Ivacy VPN
Ivacy VPN with TorrentzDo you want to browse anonymously and stay safe while using public Wi-Fi hotspots?
Maybe you wish to bypass geo-restrictions and unblock streaming content? Not a problem!
A reliable VPN is exactly what you need!
However, what does it mean “reliable” VPN services? And how to distinguish a good VPN from a bad one?
This review will help to define how safe and trustworthy Ivacy VPN is.
I will try to answer the following questions:

  • Which protocols does the VPN use?
  • Does it really offer a no-logging policy?
  • Where is Ivacy VPN based?
  • Are there IP or DNS leaks?

You will also learn about the real speed of Ivacy VPN, the money refund policy of the provider, the installation process of Ivacy VPN on Windows and Android.
My main question is: “Worth Ivacy VPN using or not?”.
Let’s answer it without any further delay!
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Ivacy VPN: Unique Benefits and Features

I have made the list of the major advantages and disadvantages of the provider. Have a look:

Ivacy VPN pros Ivacy VPN cons
No logs Inside “Five Eyes”
Optimized P2P servers Shady refund policy
Decent encryption
Dedicated customer support
2-Year Plan is cheap

If you are not satisfied with Five Eyes jurisdiction and sketchy refund policy, I recommend you to opt for other VPNs:

NordVPN Visit Site 30-day money refund
ExpressVPN Visit Site 30-day money back
SurfShark VPN Visit Site 30-day money back

Ivacy is a Singapore-based VPN provider. It offers its customers the following useful features:

  • 1000+ servers in 100+ locations;
  • Optimized P2P servers;
  • 5 multi-logins;
  • Split tunneling;
  • Dedicated customer support;
  • Internet Kill Switch;
  • No logs;
  • Multiple protocols.

The main benefits of Ivacy VPN
The VPN runs on all major platforms: Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, Linux. It has extensions for Chrome and Firefox. You can download Ivacy VPN for Kodi, Amazon Firestick, and Android TV as well.
Such consoles as Xbox and PS3 & PS4 are also compatible with the VPN.
In fact, Ivacy VPN is not a bad provider. It has about 200k customers throughout the world. It is one of the cheapest VPNs on the market if pay for two years in advance. Ivacy VPN has its own disadvantages though.
Want to know the pros and cons of Ivacy VPN in detail? Let’s start then.

Pros and Cons of Ivacy

Pros of Ivacy VPN

 + Keeps no logs

No-logging policy is the first thing an individual should check before paying for a VPN. Whatever the case, the primary goal of any provider is to ensure privacy and anonymity on the Internet.
The truth is many VPN providers embellish their features to attract more potential customers. Almost all of them claim to have a no-logging policy. Unfortunately, it is not always the truth.
That’s why I went over Ivacy privacy policy to see what logs the provider keeps. In fact, each VPN service saves some logs.
I was glad to know that Ivacy neither store connection logs, bandwidths logs, duration logs nor monitor users’ online browsing activities.
Ivacy VPN saves only your name, email address and payment method!
So, now I can say for sure that Ivacy adheres to the strict no-logging policy. This is undoubtedly one of the main advantages of the VPN.

+ Allows torrenting

Good news for those who need a VPN for torrent trackers. Ivacy offers specially optimized VPN servers that allow downloading torrent files with decent speeds. Speed test results you may check in the “Speed tests for Ivacy VPN” section.
Torrenting has always been a grey area. In this regard, not all VPNs support torrent downloading today. Some of them even limit their customer’s freedom by banning torrenting.
Luckily, it is not about Ivacy VPN!
Actually for safe torrenting, one should pay attention to the following VPN features:

  • No-logging policy;
  • Robust encryption;
  • Kill Switch;
  • Fast download speed;
  • Shared IPs.

Want to know if Ivacy has all these features? Is it able to ensure you with complete anonymity, security and privacy? Keep reading.

+ Robust encryption

No wonder Internet users prefer to surf the Net with their VPN on. In today’s complex cyber environment all of us want to protect the most private information from third-parties.
Such forms of cybercrime as data theft, brute-force attacks, etc. have become a reality for a great number of individuals.
You are extremely vulnerable when you use public Wi-Fi hotspots. Using Wi-Fi in hotels, airports, cafes and other public places, you always put your private information at risk. In fact, these are the main places where scammers can get your sensitive data. It means there is always a risk your data will be stolen and shared or even sold to third-parties.
Ivacy VPN: public Wi-Fi security
Ivacy VPN claims to make your network secure. Is it true?
Let’s see.
Actually, all types of encryptions are hackable. The question is how much time is needed to crack them.
Ivacy VPN encrypts customers’ data by means of 256-bit encryption.
Today 256-bit encryption is considered to be immensely robust. Even the governments and the biggest corporations prefer to use it in order to hide confidential information. It will take decades to crack 256-bit encryption.
Besides, the VPN offers a wide range of VPN protocols: PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, and IKEv2. These options allow setting up Ivacy VPN according to your needs. Some of the protocols are designed to surf the Internet with better speeds, others offer better security.
You can easily switch between VPN protocols in the Ivacy VPN software. For this (on Windows), find the settings in the app and click “Connection”. Now you can switch to any desired protocol.
Ivacy software: connection to VPN protocols
As you might have noticed, in the settings you can also switch Internet Kill Switch and Split Tunneling on or off.
To conclude, Ivacy VPN is undoubtedly trustworthy in terms of security.

+ Great customer support

I think that providers that take care about privacy and security of their customers offer dedicated and reliable customer support. I was pleased to know that Ivacy VPN offers its subscribers live chat. It’s undoubtedly the easiest and the most convenient way to connect with a support team.
However, I decided to check how fast are their responses. As you can see in the screenshots below, it took me two minutes to get the necessary information. Nice, right?
Live chat of Ivacy VPN
On the Ivacy official site, you may find a lot of useful information about how to get started or set up the provider. The “Technical issues” section will help you to answer such questions as “How to upgrade the software?” or “How to use the VPN through a router or firewall?”. In the“FAQs” you will find the answers for all remaining questions.
Ivacy VPN customer support

+ Cheap VPN provider

Ivacy is unfoundedly one of the cheapest VPN services. The 1-month plan is not wallet-friendly enough. It costs $9.95. However, if you are ready to buy the VPN for one or two years, you will save up to 77%. The 2-Year plan is only $2.25 per month.
Have a look at the VPN prices:
ivacy pricing
All of these plans offer the same features: smart connection features, dedicated Kodi app, unlimited bandwidth and others, which are covered in this rating.
While visiting Ivacy VPN site I was offered to get the VPN for $1.33 for five years of usage! This offer makes the provider one of the best affordable VPN services.
Ivacy VPN special offer
The VPN also provides its customers with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The following payment methods are available: credit cards, PayPal, BitPay, Alipay, cryptocurrencies, Perfect Money, Paymentwall.
Ivacy VPN offers only 3-days free trial.

+ Wide server park

The VPN owns more than 1000 servers in more than 100 locations. Of course, the Ivacy server list is not extensive as server parks of ExpressVPN or NordVPN. Though, Ivacy VPN servers are spread evenly.
The provider offers servers in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, Africa. The service offers servers in such rare locations as Costa Rica, Peru, Kenya, etc.
Servers of Ivacy VPN

+ Easy to use software

I know that there are users who prefer to set up their VPN manually. However, as for me, downloading VPN software is much easier.
It was too simple to install and download Ivacy VPN for Windows 7. The app has a user-friendly interface. The smart connection allows easily switch between Ivacy VPN servers.
Ivacy VPN software: smart connection
There are even specifically designed servers for streaming. You will check if they work in the “Ivacy VPN for streaming services” section. What is convenient here is that the VPN redirects you to a streaming service website after the connection to an appropriate server.
Ivacy VPN servers for streaming
General settings allow configuring the software to your needs. Decide if you want to switch auto connect after launch, redial automatically if connection drops, IP and DNS leak protection, etc.
To conclude, there’s nothing redundant in the application. You can find anything you need.

Cons of Ivacy VPN

– Based in Singapore

Of course, the first thing that worries cautious VPN users is a VPN jurisdiction. Such terms as Five Eyes, Nine Eyes or Fourteen Eyes are not frequently discussed in general public. However, Internet users, who surf the Internet with their VPN on, are familiar with these notions.
Indeed, it is vital to look where a VPN is based before paying for it. The truth is the countries which are the members of Fourteen Eyes alliance can spy on you on the Internet. Moreover, the partnership allows them to share your private information with each other.
Ivacy is a Singapore-based VPN service. Despite this country is outside Five Eyes agreement, some leaked documents have proved that Singapore is a Five Eyes partner. It means that if Ivacy will hand your information to the government. Other members of Fourteen Eyes will learn it.
Ivacy VPN does not save logs and it may calm you. However, my duty is to inform you about the real Ivacy jurisdiction.

– Shady money-back guarantee

Some VPNs can lie about their real features. They use big words to attract customers.
This is exactly what Ivacy did when claiming to have a 30-day money-back guarantee. Actually, almost all customers take such offers for granted and do not read refund policy carefully.
Meanwhile, in the Ivacy refund policy there are a lot of clarifications that customers have to know:

  • With the 1-month account you are offered only a 7-day money-back guarantee;
  • The amount paid is non-refundable in case you have opted for an Ivacy trial account.

Refund is available if

  • you have not used cryptocurrency or Payment Wall as your payment method;
  • you have not claimed a refund under this policy previously;
  • you claim for a refund within 30 days of subscription rate;
  • your account has not already been suspected for any breaches that are mentioned in the terms of service.

Ivacy VPN: Speed and Security Tests

Of course, all described features of Ivacy VPN are useful to know. However, to make sure the service provides customers with high speeds and ensures security and anonymity, I have conducted several speed and security tests.

Speed tests for Ivacy VPN

If you are going to purchase a VPN for regular browsing, you will hardly notice much difference in terms of connection speeds. However, for those who want a VPN for torrenting or streaming services speeds are at a premium for sure.
Anyway, when paying for the service you want everything works properly.
I have connected to the Ivacy servers in America, Africa and Europe. Here is what I have found out:
Internet speed with Ivacy VPN server in Europe
I got these awesome results when was connecting to the closest server. I connected to the server that is nearly 500 km away from me and I got super fast Internet speed. Wonderful!
Let’s go further.
These are results with the server 3400 km away:
Internet speed with Ivacy server 3400km away
Not bad! I’m impressed.
Unfortunately, the speeds with American and African servers were not so high. Have a look:
Speed test for Ivacy VPN server in America
The server in the USA is not so speedy. 11.04 Mbps is not enough to watch 4k pictures. There are other alternatives like NordVPN, which allows watching high-quality videos.
Speeds with the server in Africa are also not satisfying:
Speed test for Ivacy VPN in Africa
You shouldn’t forget that every VPN reduces speeds. It happens because of traffic encryption. However, some VPNs are better in this respect.
So, if you need a VPN for torrenting or regular browsing, Ivacy is not a bad choice. Though, it’s better to opt for some alternatives in case you are going to use a VPN for streaming services.

Security tests for Ivacy VPN

In fact, I have tested many Ivacy servers. Luckily, all of them were successful. There weren’t any IP and DNS leaks. Have a look at the results with the server in Virginia.
WebRTC leak test:
IP leak test for Ivacy server in America
DNS leak test:
DNS leak test for Ivacy server in America
Checking the same server on my Android:
IP leak test for Ivacy on Android
DNS leak test for Ivacy on Android
Successful! You can not afraid of IP leaking. Moreover, Ivacy VPN offers a Kill Switch function, which can be extremely useful in case of VPN disconnection.

Ivacy VPN: Benefits and Features Tests

Want to download Ivacy VPN for streaming services or torrenting? I ensure you there is nothing tricky at all! In this section, I will provide you will the information about how to create an Ivacy account and download the VPN for Android and Windows. You will also learn whether or not the VPN unblocks streaming services.
Let’s continue without further ado!

How to download Ivacy VPN for Windows

In fact, no matter what you are going to do first: to create an account or download the software on your device. Two options are available. However, it was convenient for me to download the app first.
If you are going to act differently. Go to the “How to create Ivacy VPN account” section.

  • On the Ivacy official website menu, find the “Our Apps” button. Choose the needed application, e.g. Windows, and click it.
    Downloading Ivacy VPN Windows app
  • The installation will start automatically. Follow all steps and wait for several minutes until the app downloads. The application will start automatically too. To connect to any of Ivacy VPN servers, you are to log in to your account.
    Ivacy VPN app for Windows
  • As we do not have an account yet, we click “I’m new to Ivacy. Create an account”. After these acts you will be redirected to Ivacy website once again.
    Creating an Ivacy VPN account

How to create Ivacy VPN account

  • Click the “Get Ivacy VPN Now” button.
    Getting Ivacy VPN on Windows
  • Choose the plan you want to pay for and your preferred payment method. All of them were described in the “Cheap VPN provider” section. Fill in your name, email, and billing details. Click “Pay with”. The only thing left to do is to sign in to Ivacy software with those credential that you created while paying for the service.
    Logging in to Ivacy VPN software
  • Almost forgot! If you have a promo code, you are to choose the payment method. In the bottom, you will see “Enter Promo Code”.
    Entering Ivacy VPN promo code
  • Click it, enter your coupon code and click “Apply”.
    Applying Ivacy VPN promo code

How to download Ivacy for Android

It is even easier to download the software on Android. Go to Google Play and type Ivacy in the search bar. Click the button “Download” and wait until the application starts automatically. Now you have to sign in.
Signing in to Ivacy VPN app on Android
Enter Ivacy VPN login details: your password and email. If you don’t have Ivacy VPN subscription yet, click “buy now”. Create an Ivacy account, choose a server and enjoy safe Internet connection.
Ivacy VPN Android software: choosing a server
I liked the app both on my Windows PC and Android. It was super-easy to set up and use them.

Ivacy VPN for torrenting

In the “Allows torrenting” section I promised you to find out whether Ivacy is good for torrenting. We have already known that the provider has a no-logging policy, reliable encryption, kill switch, and decent download speed if runs with servers that are close to you.
These are features of a VPN that is suitable for torrenting. Can I recommend Ivacy VPN for torrent trackers? My answer is Yes!
Ivacy VPN with Torrentz

Ivacy VPN with Torrentz

Ivacy VPN for streaming services

And finally the last test for Ivacy VPN!
A huge number of Internet users buy a VPN in order to unblock this or that streaming service. In this regard, I decided to check specifically designed Ivacy VPN servers for streaming.
I successfully unblocked Hulu:
Ivacy VPN for Hulu
HBO Now:
Ivacy VPN for HBO Now
Despite Netflix is able to block some VPNs, restricting the access to videos, Ivacy VPN was able to unblock this streaming service. Have a look:
Ivacy VPN for Netflix
Of course, US Netflix works with the VPN. However, will Ivacy download speed will allow you streaming your favourite TV shows with high quality? Well… Probably not.

Ivacy VPN: Frequently Asked Questions

When reading forums to find the information for my review I noticed that a lot of users what to know how to install Ivacy VPN on an open-source media player, Kodi.

No wonder, Kodi VPN is the simplest way to get past geo-restrictions. One should remember that it is vital to activate a VPN before running the Kodi app.

Every platform requires its own way to install the VPN. In this regard, I think it is reasonable to provide you with Ivacy guide on how to install the provider on various platforms.

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The first way is to email the Ivacy team at [email protected]

The second option is

  • to login to member area:

Member area of Ivacy VPN

  • open a cancellation ticket.

Ivacy VPN: opening a cancellation ticket

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