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If you aren’t sure whether ibVPN is worth downloading, this in-depth review is for you. Today you will know about:

ibVPN: Unique Benefits and Features

Do I recommend ibVPN? If you need a secure VPN service, then my answer is ‘’Yes’’. But if you look for a VPN for online gaming or streaming full HD video, it’s not the fastest VPN software, and I didn’t include it in my top 5 best VPN providers.

What do I think about ibVPN after I tested its software?

Well, I’m impressed with the level of protection provided by the service. Along with the 256-bit military-grade encryption and advanced protocols, there are such advanced features as kill switch. The tests showed that ibVPN servers do not leak users’ IPs and protect their personal information. Besides, a combination of no-logging policy and Romanian jurisdiction is perfect for those users who are crazy about privacy.

I was pleased with the fact that ibVPN is one of the fewest services that aren’t blocked by Netflix and unblock torrent sites.

Still, the service has a huge drawback connected with its speeds which are below average. It’s good for secure surfing on the network, but it’s too slow for the tasks like video streaming and gaming.

Have a look at the table where I summarized all pros and cons I found in the service:

ibVPN pros ibVPN cons
No-logging policy & Romanian jurisdiction Very slow speeds
 15-day money-back guarantee & 24 hours free trial High price for Ultimate VPN if paying monthly
Compatible with many platforms & apps for all OSes Online support is not available 24/7 as promised
Strong encryption & protocols
Great advanced features (internet kill switch)
Works with Netflix
Torrents allowed
5 simultaneous connections
Dedicated IP (on request)

Here’s the list of the alternatives to ibVPN (they showed much faster connections):

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ExpressVPN Visit Site 30-day money back
SurfShark VPN Visit Site 30-day money back

Pros and Cons of ibVPN

No-logging policy & Romanian jurisdiction

In case privacy is number one feature for you, ibVPN is a good service to stay private on the network. Why?

Firstly, the provider doesn’t collect any logs about users’ activities. Here’s what is mentioned in their Privacy Policy:

ibVPN Privacy Policy

Still, they do collect some information that can identify users, but they don’t monitor your activities:

‘’We collect personally identifiable information about you, but we keep that minimal only the name and the email address is required when you register for an account.’’

Secondly, it is registered in Romania which is out of 14 Eyes alliance. It’s good news as you don’t have to be worry if you are monitored by foreign countries.

ibVPN: 24-hour free trial & 15-day money refund

If you aren’t sure and want to test the service before you subscribe for a longer period, you can order an ibVPN free trial for 24 hours. It’s a good offer from ibVPN provider as no credit card is required. Besides, while other providers, like TunnelBear, offer a limited free version or trial, with ibVPN, you can use a full-featured VPN service.

If you still need some time for more testing of the service, you have 15 days more to do it. But you will have to pay for the service and then request a refund if you are still not satisfied with ibVPN.

Note: bear in mind that:

‘’If the refund request is made after the 15 Days Money Back Guarantee period, we reserve the right to process or not your request. In these situations, please contact our support department in order to find a solution for the issue you encounter with our service.’’ (link to the source)

Read what VPNs offer a free trial in 2020.

ibVPN works on all devices & easy setup

Most popular VPN providers, like NordVPN or ExpressVPN, are compatible with multiple operating systems and platforms. Let’s see if ibVPN can be compared with those leading providers.

As you can see from the screenshot taken from the official site of ibVPN, it works on most operating systems and has browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. The provider developed VPN apps for Windows 10 (and others), Android, iOS, and Mac. All of them can be downloaded from your personal account.

It also can be manually configured on Linux, routers, smart TVs, and gaming consoles.

It’s quite impressing, isn’t it?

ibVPN platforms

It’s worth noting that IbVPN apps are dead easy to set up. I personally tested ibVPN on Windows 10 and didn’t face any troubles with its setup.

Here’s what I did to install the app on my PC.

I logged in the account in downloaded the software for Windows. After it was downloaded, I opened the package and clicked ‘’Next’’ – ‘’Install’’. The system did everything itself.

ibVPN setup on Windows 10: Step 1

ibVPN setup on Windows 10: Step 2

Here’s the interface of ibVPN app for Windows 10. I find it very simple and intuitive. Everything is quite clear: what to click and what you can do with it.

ibVPN app for Windows 10

If you still have some questions about the service, you can use one of the suggested options: contact via email or read their tutorial. In case you need to be assisted online, the provider has an online chat which is available 24/7 (in fact, they aren’t available 24 hours a day – see more about it further).

ibVPN support options

Strong encryption & protocols

The provider applies a military-grade encryption standard – 256-bit AES encryption. It’s considered as one of the most secure standards in the industry.

As far as tunneling protocols are concerned, ibVPN allows different VPN protocols which you can choose in the app itself.

The following protocols are applied by ibVPN provider:

  • L2TP
  • PPTP
  • SSTP
  • IPSec
  • OpenVPN-UDP
  • OpenVPN-TCP
  • StealthVPN
  • ShadowSocks

What I really liked about this section is that the provider explained the pros and cons of the protocols. For example, if you want fast speeds and strong encryption, you need to choose L2TP and others. That’s very helpful for non-technical users as they may not know what difference is between them.

Note: Automatic selection is recommended for regular use.

Here is the screenshot of VPN protocols explained, which I took from the IbVPN Windows app:
ibVPN protocols

Great advanced features (internet kill switch)

Along with data encrypting and protocols, ibVPN offers advanced features:

  • Kill switch
  • Shadowsocks VPN
  • WebRTC leak protection
  • Socks5 Proxy
  • Connection Wizard Tool

What are they? Here’s brief information about them:

Kill switch protects your IP address from being leaked if there are troubles with a VPN connection.

ibVPN Internet kill switch

Shadowsocks VPN is efficient if you need to unblock websites in the countries with strict censorship, but it doesn’t make you anonymous or private. It works like a proxy, and your traffic will look like the regular HTTPS.

ibVPN ShadowSocks

WebRTC leak protection helps you to avoid IP leaks from your browser. You just need to enable WebRTC IP detection (available in browser extensions).

ibVPN WebRTC leak detection

Socks5 Proxy is a protocol used in selected apps (browsers and torrent apps). It will change your IP and make internet connections faster, but it doesn’t encrypt your traffic. (Not recommended for torrenting as it’s not private. Read why.) Here’s the link to the tutorial how to set up Socks5 Proxy.

Connections Wizard Tool is available for ibVPN Windows app. It helps to connect to the best server for:

  • Fastest connections;
  • US streaming;
  • UK streaming;
  • Torrenting;
  • Bypassing the Firewall of China.

ibVPN Connection Wizard Tool

ibVPN works with Netflix

I tested several US, UK and Canadian servers and most of them unblocked different versions of Netflix. Read how I tested ibVPN for Netflix.

All in all, ibVPN works with Netflix, but the speeds of US servers are too slow as my tests showed. So, you can access Netflix via ibVPN, but you may experience some troubles connected with slow speeds if watching full HD video content.

ibVPN is secure for torrents

ibVPN offers great conditions for torrent users.

Firstly, there are specialized P2P servers that allow torrents. They are located in the Netherlands, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Finland, Canada, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, and Hong Kong.

Secondly, the provider applies advanced encryption and data transfer protocols which make torrenting secure and private.

Thirdly, there is an Internet kill switch that enables IP leak protection if a VPN connection is dropped.

And finally, its jurisdiction in Romania and no-logging policy makes your torrent activity completely private and anonymous.

I tested ibVPN P2P servers and all of them let me access popular torrent trackers. IP leak tests proved that my true IP was protected.

5 simultaneous connections

Multiple simultaneous connections let you save money on subscriptions. With ibVPN, you can purchase one subscription and set up its software or configure it manually on all your devices. ibVPN provider allows up to 5 simultaneous connections. It’s not bad as even ExpressVPN, one of the most popular providers, offers only 3 multi-logins.

Still, you can always configure ibVPN on your router to protect all devices (if you need more than 5 connections simultaneously).

Dedicated IP (on request)

This option is very useful for those who want a dedicated IP to access Netflix versions. The company of Netflix is quite strict to users who try to overcome geo-restrictions via proxies or VPN. So, many IP addresses are identified by Netflix. That’s why your personal IP different from your real one would be more efficient than a shared one.

Most of ibVPN servers are slow

The server network of ibVPN is not as wide as at ExpressVPN, but they are located in 49 counties, which is not bad. There are both types of servers for common use and specialized DoubleVPN, P2P and Tor servers.

The full list of available servers is provided on the official site or you can look them through in the app.

In order to get connected to the server you want, you should choose it in ‘’Servers’’ section and click on ‘’Connect’’ or you can use its Connection Wizard tool for smart automatic connections.

ibVPN options to connect to servers

I tested all kinds of ibVPN servers and the tests showed that most servers are slow or below average. Among the fastest servers were those located in Europe.

High price for Ultimate VPN if paying monthly

Like many VPN providers, ibVPN has several tariff plans that include different features. They are quite diverse as each of them includes different combinations of VPN, Proxy and SmartDNS.

The prices are rather affordable if paying yearly. But what if you need a VPN just for several months or weeks? In this case, you’ll have to subscribe at higher prices. For example, Ultimate VPN will cost you $10.95 per monthly, which is twice as much as its monthly price if paid yearly.

So, one of the ways out would be to look for an ibVPN coupon code on the Internet if you can’t afford paying yearly. (Read our article about cheap VPN services.)

ibVPN plans and prices

24/7 customer support: not always available

Actually, I’m quite pleased with the level of ibVPN customer support. They answered all my questions and provided with thorough explanations. Still, he specialists were not 24/7 online as it was promised by the provider.

ibVPN online support is not available

ibVPN: Speed and Security Tests

For this review, I selected 7 types of ibVPN servers offered in the app and tested dozens of them located in different places: fastest, Tor over VPN, P2P, DoubleVPN, gaming, US and servers in Europe (German).

Further, I’ll provide you with the unbiased and honest speed and security test results.

ibVPN speed test

So, I measured the speed of my ISP, and it was like that on the screenshot below:

Internet speed of my ISP

First, I connected to the fastest server which was automatically suggested by the service. I was very surprised to see the download speed (see the screenshot below). It was almost five times lower than my ISP’s speed.

ibVPN speed: fastest server

ibVPN rating of speeds on the websiteThen I decided to repeat the test with ‘’the fastest servers’’ and was very disappointed as the download speeds were very poor. Are those speeds the fastest? Really? The question arises: ‘’Who are those 2442 and 592 users from the website who rated ‘’excellent’’ and ‘’great’’ speeds?’’ And what speeds do they consider as ‘’excellent’’ and ‘’great’’.

Then I considered with the servers with double protection: Tor over VPN and Double VPN. I chose the nearest location to my real location. The speeds were very slow again, even slower than with the previous servers. Still, I did expect such speeds as additional protection always leads to slower internet connections.

Then I turned to torrent and gaming servers. And again I witnessed very poor speeds. Their US servers showed the same connections: very slow. Finally, I connected to a German server, and bingo! It was the fastest server among those I tested.

Here are the overall findings:

Servers Fast/slow
Fastest server Download speeds are slow
P2P/Torrent (nearest, Bulgaria) Very slow connections
Tor over VPN (nearest, Netherlands) Very slow, especially upload speeds
Double VPN(nearest, Netherlands) Very slow, but secure
Gaming (nearest, Netherlands) Very slow connections
US Very slow connections
Europe (German) Faster than others

Read about the fastest VPN services as the alternatives to ibVPN.

ibVPN ip leak test

I selected the same servers from the speed test section and tested them for IP leak.

ibVPN IP leak test

Though I found that ibVPN speeds are mediocre, the servers are secure and don’t leak my IP address. Have a look at the test results in the table below:

Servers IP leak test
Fastest server No leaks detected
P2P/Torrent (nearest, Bulgaria) No leaks detected
Tor over VPN (nearest, Netherlands) According to Check IP (in-built) no leaks, but another IP is identified via a third party tool. My IP was not leaked.
Double VPN (nearest, Netherlands) No leaks detected
Gaming (nearest, Netherlands) No leaks detected
US No leaks detected
Europe (German) No leaks detected

Still, I noticed that Tor over VPN test identified the IP address different from the one showed in the app (fortunately, it was no my real IP).

ibVPN IP leak test: Tor over VPN

ibVPN: Benefits and Features Tests

When I tested ibVPN benefits and features, I was happy to find out that the VPN unblocks torrent websites and Netflix. I tested a few servers and all of them managed to unblock different Netflix versions and torrent trackers.

ibVPN: Test for Netflix

ibVPN Torrent Test

Still, if you are going to download a heavy film, I will be quite problematic to do it as the download speeds are very poor.

ibVPN speed: P2P server

ibVPN: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Go to the homepage of ibVPN and click on ‘’My Account’’.
  • Then click on ‘’View Cart’’ and create an account (your email and password are required).
  • Complete the order.
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  • Login to you ibVPN account and go to ‘’My Services’’ – ‘’View Details’’.
  • There you’ll find the button to cancel the subscription.
  • You need to choose the period of cancellation.
  • The subscription period will be automatically cancelled after the period is over.
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I think it depends on the time when you place an order. If their contact specialists available, it may take less than an hour.

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  • Login to your account and go to ‘’Downloads’’.
  • Click on the ibVPN app you need (Mac or Windows) and download it on your laptop.
  • The software is ready for installation.
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Be sure you choose the fastest server to access Hulu. It should be located as close as it’s possible to your true location. Don’t apply strong protocols that would slow down your internet connections of you want to unblock Hulu in the US. The fastest protocols are marked as ‘’Fast’’ in the app (‘’Protocols’’ section).

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ibVPN has addons for all popular browsers: Firefox, Opera, and Chrome. For more details, read ‘’ibVPN works on all devices & easy setup’’.

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You need to turn the ibVPN software on before you start torrenting. Choose one of the P2P servers to get connected.

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