Netflix is a haven for streaming fans, especially in the US. However, it is also a fact that US streamers take it for granted because they have complete access to a huge catalog of 7,000+ TV shows and movies.

But what about the viewers outside of the US? Well, they get a fraction of the actual content, depending on the region they live in and the broadcasting licenses the region owns.

Fortunately, there’s a way for smart streamers to access the American Netflix catalog as well as binge all their favorite movies and shows from their region. Read on to learn more about Netflix and the secret tool that can unblock Netflix US in your country.


Why Netflix?


Netflix isn’t a “streaming giant” for no reason. The service is responsible for single handedly giving birth to the streaming culture across the globe as we know it. The service is also credited with coining and popularizing the term “binge watching.”

Initially, Netflix started as a DVD sales and rental service. Just only a year after its inception and foundation, the company created its first website that had over 900 titles for rent. In later years, Netflix grew its loyal subscribers to 1 million, and this is even before its streaming service was fully functional.

A decade later, Netflix stormed the internet with its online streaming service, and from there it continued to garner millions of more subscribers. To date, the streaming service has over 140 million worldwide users.

The reason behind the never-ceasing popularity of the streaming service is that it offers not only a plethora of third-party content but also its own content labelled “Netflix Original.” Moreover, it rolls out complete shows at a time, which is unlike other publishers that push one episode at a time. It is because of that reason people love to binge movies and other shows on Netflix.

Needless to say, the subscription fee of Netflix is also quite cheaper as opposed to other services on the Internet. And, depending on the plan, users can use Netflix on up to 4 devices simultaneously using different profiles with customized settings.


What Does Netflix US Offer that Other Regions Don’t?


Netflix is an international brand, providing regional services in 190 countries. However, the catalog available to American users isn’t the same as offered to other regions. For instance, the US catalog has 7,000+ shows, while the UK shares only 38% of that catalog.

The reason behind the prejudice is the lack of domestic broadcasting license in the rest of the regions. Regardless, a user pays the full subscription and gets access to only a fraction of the actual content library.


What’s the Secret to Unblock Netflix US in Other Regions?


The secret formula is a virtual private network. But not every VPN service can give you complete access to Netflix US. You can get this feature with only premium VPN services like PureVPN.

PureVPN boasts 2,000+ VPN servers that are located throughout the globe, with a large number of specialized streaming servers in the US. The VPN service also owns a large volume of whitelisted IP addresses that give users from different regions instant access to the streaming service. Plus, the anti-throttling feature, which comes as a passive ability with PureVPN, users are promised to experience fastest and uninterrupted streaming.

For added convenience, the VPN service has developed not only desktop and mobile applications but also dedicated browser extensions.

Moreover, it isn’t only Netflix, but the VPN service helps users unblock 1,000+ more geo-restricted streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Hulu US, and more.