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Goose VPN

Last updated: July 8, 2020 By Dean Chester

The record shows that every internet user can fall a victim to hacker attacks and have sensitive data stolen. On the one hand, all your e-mails and social accounts can be blocked while favorite photos and videos can vanish forever. On the other hand, this info can be used for illegal and malicious purposes, be it identity theft, computer fraudulence or DDoS attacks. You may admit that such a scenario is highly undesirable and should be avoided.

GOOSE VPN is a suitable way to protect your internet connection against a third-party penetration and keep sensitive data safe and secure. What is a VPN? Having subscribed for the service, you’ll be provided with a possibility to defend your network against all potential risks coming from the global network.

Tariffs and prices of GOOSE VPN

GOOSE VPN offers three different packages. All of these subscriptions provide such VPN benefits as 99.9% data protection, a superfast speed connection, a 30-day trial period for free, multiple server locations across the globe, traffic encryption, online security and anonymity.

Having decided to use GOOSE VPN services, pick one the following packages:

  • 50 GB GOOSE
    This package costs €2,99 per month and allows you to protect 50 GB of data monthly. The cheapest subscription might be limited, but offers absolute security so your online activity will be private and untraceable.
  • Unlimited GOOSE
    It is billed monthly and costs €12,99. As the title shows, you will be provided with unlimited data protection and a possibility to connect multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Unlimited GOOSE
    This is GOOSE VPN’s most demanded package, which allows you to save 62% by paying annually and, therefore spend €59,88 instead of €155,88.
    GOOSE VPN accepts such payment methods as credit cards, PayPal and also allows for paying completely anonymous with Bitcoins.


Info on GOOSE VPN’s servers

GOOSE service is available from any part of the world providing high speed connections and bypassing the strongest geo-restrictive firewalls. This VPN has more than 30 server locations across 5 continents and offers over 55 servers.

The GOOSE’s network includes:

  • Australia 1 location;
  • Africa 1 location;
  • Asia 4 locations;
  • Europe 39 locations;
  • North America 10 locations.


All the servers perform blazing-fast connection speed and a super-strong encryption level, whereas some of them are supplied with extra features. In such a manner, you are able to choose a VPN service from the perspective of your purposes. If you are looking for a proper streaming server or trying to build secure P2P connection, choose a suitable server, which is marked with a specific icon.


The functions of GOOSE VPN

The VPN software is available through its GOOSE software that should be downloaded and installed on your device. The software is equipped with necessary features allowing to control VPN connection all the way through.

Once you’ve signed up and chosen a package, you are provided with an offer to download additional protecting software in order to prevent security leaks.

Thus, paying €1.00 per month, your traffic is secured with the following tools:

  • AntiVirus;
  • AntiMalware;
  • AntiPhishing;
  • Firewall protection.

Having connected to the Internet via one of the GOOSE’s servers, all your traffic is assured to be encrypted and untraceable for any third-party. Your actual IP address is masked and your virtual location is changed. In such a manner, your online identity is protected while giving you a chance to bypass any geographical restrictions with the help of GOOSE VPN.

Security and Privacy

GOOSE VPN supports various VPN protocols including:

  • PPTP, which works almost on all devices, does not provide you with a high security level;
  • L2TP/IPSec is supported by many devices and guarantees medium security and average connection speed;
  • IKEv2, which is compatible with all-new devices, offers high connection security and fastest speed rates;
  • OpenVPN, which is known as the most flexible and secure protocol, can reduce connection speed.

In addition, GOOSE offers downloading torrents with the use of P2P connections. All you need is to choose a server with the icon P2P and enjoy a secure downloading process.

GOOSE follows 100% NO log policy, therefore allows for browsing the net absolutely safely and boundlessly whenever and wherever you are. Moreover, it is based in the Netherlands.

Support service

If you have questions to ask from GOOSE VPN or need help, you can easily find a solution on its official website. GOOSE offers a great well-designed FAQ system covering various issues starting from registration process to technical requests.

In addition, you can contact the technical support team by filling in the ticket form, via the live chat or social media. GOOSE team is stated to be available 24x7x365 to render technical support, whereas an issue is guaranteed to be solved within 3 hours. 

Client account procedures

You can get GOOSE client account setup in less than a minute. All you need is to register online with an email address or Facebook account and pay for the service. You can pay via Bitcoin, PayPal and credit cards. Once the payment is accepted, you’re able to download a proper software version compatible with your device’s system.

The setup process is super-easy and fast. Having installed GOOSE VPN software on your device, you can configure it according to your preferences or contact with the technical support if necessary.

The software client is easy to understand and operate even for a non tech-savvy customer:



GOOSE VPN is available on all devices and most routers. You can download its VPN software for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. What is more, the site provides detailed instructions for configuring GOOSE software on NAS, Linux and ChromeOS. The apps are designed to be user-friendly for all the different OS versions.

GOOSE VPN platforms

In addition, with a single subscription you can use GOOSE on multiple devices. The only downside is that you’re limited with 50GB data per month, but you can buy it starting from €0.49 up to 5GB of traffic.

In addition, with a single subscription you can use GOOSE on multiple devices


Beyond all doubt, GOOSE is definitely a first-rate VPN that keeps you protected online no matter what you decide to watch or download. The Goose VPN software is easy to download and set up and your online activity is to be secured during the package’s activity period. You can also transfer your traffic through the 55+ VPN servers (still, less than in the server park ExpressVPN) and switch between them as many times as you need from any available device. One way or another, GOOSE VPN is the best decision if you want to watch anything you like without being monitored.  

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