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Keenow Unblocker Review

Last updated: July 8, 2020 By Dean Chester

Keenow Unblocker was launched in June 2016 as a free smart DNS application that gives access to streaming websites. 

The service unblocks over 80 American streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. 

The distinctive feature of Keenow Unblocker lies in the fact that the app manages to unblock streaming services without VPN connection. It means that the speed will not be reduced notwithstanding your location. 

However, in case a netizen needs additional protection, the VPN function may be switched on.

Important! In fact, VPNs may slow down the speed that leads to buffers and lags while streaming.

Keenow Unblocker

Tariffs and prices of Keenow Unblocker

Keenow Unblocker offers three plans:

Lite – If one wants to make use of Smart DNS free to access blacklisted American streaming websites, Lite Keenow Unblocker package is definitely for you. However, there is something you are to know beforehand. This plan offers only 512 MB a day and does NOT unblock Netflix.

1 month – No restrictions for Keenow Unblocker subscriber are guaranteed! Paying $9.95 per month, one benefits from unlimited bandwidth, servers around the world, both smart DNS and VPN features. Besides, if a user is not satisfied with the service rendered, 7-day money-back guarantee is offered.

 12 months – There are even more benefits for those who will choose this package! 24% discount allows paying only $5.79 per month instead of $9.95. Besides, this package presupposes 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Keenow Unblocker cares for its potential customers and offers three variants of payment: PayPal, Paymentwall and even Bitcoin. The last method of payment is the most attractive, as it allows reaching the highest level of security while paying for the service.

Info on servers of Keenow Unblocker

Keenow Unblocker allows its subscribers to enjoy the best streaming by means of ultrafast servers around the globe

Keenow network map impresses internet users by its diversity:

  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • India
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • the Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Turkey
  • the UK
  • the USA

Keenow Unblocker stands out in the crowd thanks to its P2P servers located in the Netherlands and the USA. In this regard, Keenow is one of the best apps for torrenting.

Do you live in a country where torrenting is prohibited?

It is not a problem for Keenow customers, as it is possible to run the VPN and become anonymous while browsing torrent sites. 

Functions of Keenow Unblocker

Excellent facilities that Keenow Unblocker attracts its customers need the detailed description. So let us start and you will get to know why Keenow Unblocker is worth using:

  •  Virtual Router is second to none feature Keenow Unblocker offers its users. It allows creating a protected WiFi hotspot at home, work or anywhere you like.
  •  High-level DNS leak protection makes users totally protected. Thus, no one will manage to identify Keenow subscribers.
  •  Keenow’s VPN service for premium plan users provides military-grade protection of data sent and received via the Internet.
  •  Kill Switch function allows breaking the network in case VPN connection drops.
  •  High-speed servers of Keenow Unblocker are the best for streaming, torrenting and video conferences.
  •  SmartDNS service for geographical restrictions bypassing. It not only makes censorship and user location unimportant but also contributes to fast speed. 


The functions of Keenow Unblocker are really attractive. So it is high time to know if your device may be protected by the VPN. 

In contrast to some free VPNs, Keenow is compatible with numerous OSes and platforms. The only difference lies in installation:

  • Automatic for applications
  • Manual for Keenow Smart DNS
  • Manual for Keenow VPN

InformationKeenow Unblocker cares for its subscribers and provides them with detailed tutorials on how to set up the software on this or that device. 

Client account procedures for Keenow Unblocker

The installation and first run of Keenow app will take no more than 5 minutes. Let’s have a look at the steps to follow:

Step #1

Choose the file for installation. 

Step #2

The installation will be launched automatically and takes about 2-3 minutes. 

Step #3

Use your email and a password to login the system if you have already registered on the official website of the app. If not, it is possible to sign up by means of the client. 

Step #4

Turn on Keenow Unblocker and choose the necessary location.

Important! Keenow Unblocker Lite plan users have access only to American servers! 

Step #5

Do you need a VPN protection? No problem! Just enable the VPN and all your data will be encrypted.

Important! In case a VPN is off, user IP address is easily identified.

I’ve tested Keenow Unblocker speed. 

The results indicate that Keenow Unblocker is great in terms of streaming, as the changes in speed will not influence the quality of the video. However, in case a user installs Keenow Unblocker to cipher traffic, the speed will be reduced.

Support service of Keenow Unblocker

Keenow Unblocker VPN technical support is really great! A subscriber may choose whether to use the Troubleshooting section or to contact the support team via a special form. It is possible to attach files (for instance pictures or screenshots), which is very useful when it is difficult to describe the problem.

Besides, it is possible to check the service outages. It helps to choose the most suitable service! 

Security and privacy of Keenow Unblocker

Great news for those who want to protect data against hacking attacks!

Keenow Unblocker offers OpenVPN encryption with an AES-256 key. It means that even in case of adversaries have managed to steal your data, they would never decode them! 

Summary for Keenow Unblocker review

 Keenow is the best choice for those who aim at unblocking streaming sources like Netflix, Hulu, HBO and 77 more. The service doesn’t influence the speed significantly, so one is given a great opportunity to watch favorite movies and TV shows without buffers and lags! 

Keenow VPN feature allows ciphering all the transferring data by means of OpenVPN protocol. So a Keenow subscriber is under the strong protection of the service.

The test results we have presented in this Keenow Unblocker review prove that Keenow is definitely worth using!

Keenow Unblocker pros

  •  Ultra-fast servers in 20+ countries
  •  P2P file sharing
  •  Apps for Windows, Android, Mac, iOS and Amazon Fire TV APK
  •  Virtual router
  •  DNS leak protection
  •  Automatic kill switch
  •  Smart DNS
  •  7-day money-back guarantee
  •  Free plan

Keenow Unblocker cons

  •  Limits for the free plan
  •  Lack of live chat support

If you have already tested Keenow, share your experience in the comments! If not, feel free to ask questions!

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