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Hidester VPN Review

Last updated: July 8, 2020 By Dean Chester

Credit card fraud, identity theft, covert observation…

Currently, the Internet is an unsafe place where everyone can fall victim to these risks. Today many people take the cyber environment as the 'Wild West' of our times, the place where anything could happen.


There is a more conservative side of the Internet. Third parties get around restricting users' online behavior. They control your activity on the Internet.

Hidester VPN serves to bypass all the restrictions and get rid of snooping and many other online threats!

Hidester VPN Review

Want to know more about the facilities of this service?

Then here we go! 

Tariffs and prices of Hidester VPN

Although there is no variant to use Hidester VPN free, its pricing system is moderate enough.

Like the majority of VPN services, Hidester has 3 plans on offer:

1-month plan

It costs $8 a month and presupposes no discounts. However, it is a very convenient variant in case one prefers month by month payment. Is a bonus, Hidester VPN subscriber can get a refund within 3 days in case he/she is NOT satisfied with the VPN client.

6-month plan

Do you want to get unrestricted access to the web content and pay less? Get Hidester VPN with a 14% discount. It is possible when one pays $36 for 6 months at once. The refund period is provided as well.

1-year plan

The best offer is available for no more than $5 per month thanks to a 35% discount. That's amazing! Apart from a comparative law price, having opted for a 1-year Hidester VPN package, the refund period is enlarged up to 7 days!

The best offer is available for no more than $5 per month thanks to a 35% discount

How to pay for Hidester VPN service?

Hidester provider cares for its subscribers and offers 3 different variants of payment:

✔ Credit card;

✔ PayPal system;

✔ Cryptocoins.

The last one is the securest and really anonymous method of payment. It allows purchasing the VPN service without being tracked by third parties.

Info on servers of Hidester VPN

This part of Hidester VPN review will definitely make you become a part of Hidester VPN subscribers!

Want to know why?

Hidester VPN server network is worth using in case one aims at restrictions bypassing, torrenting and surfing the Internet anonymously.

The figures speak for themselves!

Hidester VPN servers are placed in 35 countries of Africa, Oceania, Asia, Europe, and America. With this VPN provider, a user gets access to 8 US-based servers.

Hidester VPN a netizen will unblock all the American content

What does it mean?

It indicates that having opted for Hidester VPN a netizen will unblock all the American content. Thus, Hidester is a good VPN for Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many other streaming services.

Want to know the most attractive part?

Apart from streaming a Hidester VPN consumer can make use of opening the best torrenting websites, as the provider highlighted in this VPN review 22 P2P-friendly servers.

As a bonus, smart Hidester VPN client helps its customers to choose the correct server for a proper location. For example, a Japanese server is recommended for the residents of China

Functions of Hidester VPN

Apart from HidesterVPN’s easy-friendliness, this VPN provider offers internet surfers great facilities:Full accessibility

Full accessibility

With Hidester VPN installed on a device, one will manage to change an IP address that allows opening any content online. Connect to one of the US-based servers to stream the best American services like Netflix and Amazon.

24/7 protection

24/7 protection

It does NOT matter anymore what type of network you use. With Hidester all your traffic will be protected and encoded. Relentless hackers manage to crack users' devices through WiFi hotspots. But Hidester VPN safeguards netizens any time at any place.

Confidential web surfing

Confidential web surfing

Hidester enables its customers to surf the Internet absolutely anonymous. Thanks to reliable encoding all users' traffic are ciphered and therefore cannot be eavesdropped. It is very beneficial for the netizens who want to download movies on top torrent sites. 


Good news for those who are about to subscribe for Hidester VPN!

This Virtual Private Network service is available for all popular platforms and operating systems.

But there are some facts users are to take into consideration:

  • Windows version is to be 7, 8 or 10;
  • Hidester may be installed on both Linux 32 bits and 64 bits;
  • The holders of Android and iOS devices can find the app on Google Play and on the App Store accordingly;
  • It is possible to install and run Hidester on macOS and OSX.

Client account procedures of Hidester VPN

The installation of Hidester VPN is dead easy. It usually takes no more than 7 minutes. But this Hidester VPN review will help to accelerate the process.

Are you ready?

Let us start!

To begin with, one is to register on Hidester VPN website and provide the service with a valid email. It will be used to supply a subscriber with a username and a password. Besides, many problems may be solved through the email.

After the registration is finished one may sign in and check the subscription status.

After the registration is finished one may sign in and check the subscription status.

The next step is to download the VPN software for the device one uses. And here is a bonus from Hidester. The provider identifies the OS of a user's device and offers a suitable VPN client.

The next step is to download the VPN software

And here is the most interesting part of this process.

Hidester VPN was worked out for the convenience of users. Thus, during the process of Hidester installation, the program allows choosing the region, the purpose of VPN usage, preference (online privacy or fast browsing).

A bit later on the basis of user's answers, the VPN client helps to choose the most appropriate VPN server.

Hidester application setup procedure

When the client is installed a netizen is to log in. That's it! A user is totally protected.

When the client is installed a netizen is to logi.

For user convenience, the provider offers a brief tutorial to study all the facilities of this VPN provider.

Hidester VPN provider offers a brief tutorial

Support service of Hidester VPN

Do you need a professional assistance?

No problem!

Support service of Hidester VPN

Hidester VPN provides its consumers with such opportunity. Just open a ticket and the specialists of Hidester will answer all questions.

It is even possible to attach a picture to describe the problem easily. 

Security and privacy of Hidester VPN

Security of Hidester VPN subscribers is achieved through AES-256-CBC encryption. It means that all the data protected by this provider cannot be used by adversaries even in case they were stolen.

Security and privacy of Hidester VPN

But wait…

That’s not all yet!

Hidester VPN follows strict no-logging policy. That’s exactly why one may be absolutely sure that user search history, visited websites and used services will be hidden from the prying eyes. 

Summary for Hidester VPN review

On the basis of this Hidester VPN review, one may conclude that this provider is definitely worth using.

With Hidester VPN installed any device will be totally protected against cracking or unauthorized invasions. And users will NEVER lose their data.

Hidester VPN pros

  • Compatibility with Android, IOS, Windows, Mac OS, Linux (32 and 64)
  • Specially designed interfaces for beginners and power users (Quick and Advanced modes)
  • Light and dark skin
  • 5 logins per 1 Hidester VPN account
  • 4 window sizes (Full, Small, Dock or Tray) for convenience
  • Diverse network of  VPN servers
  • 3 protocols OpenVPN & CamoVPN (VPN protocols) and CamoWeb (Encrypted proxy designed for fast web-browsing and streaming)
  • A kill Switch function
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