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Cryptostorm Review

Last updated: July 8, 2020 By Dean Chester

Any good VPN service will prove itself unique by claiming to have servers with fastest speeds worldwide and fully protected privacy. The best way to assess this factor is to look for two things: No logging policy and acceptance of cryptocurrencies such as Darkcoin, Zetacoin, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin.

To this, how about adding a revolutionary idea of not linking your payment method or your personal details to your VPN account? It will simply increase the privacy level by two-fold, isn’t it? While no other SSL VPN service provides such an option, Cryptostorm does offer it! This is exactly the most persuasive reason to choose Cryptostorm.

Cryptostorm VPN

It has taken privacy protection to a new private level with two functional pillars namely, token-based authentication (a revolutionary way of payment) and acceptance of alternative cryptocurrencies.

This revolutionary service is seven years old as of 2020. Today it has become one of the most reliable VPN services for all those who love and trust token-based authentication system and stronger privacy through a ‘seppuku pledge’. This pledge insists to stop all operations before disclosing any customer details to authorities. Another big differentiator is the plugging of DNS leaks, which is something that a majority of VPN services do not offer for preventing the authorities from tracking you. It offers a special DNS utility to avert any DNS tracing your location.

Let’s see the main benefits of Cryptostorm provider in details. Keep reading and you will learn the following information.

Tariffs and prices

Cryptostorm provides the option to purchase tokens directly from them. However, one can use the following resellers: or AltToken. The order is proceeded instantly if you purchase the service from Cryptostorm official website or However, if you buy Cryptostorm token via AltTokem reseller, you have to wait around 2 hours for the order to process. Buying the service via resellers adds an additional layer of anonymity and privacy protection as you don’t have to reveal your personal information

As for tariff and prices for the service, Cryptostorm has the following offers:

  • $1.86 for one week;
  • $6 for one month;
  • $16 for three months;
  • $28 for six months;
  • $52 for one year;
  • $94 for two years.

There are also some affordable offers for a bundle of tokens:

  • $24 for a bundle of 5 one month tokens;
  • $48 for a bundle of 11 one month tokens;
  • $97 for a bundle of 25 one month tokens;


  • $500 for a lifetime token.

There are three payment options to pay for the VPN: PayPal, CCBill, or cryptocurrencies. The provider only offers recurring subscriptions via PayPal for weekly, monthly, or yearly. They work the same as non-recurring orders. For example, a weekly subscription would get you a new access token that's good for one week.

Another thing that should be mentioned is that Cryptostorm tokens do not expire until first use. Let’s say you buy a one-month token on January 2 2016 but you don't use it until February 25 2019, that token would be valid until March 25 2019.

Luckily, Cryptostorm offers a money back guarantee. However, to prevent unfair usage of the service, the provider limits the number of refunds for the same customers.

Info on servers

Cryptostorm owns servers in Moldova, Hong Kong, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Romania, the USA and many other countries. The current number of IPs is 680. The provider always tries to exit nodes.

You have the option of selecting the server location with a custom Windows client, or widget. However, for non-Windows users, it is needed to use regional configuration files.


The provider manages its own servers and does not impose any bandwidth limit for its paid plans. It even allows Point to Point (P2P) sharing for hiding torrenting activities from the concerned or spying agencies. Furthermore, you will access services like RarBG easily with the VPN installed on a device.

Earlier the VPN used tormstorm – a free service provided by Cryptostorm that allows accessing to .onion sites without requiring Tor browser. Unfortunately, it was discontinued several years ago. Today Cryptostorm customers are able to access .onion/.i2p/.bit/.p2p/.eth sites directly. No additional software is required. Once you're connected to the service, requests for those TLDs will be processed transparently.

Another unique feature of the provider that's worth mentioning is that Cryptostorm RSA and ECC instances work on any UDP or TCP port, from 1-29999 (30000 and higher are reserved for port forwarding). Cryptostorm offers a few ports allowed through firewalls without using a bunch of OpenVPN instances.

Security and privacy

Right now, the Cryptostorm VPN software works only via OpenVPN but with some strong security features. The VPN has four types of OpenVPN instances: RSA, ECC, Ed25519, and Ed448. Along with the strong pledge mentioned above, the provider also promises not to log or monitor activities.

Another commendable aspect is that they need you to hash the token before using it. For this, there is a calculator to generate the SHA512 hash key for encryption, for non-widget users. Even if the exit node is being attacked, the unauthorized entity cannot use the hash key to get the original token. 

Support Service

The service provider offers customer support through forum, e-mail, voicemail, and Twitter. There is a wealth of information on a forum to explore the service as well as troubleshoot common problems. While this can help one instantly, the use of technical jargons seems to make it challenging for non-technical people to understand and follow stuff. However, the response time through forums and emails is good. 

Client account procedures

Well, the Cryptostorm service is accessible through its client available for Windows. The download Cryptostorm provider for Windows link is available right on the home page, which is a widget. It is easier to install it; all you have to do is to download the installer for a custom Windows OpenVPN client. For a free trial, you just have to go for Cryptostorm VPN download of the widget and select Cryptofree from the drop-down menu. That’s it! For non-Windows users, you need to download the OpenVPN config files from the third party site, with the help of given instructions.

If you order the VPN directly from Cryptostorm, the order is processed instantly. For PayPal subscription and cryptocurrency orders, the token is sent in an email. For everything else, the token is delivered directly in-browser.

To get the VPN on your device, you should download the widget from the official website of the provider. We’ve downloaded the provider on our Windows computer.

Cryptostorm widget for Windows

The installation is very simple. You are just to follow the steps of the installer. After the successful downloading. You need to fill in your token that was sent to you.

Cryptostorm widget v3.42

Choose the desired country and click on the “Connect” button.

Cryptostorm widget v3.42: connect to the server

That’s it, now you can browse the Internet from another country.

Successful connection to the Cryptostorm server

IP Leak test and speed test for Cryptostorm

After a successful installation Cryptostorm widget on your Windows desktop, we’ve decided to check the provider for IP and DNS leak. We were satisfied with test results as neither IP nor DNS leaks were detected.

IP Leak Test for Cryptostorm

However, the speed test results weren’t so satisfying. First, we’ve checked our connection without the VPN. You may see the results on the screenshot below.

Speed test results without Cryptostorm

Here are the results with switched on VPN. The distance to a VPN server is nearly 600 km.

Speed test results with Cryptostorm VPN

This time the server is located approximately 1500 km from our home location.

Speed test results with Cryptostorm

Results differ as the closer a server is, the faster the speeds. As you can see, the results are not impressive. However, if connecting to a server that is 500-600 km away from your region location, it’s still possible to watch high-quality videos on Netflix or other streaming services.


The software is compatible with Windows, Linux, Android, Mac, iOS, Solaris, BSD, DD-WRT and many other routers. On the router page, one can find links to guides for getting connected to Cryptostorm with various routers.


To conclude, Cryptostorm is not bad VPN provider. It offers robust encryption and protocols, no-logging policy and anonymous payment methods. However, the service is slow and the Cryptostorm widget looks a little bit outdated. To make a long story short, look at the main pros and cons of Cryptostorm VPN:

Pros of Cryptostorm:

  • No logs;
  • Reliable encryption;
  • Anonymous payment;
  • P2P torrenting allowed.

Cons of Cryptostorm VPN:

  • Slow speeds;
  • Out-of-date interface of the widget;
  • Limited number of servers.
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