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Last updated: June 8 2020 By Dean Chester

Japan is one of the countries with the most internet users in the world. There are tons of online companies, gamers, content streamers, downloaders, bloggers, websites, and individuals who love to spend hours on the internet. There are also a great number of internet hackers in Japan who are stealing valuable information, content, and money by hacking into the accounts of their fellowmen and those across the globe. If you want to make your internet connection completely secure against hacking then it is time you trust one of the best Japan VPN services. You will get complete online safety and online freedom because there will be no restrictions on you anymore.

The list of 5 best VPNs for Japan is below:
  1. ExpressVPN: offers 5 strong protocols and 94 countries with servers.
  2. NordVPN: has a built-in kill switch and servers in 62 countries.
  3. Surfshark: is one of the best services for Japan at affordable prices.
  4. CyberGhost VPN: can be set up on up to 7 devices.
  5. Private Internet Access: provides safe protocols and encryption for Japan.

Internet freedom in Japan: is VPN necessary?

Though Japan is ranked to be on the 67th position in the world Press Freedom Index 2018 conducted by Reporters without borders website, it doesn’t mean that everything is at free access for Japanese netizens.

Internet censorship in Japan (ranked number 67)

About ten years ago, the authorities of Japan discussed the regulations on internet censorship in the сountry. Thus, in Japan, a VPN service is the must-have software that allows people to avoid surveillance and get access to some restricted content.

If you live in Japan, these reasons would become crucial for you if you are not sure if the VPN is necessary for you:

1. Certain reports are censored

Despite the fact that Japan is considered as rather democratic towards freedom of speech, in 2015 the government obliged the providers of telecommunications to block access to any news sources that contain ‘’bad’’ news on Fukushima Disaster that actually contradict the official version about its negative impact.

That’s why in Japan VPN services will let internet users read the true pieces of news on the issue.

How to unblock true news about Fukushima?

How to unblock true news about Fukushima?

2. File-sharing in Japan

Japan is the country with a very severe attitude towards piracy. It was pushed to ban downloading copyrighted works (mostly music and video content) from the Internet to use them for private matters. The punishment for copyright infringement has become strict since 2012. Illegal downloading via torrent trackers may cause about two years in prison or a huge fine. In theory, every single download of songs or films can lead to convictions, but actually it seems too hard for the authorities to track all netizens that might be accused of copyright abuse.

Still, in Japan, a VPN will make users’ online presence invisible due to IP changing and traffic encrypting. Making your online presence more private and anonymous, you become more protected against falling victim to copyright law (Disclaimer: we don’t lean anyone to break Anti-Piracy Law of Japan).

How to share torrents safely in Japan?

How to share torrents safely in Japan?

Read more in our full guide and learn how to torrent with a VPN.

3. Geo-restricted services

Japan strives for freedom of speech and even Article 21 of the Japanese Constitution bans any kind of censorship:

Article 21. Freedom of assembly and association as well as speech, press and all other forms of expression are guaranteed.
No censorship shall be maintained, nor shall the secrecy of any means of communication be violated.

Still, not long ago one of the Japanese ISPs announced about blocking of torrent websites for their users. Though there is no actually legal basis for blocking websites neither in the Constitution of Japan nor in Copyright Law. But it has been known that it is planned to block 5 torrent sites first (the domains are kept in secret).

Another issue is the government is intending to draft legal regulations for blocking torrent websites. Nevertheless, torrent search engines take a neutral position in these discussions as they don’t host pirated files, but just link to them. Linking is not believed to be legal.

There are also certain websites and streaming services that are not allowed for any geo-location. Being in Japan, you won’ t be able to watch US Netflix or BBC Sky-Go. You need to change your geo-location at least. How?

In Japan, a VPN service will be a lifebuoy for unblocking restricted content and enjoy all the opportunities of the network.

How to unblock any site in Japan?

How to unblock any site in Japan?

How to find the best Japan VPN?

Taking into consideration the current situation with the Internet freedom in Japan, search for the following in Japan VPNs (we considered this while ranking VPNs for using in Japan):

Sustainable security features which include:

  • AES 256-bit encryption;
  • Strong data transfer protocols;
  • Double VPN;
  • Double encrypting;

… and other features that a VPN provider might offer for virtual protection.

Privacy-oriented functions and policy which means:

  • No logging;
  • Kill switch;
  • DNS leak protection;
  • IP leak protection;

… and any specific function developed by the company for this matter.

And finally, look for:

Lots of VPN servers that will provide you more opportunities for changing your geo-location.

Why to avoid free VPN in Japan?

Free VPN software looks so attractive as it is free of charge. Besides, its developers promise the same opportunities as paid VPN apps have. Indeed, there are some good free VPNs, but our recommendation is to prefer a paid VPN to free one in Japan (Still, you can consider the one from our top 10 free VPNs to have at hand just in advance).


Regretfully, most of the free VPN software provides with:

  • Unreliable protocols and encrypting;
  • Poor server park;
  • Frequent DNS and IP leaks;
  • Keeping users’ logs.

What’s the bottom line?

Though many countries claim about freedom of speech, not all of them provide it in reality. The Japanese have some restrictions on the network. To extend opportunities on the Internet one needs a VPN for Japan.

Not with a free VPN, but with a decent paid VPN for Japan it is possible to access limited content for Japan and stay defended against outside surveillance online.

Still, have any doubts? Or want to share your personal experience with a VPN for Japan?

Hurry up to leave a comment below!

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