ExpressVPN ReviewHave you heard a lot about ExpressVPN? Read dozens of user reviews, but still don’t trust them?

You are on the right page! This in-depth ExpressVPN review is really honest as I have personally tested the service and will provide you with unbiased findings.

After you read this article, you’ll answer the questions:

  • Why is it  one of the top VPN providers in 2020?
  • What for and how can you use it?
  • What do other users say about it?

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ExpressVPN: Unique Benefits and Features

The very first thing you probably want to know whether I recommend using ExpressVPN.

I say ‘’Yes’’ to ExpressVPN service and many thanks to the provider for such an all-round VPN that can perform any task! Thus, if my ‘’Yes’’ is enough for you to make the right decision, your next destination is ExpressVPN’s official site. In case you are dead interested why I recommend it, keep on reading!

Why do I say ‘’Yes’’ to ExpressVPN today?

Firstly, its security level is one of the most advanced in the market. Four tunneling protocols and unbreakable military-grade encrypting methods 100% protect the data I transfer through the network.

Secondly, I’m quite pleased with the most diverse server network and stable and fast connections when I connect to them. No data leaks!

Thirdly, I can use ExpressVPN on all my gadgets as it’s compatible with all operating systems and almost all kinds of internet-enabled devices.

Finally, it’s a great multi-task VPN service that can not only hide my IP but also unblock Netflix US and other online streaming services, no matter from what country I would decide to access.

ExpressVPN vs NordVPN are often compared as the two major VPN providers in the market. I believe, it’s a bit expensive for me (but it’s worth this money).

Here’s the list of pros and cons I found out while testing ExpressVPN:

ExpressVPN pros ExpressVPN cons
⊕ Blazing speeds on major servers ⊗ A bit expensive price for a 1- month plan
Proved no-logging policy
⊕ Unblocks Netflix (US, Canada. etc
⊕ Advanced encryption and protocols
⊕ 160 locations (3000+ servers)
⊕ User-friendly apps for any device
⊕ 30-day money refund (no questions asked)
⊕ Excellent 24/7 online support

Pros and Cons of ExpressVPN

Have you looked through the pros and cons of ExpressVPN? Want to know more how I came to the conclusion?

Without further ado, let me comment on them.

ExpressVPN is easy to download and use

This VPN works almost on all platforms This VPN works almost on all platforms (consoles and smart TVs) and is compatible with all web browsers and operating systems (full list of platforms is here).

What’s more, the provider of ExpressVPN developed special apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, routers, and extensions for Chrome and other major browsers.

I’ve already tested dozens of VPN apps on different operating systems and platforms. The provider of ExpressVPN claims that the apps are ‘’easy-to-use’’, can be ‘’set up in minutes on any device’’.

Well, I decided to check if they tell the truth. I tested ExpressVPN on Windows, Mac, and Android, and I confirm that its apps are really easy-to-use and it takes a couple of minutes to install the software!

I find it very cool that all ExpressVPN apps can be downloaded for free from the official site.

I won’t provide step-by-step setup instructions for each platform as you can find all of them on ExpressVPN website. I’ll just tell you how I set up ExpressVPN on Windows to prove that it’s really easy.

I just had to type in my ExpressVPN login and password in the account on the official site. Then I clicked on ‘’Download for Windows’’ and the app was automatically downloaded and saved on my PC. Finally, I opened the installation file and did a few clicks to finish the installation (One of the clicks was to copy & paste my ExpressVPN activation code).

ExpressVPN setup


Done! Very fast and easy!

The interface of Windows app is very intuitive and user-friendly. The menu of Windows app (Android and Mac software are similar to that one) consists of six main sections. Have a look at the screenshot below:

ExpressVPN app for Windows

There’s no need to explain what for you can use these sections as it’s easy to understand. Let me say just a few words about ‘’VPN locations’’. It’s worth noting that there are two options for choosing a server to get connected.

So, you may choose from the recommended servers (best ones for your real location) or search in ‘’All locations’’ where they are collected by regions.

It’s dead easy, isn’t it?

ExpressVPN server locations

ExpressVPN servers: 3000+ & super-fast

Well, it’s really true!

The server park of ExpressVPN is quite impressive. Just have a look at the numbers:

‘’3,000+ VPN servers in 160 VPN server locations in 94 countries.’’

(last check on April 18, 2019.)

ExpressVPN offers the widest network of VPN locations in comparison with other providers. It means that you can use ExpressVPN almost for any region you would need!

For example, NordVPN has 5200+ servers, but they are located in only 58 countries, which makes your opportunities slightly limited.

ExpressVPN server network

I tested dozens of ExpressVPN servers and I’m quite pleased with the speeds of most of them (See Speed Test results). Of course, it’s impossible to test all 3000 servers (but I’ll try ;)).

The app offers Smart Location feature that helps you to connect the fastest server. It uses the metrics collected for each server. It’s helpful if you don’t have preferences what location to choose.

Still, I tried to manually find faster servers for my location. Such servers showed better download speeds (I chose the nearest locations) for me.

ExpressVPN is good for Netflix

If I see some users claiming that ExpressVPN is not working with Netflix, I will ask them if they have really tried it. This VPN provider is one of the fewest that can unblock different versions of Netflix.

In case you connect to the server that fails to unblock it, just contact their online support which is available 24/7.

I tested ExpressVPN for US, Canada and UK Netflix. All of them were available for me thanks to ExpressVPN.

It’s very simple to use ExpressVPN with Netflix. You just have to choose the region you need and click ‘’Connect”.

Read our article about Netflix VPN to know what errors you can see if the company identifies you in using VPN.

Allows torrents via its serversExpressVPN live chat

Good news for those who are not only crazy about online streaming but also like torrenting!

Firstly, ExpressVPN servers allow P2P connections.

Secondly, I asked its specialists, and received quite a definite reply from Nathaniel (as you can see on the screenshot). All ExpressVPN servers allow torrents.

Some VPN providers, like NordVPN, allow P2P connections only through dedicated servers. But ExpressVPN provider doesn’t limit its users in it.

Money refund after 30 days (no questions asked)

It’s a very popular practice among big VPN providers, like ExpressVPN, to substitute a VPN free trial by a money refund.

So, 30-day money-back guarantee is a good alternative to use ExpressVPN for free. But you have to pay for a monthly subscription and then contact online support to claim for refund.

ExpressVPN money refund

Why money refund is better than a free trial?

Most free trials are limited in servers, speeds or bandwidth, but ExpressVPN money refund is a great way to use a full-featured VPN risk-free.

Note: Be sure you claim for refund within 30 days after your first subscription.

Proven no-logging policy

ExpressVPN doesn’t collect or store any user logs. And it’s a proven fact.

You probably remember reports about an arrested ExpressVPN server. But fortunately, the authorities failed to find any logs there, which proves ExpressVPN’s no-logging policy.

Here’s what is mentioned on the ExpressVPN’s official website:

‘’ExpressVPN’s core mission is to enable customers to use the internet privately and securely. Not only are we committed to safeguarding your privacy, but we are also transparent about the information we do and don’t collect.’’

Indeed, the provider mentioned nor only what logs are not collected but also what information is still used and for what purposes.

This screenshot was taken from ExpressVPN site. As you can see, some data is collected for statistics on how the service is used.

What data is collected by ExpressVPN

I recommend this VPN service to use for torrents. No user information is kept, which makes you not only anonymous but also private.

Advanced encryption and protocols

Tunneling protocols define the security of connections via VPN. I’m glad to inform you that ExpresVPN applies advanced protocols and encryption.

Firstly, the service encrypts your traffic with an AES 256-bit cipher (in addition to a 4096-bit RSA key and SHA-512 HMAC authentication)

Secondly, ExpressVPN app allows you to choose what VPN protocol to apply for data transferring. You just need to click ‘’Options’’ and ‘’Protocol’’.

There are four protocols: UDP-OpenVPN, TCP-OpenVPN, L2TP-IPSec, and PPTP. In the app you will see a short explanation of pros and cons for each protocol, which is placed under each option.

ExpressVPN protocols

Though those protocols (except PPTP) are advanced, their use doesn’t influence the overall speeds. The connections are still stable and fast. (More in Speed Test section of the review.)

ExpressVPN support: 24/7 and fast replies

While I was testing ExpressVPN, I had to contact its online support many times. I asked them about the app, features and others.  Each time I sent questions, I received a reply in just a few minutes, not more.

On the website of ExpressVPN, it’s mentioned that its specialists are online 24/7. So I decided to test it. Indeed, I managed to chat with them every day, no matter whether it was daytime or night time.

A bit expensive price for a 1- month plan

Comparing ExpressVPN pricing with others, I found it a bit expensive if a user subscribes for a monthly subscription. It costs $12.95 dollars if paying monthly. Indeed, it may drain the wallet!

I analyzed other popular VPN providers’ prices for monthly subscriptions and found out that the average price for this period is about $10, while ExpressVPN costs almost $13. For, example PIA is among the cheapest VPNs if comparing 1-month plans.

ExpressVPN tariff plans

All in all, in spite of a bit higher pricing, ExpressVPN offers great deals if subscribing for a longer period (see the screenshot above).

ExpressVPN: Speed and Security Tests

In this section, I’ll tell you how I tested ExpressVPN service. In particular, I examined its servers’ speeds and security.

Without further ado, let me show the transparent test results.

How fast are ExpressVPN servers?

Before I connected to ExpressVPN server, I fixed my ISP’s speed. It was like that on the screenshot below:

Speed when ExpressVPN is off

I started with a speed test of the recommended servers. They are selected on the basis of speed index ranks and are considered to be the best choice for my location.

I heard that ExpressVPN provider offers its own speed test and decided to compare the results of an in-built speed test and a third-party one.

The in-built test showed the following download speeds:

ExpressVPN recommended servers

Connected to ExpressVPN UK serverThen I used to check if ExpressVPN slows down the Internet. I connected to the first recommended server located in the UK – Docklands.

To be honest, I was not impressed by the download speeds as the speed was reduced almost twice.

Speed when ExpressVPN is on

Here are the speed test results for the other recommended servers:

Location Download/Upload (
Switzerland — 2 40.80/ 35.69 Mbps
France – Paris — 1 19.92/30.08 Mbps
Sweden 31.20/36.54 Mbps
Germany – Frankfurt – 1 47.95/48.55 Mbps
Italy — Milan 64.10/33.31 Mbps
USA – New York 25.61/52.70 Mbps
USA – New Jersey – 1 32.82/36.21 Mbps
USA – Washington DC – 2 Failed to connect

It’s worth noting that the connections were slower for the servers located in the US, which is quite obvious as they are located far from my real geo-location.

Then I decided to look for the fastest server on my own as the provider promised super-fast servers. And bingo! I found lots of super-fast servers with the minimal reducing of speeds, like this German server.

ExpressVPN German server speed

Thus, I can say that I’m pleased with ExpressVPN speeds. It’s very good both for visiting sites and online video streaming. And even for torrenting.

Does ExpressVPN leak IPs?

How did I do a security test for ExpressVPN?

I did the following tests:

  • IP leak test;
  • DNS leak test;
  • WebRTC leak test

I tested dozens of ExpressVPN servers and all of them passed the tests successfully: no IP leaks were detected.

Here’s the screenshot that proves ‘’no IP leaks’’. This is ExpressVPN server’s IP and location, not mine.

ExpressVPN IP leak test

And here are the test results for other servers I tested. All of them passed the test successfully.

France – Paris — 1 Successful
Sweden Successful
Germany – Frankfurt – 1 Successful
Italy — Milan Successful
USA – New York No leaks (but it was New Jersey)
USA – New Jersey – 1 Successful

After I made sure that ExpressVPN app doesn’t leak my IP address, I turned to DNS Leak Test which I found in the app. I checked the same servers and was happy to know that my DNS queries are protected.

ExpressVPN DNS leak test

My final test was WebRTC Leak Test to check if my browser was leaking my IP address to the websites I visited. Successful, again!

ExpressVPN WebRTC leak test

Now I’m sure that I’m protected with ExpressVPN: no IP, DNS and WebRTC leaks. Will I recommend ExpressVPN to hide your IP? Without any doubt, I will!

ExpressVPN: Benefits and Features TestsExpressVPN unblocks Netflix

Does ExpressVPN unblock Netflix?

It’s one of the most frequently asked questions about VPNs and in particular, about ExpressVPN. So, I tried to access different versions via ExpressVPN and managed to access all most popular versions, including Netflix US.

What’s more, due to its fast servers and minimum loss of connection speeds, I was enjoying Netflix without buffering.

I believe it’s one of the best VPN services to use for Netflix as it has lots of US IPs, which aren’t blocked by Netflix.

Can I use Express VPN for torrenting?

Yes, you can.

How did I come to the conclusion?

First of all, I visited the official website of ExpressVPN and failed to find the answer to the question. So, I decided to ask a specialist online. Just in a few minutes, I received a definite answer that all ExpressVPN servers allow torrenting. What was the next step?

I connected to one of the fastest servers and tried to access a few popular torrent trackers. They were available for me. I changed servers, and they were still available.

Well, I believe that ExpressVPN is good for accessing torrent sites because:

  • The services showed no IP or WebRTC leaks, so you are protected while using torrents.
  • The servers performed well and most of them have fast speeds.
  • You aren’t limited in bandwidth, so you can download or upload as many torrent files as you wish.

ExpressVPN: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Go to the website of ExpressVPN and log in your account.
  • Find subscription settings and turn automatic renewal off.
  • Confirm and contact ExpressVPN support.
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  • Open ExpressVPN app and go to the section with VPN locations.
  • Choose the region where you want to unblock Netflix. For example, if you want to access Netflix US, you need to choose the server located in the USA.
  • Be sure you choose the fastest server.
  • Click on the ‘’Connection’’ icon and wait until it is green.
  • Visit the website of Netflix and enjoy online streaming.
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Bear in mind the two factors while choosing the best server to access Netflix:

  • Server location.
  • It depends on what version you want to access. If you want to unblock Netflix US, then choose US servers. In case you are abroad, but want to watch your native version, choose your country from the list.

  • The faster, the better.

    Keep in mind that the distance between your real geo-location and ExpressVPN server may influence your connection. So, prefer the nearest server if it’s possible.

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ExpressVPN is based in the BVI (British Virgin Islands) which has no data retention laws. It’s a very good location for VPN jurisdiction. In addition, it’s out of 14 Eyes.

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