If you are looking for a decent VPN, this review is for you! Hide.me VPN provides its users with speed, privacy, and transparency.

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Hide.me VPN pros Hide.me VPN cons
⊕ a wide range of protocols ⊗ a free version has a lot of restrictions
⊕ strong encryption ⊗ only one tariff plan has no traffic limit
⊕ strong encryption the process of registration needs your e-mail address (both a free and a paid versions)
⊕ a fixed IP doesn’t work with Netflix
⊕ self-managed DNS
⊕ Stealth Guard
⊕ the kill switch
⊕ 3 tariff plans
⊕ affordable prices
⊕ bypassing censorship
⊕ customer service 24/7
⊕ apps available on different devices
⊕ split tunneling
⊕ high speed
⊕ no IP leaking
⊕ friendly-user interface
⊕ Torrenting is available

I recommend using Hide.me VPN! It passed all my tests and proved all claims on the provider’s website. It gives its users a strong feeling of confidence of not being hacked with the help of high-quality encryption. Moreover, it unblocks different websites and bypasses censorship.

Hide.me VPN is an accredited service with a high level of servers speed that gives you a great chance to stay anonymous on the Internet. Hide.me VPN is quite a good service that provides its users with the functions, that a great VPN should contain.

Hide.me: Unique Benefits and Features

Hide.me VPN is known for its speed, privacy, and transparency. It offers its users a wide range of high-quality functions.

It is considered to be the best one for Windows in providing its users with apps available on different platforms. All apps are easily installed on all your devices.

What I really like about this service that gives me the confidence of not being hacked because of secure encryption. Moreover, this service keeps the “No logs” policy and allows you to be anonymous while using the Internet. The Kill switch works automatically (both on a free version and a paid one).

I was surprised that Hide.me VPN gives access to a large number of servers that are set not only in the USA, the UK, and Australia.

Hide.me offers a user-friendly interface that is easy and understandable for different people of different ages and levels of computer literacy. Moreover, it works on all platforms and is installed easily. If you are a premium version user, you can use 5 devices simultaneously.

So, Hide.me has active customer support, a free trial version, a 30-day money-back guarantee, a great deal of choice of apps, P2P support, and this list of features can be prolonged!

To my mind, Hide.me VPN can become your favorite service easily. Let’s start!

I can personally say that Hide.me VPN is a certified service with high speed and a high level of privacy. Of course, there are some drawbacks such as restrictions in a free version. And unfortunately, the service doesn’t work with Netflix. Have a look to the alternative VPNs that actually work with Netflix.

Pros and Cons of Hide.me

Now I am going to give you a more detailed explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of Hide.me.

Hide.me VPN offers safety

The best protection

The problem of security is a hot issue in the modern world. Unfortunately, today no one knows, how to stay secure on the Internet. There are a lot of different opinions and solutions to this particular problem. Furthermore, today there a lot of new services developed that need to be protected.

But in my review, we are going to speak about the security of a particular VPN service. That, to my mind, can boast of this point. Moreover, it is considered to be the most anonymous VPN service.

Hide.me proves its security

It cares about your privacy, that is one of the most important points of choosing a VPN. It offers anonymity on the Internet and keeps a strict “No logs” policy. The only thing it keeps about you is your e-mail address. But the premium plan gives you an opportunity to delete it after the creation of your own account.

Hide.me has secure encryption of a high level (AES 256-bit) but, despite this fact, speed levels also remain high. So, you shouldn’t be afraid of being hacked while using Hide.me. the level of encryption is very high. According to my tests, it gives privacy to its users, and there is no IP leak.

Moreover, it offers a great deal of choice of protocols: IKEv2, PPTP, LS2P, IPsec, OpenVPN, Softether, SOCKS, and SSTP.

A wide choice of protocols

The service keeps strict a “No logs” policy that makes it more secure. It also provides its users with IP protection and stable speed. Besides, it has the function of Stealth Guard that gives you an opportunity to keep your IP hidden even from your ISP.

Hide.me offers self-managed anonymous DNS servers. It means that it doesn’t rely on 3 party services.

But take into account that all these functions are available only for premium-plan subscribers. A free version offers only 3 servers and only 2 GB of traffic.

Users have an opportunity to use a fixed IP address. It means that you have the same IP address when you connect to a specific VPN server. But if the server is overloaded, someone else can get your IP address.

And Hide.me VPN has the Kill switch that works automatically.

Top speeds and zero information logging

Tariff plans

Hide.me offers 3 tariff plans among them are a free plan, a “Plus” plan, and a “Premium” plan. Users who have chosen a free version can’t use OpenVPN. But they have an opportunity to buy a subscription for being protected better.

I really like that the service has a real free version that doesn’t contain any advertisement. To my mind, it is a strong point because today a lot of information from hackers come to us from malicious websites that the advertisement spread. Even the developers of Facebook worry about this problem. They created an app that let users track what they do on their phone. And at the same time, they claim that it won’t sell users’ personal data to advertisers.

Returning to a free plan, you get customer support 24/7 and free traffic (2 GB per month). But the access to OpenVPN is restricted for you.

But today it is quite difficult to find a good VPN with a suitable free version. Meanwhile, Hide.me free version provides its users with a high level of speed and automatic Kill switch. And if you want to get more privacy, you can buy paid versions prices of which are adequate.

If you want to change your free tariff plan to paid ones, you shouldn’t worry about your money because the service offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. The “Premium” plan will cost you $5.41 per month for a 2-year subscription ($129.95 for 2 years). A 1-year subscription costs $9.99 per month and ($119.95 for 1 year). And if you don’t want to subscribe for a long period of time, you can buy a monthly subscription for $14.95.

Check if there are cheaper VPN services on the list.

But if you decide to use a paid version, I recommend you to buy a 2-year subscription with which you can save your money and privacy!

“Premium” and “Plus” plan subscribers can connect to 1400 servers in 35 countries (throughout Asia, Europe, and America). The tariff plan “Plus” gives its users 75 GB of traffic, meanwhile the tariff plan “Premium”, offers unlimited traffic and gives an opportunity to use 5 devices simultaneously.

The features that are included in all plans

The service proposes 3 tariff plans: 2 paid plans and 1 free. Speaking about the free plan I can say that it has a lot of restrictions (traffic limit, no choice of protocols, only 3 servers), but at the same time it provides its users with the speed of high level, customer service 24/7 and automatic Kill switch). And if you want to use the Internet without any restrictions and traffic limits, choose the “Premium” plan.

Tariff Plans

Hide.me helps to bypass censorship

Hide.me VPN is a user-friendly service and gives you access to Youtube worldwide, gives you an opportunity to chat with your friends all the time. It works with Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Facetime. So, keep in touch with your friends.

Moreover, it gives you access to the most popular services such as HBO, Sky, the BBC.

You shouldn’t worry anymore about your security while using Hide.me VPN. It gives you stable protection.

Hide.me unblocks different websites and bypasses censorship. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with Netflix but gives access to other popular services. Moreover, it provides a high level of VPN speed that is suitable for torrenting.

Bypassing censorship

Hide.me VPN: customer service 24/7

Hide.me offers technical support 24/7. It provides its users with online chats, requests, e-mail, and the help of the company. You can easily get answers to your questions. And if you have some problems, you can also apply for help.

Moreover, you can find some useful information related to coping with different problems on their official website. And you can also turn to the section “Frequently Asked Questions”.

Customer service

Which platforms are supported by Hide.me?

Hide.me VPN offers a wide range of different apps that can be suitable for different platforms. You can easily set up apps on different devices. It works with Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux. (More good VPNs compatible with Android.)

I can say that Hide.me gives you a great opportunity to download these apps on all your devices. Moreover, the process of installation is easy and understandable on different devices and lasts just a few minutes!

It works on different devices: mobile phones, computers, game consoles, and home router.

Moreover, it has the function of split tunneling. So, the users can choose by themselves which devices can be connected to a VPN.

Supported platforms

Hide.me: Speed and Security Tests

The most important questions that worry all VPN users are speed and safety that a VPN service provides. I have done some tests using Hide.me VPN. And here you can see my findings:

Speed Test Results

I have tested the speed from 3 servers that are available for a free version. And here you can see my results:

the USA speed results

the USA speed results

the USA speed results

So, we can see that the Internet connection is higher from the places that are closer to your real location. The speeds from the USA and Canada are practically the same and are not so high as the European speed.

When I tested Hide.me VPN from Canada and the USA, I had to wait for a 5-10-seconds to download websites. It is not so long, but the server from the Netherlands provides you with a higher speed. And what I really like about Hide.me that it gives its users a stable speed of a high level which is very important.

Find more alternatives in the article about the fastest VPN services.

IP leak Test Results

I can say that Hide.me VPN gives its users a secure connection to the Internet and makes their online activity anonymous by hiding their IP address.

IP leak tests

Leak tests

Hide.me offers its users to choose different locations (there are 3 servers in a free version and more than 1400 in paid versions). You can choose them by yourself or Hide.me can do it automatically and find the most appropriate server for your location.

The choice of locations

Benefits and Features Tests

In this section, I am going to tell you about the process of installation. And also about the work with Netflix and Torrents.

Hide.me: User-friendly interface

The process of setting up is quite easy and understandable. I am going to tell you about this process step by step:

Step 1: open the official website. Here you can read some information about the service. You can read the section “Frequently Asked Questions” to find answers to your possible questions.

Moreover, you can choose a language you like, the website works with 13 languages.  You can also apply for the section “Blog” and read about some new tendencies in Hide.me VPN development.

So, and if you finally decide to work with Hide.me VPN, you should choose “Pricing” and will see tariff plans and choose the appropriate to you.

You have 2 variants available: a free one, and a paid one.

Take into account that if you want to download Hide.me VPN, you need to register and use your e-mail address.

After registration, you can download Hide.me VPN on the app that is suitable for you.

Step 2: after downloading it, you can see the icon “Hide.me” and you can install the app. The process of installation lasts just a couple of seconds. So, you don’t need to waste your time, you can do it as quick as flash.

Step 3: now let’s have a look at the interface.

The process of setting up

Firstly, you have an opportunity to choose your location manually or Hide.me can do it automatically and choose the most appropriate server for your location. If you have a stable Internet connection, this process will take just a few seconds.

Hide.me connection

Hide.me protection

How to hide your IP address

If you are successfully connected to Hide.me, your real IP address will be invisible.

Step 4: a more detailed review of the interface.

The interface is understandable and suitable for people of all ages and different levels of computer literacy.

You have an opportunity to choose the language. And what I really like is that the Kill switch works automatically. And if your VPN connection fails, it prevents your device from being hacked and preserves your IP from an occasional leak.


Information about your tariff plan

I use a free version, so I can see the expiry and also the use of traffic.

Users have also an opportunity to ask some questions and contact for support. What is more, they can read some information about the privacy policy.

So, if you want to start working with Hide.me VPN, you can easily download it on your device and enjoy surfing the Internet.

Moreover, there are some step-by-step tutorials that can help to download apps on your devices

Netflix Tests

Unfortunately, Netflix doesn’t work with Hide.me VPN. The official website opens but, when you want to choose a film and start loading it, you see the error:

Hide.me doesn’t work with Netflix

Hide.me gives you another opportunity to watch popular services such as the BBC, HBO, Sky. But if you want to watch Netflix, you should choose another VPN.

Torrenting Tests

Fortunately, Hide.me has quite a high level of speed to work with Torrents. So, if you look for a decent VPN that works with Torrents, Hide.me is for you!

Hide.me for torrenting

Download Speed

Upload Speed

Frequently Asked Questions

Despite the encryption of a high level, Hide.me doesn’t make your Internet connection slower. Your Internet connection with VPN works as fast as your Internet connection works without it.

But there can be some cases in which you can have some problems with the Internet connection. There are two variants: you have some problems with your computer, or your Internet connection is slow and unstable.

In other words, your Internet connection doesn’t suffer from VPN servers.

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Only one tariff plan gives you an opportunity to use your traffic without any limits. I am speaking about the tariff plan “Premium” that provides its users with unlimited traffic.

The other two plans: a free one and the tariff plan “Plus” have a traffic limit. When we speak about a free version, its users have only 2 GB per month, and also there are a lot of restrictions while using it. And the tariff plan “Plus” also has a traffic limit of 75 GB per month.

So, if you want to use the Internet in an active way, you should choose the premium version without any restrictions. But if you are not an active user of the Internet, you can choose the tariff plan “Plus” or even a free version without any payment.

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As you know, Hide.me keeps “No logs” policy and doesn’t save any information about online activity. The only thing it demands is your e-mail address. You use it while creating an account.

But the good news for the premium version subscribers. You have an opportunity to delete your e-mail address after registering and stay anonymous all the time!

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5 devices can be used simultaneously only while using the premium version of Hide.me.

How many devices can be used simultaneously?

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