading torrents via BTGuard is completely safe and 100% anonymous.

But 100% anonymity is not the only thing. BTGuard also stands out when it comes to encryption, security and speed. Like many other popular VPN providers, BTGuard has high speed 10GBit networks in three countries that are known for their top notch internet speeds – Toronto, Canada, Amsterdam, Netherlands and Singapore.

And therefore, you can be sure of top notch download speeds when you’re downloading torrent files. Whether you’re downloading the latest movie or an album of your favorite artist, you can be sure of a quick ultra fast download.


  • Complete anonymity over your torrent downloads
  • Specifically designed keeping P2P users in mind
  • Based out of Canada where most of the cyber laws are favorable towards P2P users and VPN providers


  • Networks in only 3 countries and therefore you don’t have much flexibility


3. HideMyAss

HideMyAss is one of the leading VPN providers in the cyber space right now. With networks in over 50 countries, you can browse the internet from just about any country you want. The company has topped all our other review charts except for this one on torrents. And there are some valid reasons for that.

Firstly, BTGuard’s torrent download VPN service is superior to most other competitors. It boasts of the highest speeds when it comes to torrent downloads. With HideMyAss on the other hand, the speeds are good but not top notch (for torrents).

Secondly, BTGuard has been specifically designed keeping torrent users in mind whereas HideMyAss isn’t. HideMyAss’s VPN and its software have been focused on catering to customers who want to use a VPN for normal internet browsing (even though it works for torrents too).

With HideMyAss, the software is extremely easy to use and set up. The customer support is awesome. But what makes the service truly stand out is its dependability. The large network HideMyAss boasts of means that servers will never be down and you can enjoy unlimited restriction-free downloading anytime you want.


  • One of the largest networks amongst VPNs – 340 servers in over 50 countries
  • Top notch security and encryption, ease of use


  • Works for torrents but mainly designed for normal internet browsing anonymity
  • Expensive when compared to many other VPN providers