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Keezel Review

Last updated: July 8, 2020 By Dean Chester

Do you want to access restricted websites? Are you interested in watching “The Games of Thrones” from abroad? Does your confidentiality bother you?

It is highly likely you have already understood one thing – the best way to protect your confidentiality and get access to geo-restricted content is to subscribe for a VPN service.


It is possible to acquire something even more beneficial than a free Virtual Private Network subscription. Something that will change your online activity forever.

Keezel Review

What is Keezel? 

The Keezel device is a specially designed portable tool that serves to make your device protected against various online threats. But first things first!

The Keezel opens a new era of secure web browsing, as it has some features by dint of which this portable device excels numerous VPN providers in quality and functions available:

  • there are no limits for the number of devices connected;
  • fishing attacks will be prevented;
  • no need to install any software on gadgets one uses;
  • protection of both home connection and public WiFi hotspots;
  • streaming services and websites become unblocked;
  • an additional function of power bank is added as a bonus;
  • pop-ups with ads are blocked;
  • maintenance of all gadgets connected to the Internet (including the Internet of Things).

Interested in Keezel? Then keep on reading this Keezel review and get to know about its peculiar features, Keezel price, tips on how to use this soundproof security tool and what not! 

Tariffs and prices of Keezel

Similar to VPN services Keezel offers its services on the ground of paid subscription. In such a way, it is possible to choose one of 4 Keezel packages:

⇒ Basic

In contrast to the majority of VPN providers, Keezel Basic plan doesn’t last 1 month, 3 months or even 6 months. With the Basic package, you and all the devices connected to Keezel will be protected forever for $179. The only weak point of this package is a limited speed – 500 Kbps, which disables HD streaming.

⇒ 1-year Premium

This plan is a bit more expensive. But at the same time, it provides its consumers with additional features of unrestricted HD streaming and additional VPN server locations. The speed will be up to 40 times faster! Premium Keezel plan price is $229. What is even more beneficial for the Premium plan subscribers is that Keezel reduces the price up to $5 monthly after a year of payment.

⇒ 2-year Premium

Although the 2-year Premium package is a bit pricey and costs $289, it allows saving up to 50%! After 24 months of the Keezel use, one could keep on using this security device paying only $5 a month.

⇒ Premium Lifelong

Opting for this Keezel package you acquire infinite protection while accessing the World Wide Web on any number of your devices. Paying no more than $499 once, you will forget about snoopers, hackers and data thefts forever.

Having chosen a preferable Keezel plan you will ask yourselves a question: how to pay for Keezel

Having chosen a preferable Keezel plan you will ask yourselves a question: how to pay for Keezel?

The service offers various payment methods for your convenience:

  • American Express;
  • Credit Cards;
  • ApplePay;
  • Discover;
  • PayPal;
  • JCB, etc.

Make use of the most convenient and get Keezel notwithstanding wherever you are.

Info on servers of Keezel

As it was already mentioned in the Keezel review it is not a VPN, but a device that possesses the best features of Virtual Private Networks. Thus, 3 VPN providers are the basis for the Keezel: LeVPN, ProXPN, and PureVPN.

In such a way, Keezel users can connect to the network that consists of more than 1250 VPN servers located in 141 countries worldwide.

By means of the wide range of servers located all over the world, Keezel users can bypass geographical restrictions imposed by certain services, ISPs or governments. While connected to one of the VPN servers provided by Keezel, the restricted websites can be accessed again.

Additionally, in situations where services or websites are actively blocking VPN servers (e.g. Netflix), Keezel users have reported good results using something called Keezel 2 Keezel, which is when you leave one Keezel in a location that doesn't block VPNs and have the other one with you (in a place where you have trouble accessing websites and services) and use this second Keezel device to connect to the first one. 

Functions of Keezel

Having studies Keezel prices and server network, one might be wondering: what can this magic device do?

In fact, Keezel reminds the functions of VPNs but it can do even more:

Being the first portable gadget

Being the first portable gadget that serves to encode users’ online activities by means of a 256-bit key, Keezel is known for secure access to WiFi hotspots. In such a way, being in a public place one is to turn on the device and after it web browsing will be protected against hackers and prying eyes. 

In view of the wide diversity of servers located

In view of the wide diversity of servers located all over the world, the consumers of Keezel can easily bypass all the restrictions imposed by the authorities of the country they live in or the Internet Service Provider. Being connected to one of the VPN servers provided by Keezel, one will not experience the situation when social media platforms, streaming websites or news portals. 

There is no such a device that could both protect you against online fraudsters targeted your data

There is no such a device that could both protect you against online fraudsters targeted your data and… charge your device when it’s necessary. But Keezel will do it for you easily. Just connect your gadget to Keezel and keep on using it. Thus, it has a feature of power bank.

One will NOT be spammed with annoying ads anymore, as Keezel blocks them

One will NOT be spammed with annoying ads anymore, as Keezel blocks them. It also helps to speed up your internet connection so that streaming becomes AWESOME no lags or buffers. Besides, Keezel disables phishing attacks. Thus, there is no way for adversaries to infect your device with malicious software and you will NEVER become a victim of ransomware attacks. 

Due to these facilities, Keezel is among top VPN services.


One more peculiar feature of Keezel that makes thousands of netizens from every corner of the world opt for this security tool is its compatibility.

Thus, Keezel works with any device that can be connected to WiFi. It doesn’t matter whether it is SmartTV, tablet, laptop, smartphone, iPhone, Chromecast or anything else, Keezel will manage to protect it! 

Client account procedure for Keezel

It will be wrong to say that Keezel can’t be found in Google Play Market or on its official website. There is no way to download it, as it is the device that is to be shipped. As soon as the device is delivered, there is a handy guide that helps to configure the Keezel+ (phone apps are expected soon). Keezel is more than a VPN, it is a handy gadget. In this regard, it is necessary to follow several steps to start using it:

#1 Open Keezel official website and add the most beneficial plan to cart.

Fill in the form, choose the payment method and check the total price

#2 Fill in the form, choose the payment method and check the total price.

The device will be shipped

#3 The device will be shipped. After the item is received you are to turn the Keezel on, configure it in a matter of minutes and connect to it your device(s). The connection becomes secure immediately. 

Support service of Keezel

The support service of Keezel os really great. The FAQ section provides readers with the issues of billing subscription, shipment details, functions, and what not.

Apart from it, one is given an opportunity to make use of real-time support service to get the answers to all the necessary questions in the shortest possible time. 

Security and privacy of Keezel

In their Terms of Service, Keezel informs that the company has the right to collect consumers' Personal data. This data consists of name, address, email etc, customer information that is needed for delivery purpose as Keezel is a physical device. It is not VPN traffic data. 

Moreover, Keezel separates customers’ personal details from data usage, which offers you an extra layer of security. They don’t know what you do online and their VPN partners don’t know who you are or what you’re doing online. They just see you as regularly refreshed “Keezel IDs” using server X in country Y.

Summary for Keezel review

Keezel is a service that is based in the Netherlands and serves to protect its users against various types of threats while being online. It's not a usual VPN provider like Betternet or HideMyAss.

Taking all the benefits of VPN technology, Keezel managed to combine them with additional facilities of power bank, Internet of Things protection and what not.

Opting for Keezel, one acquires unlimited access to the best streaming services, social media platforms, and censored websites.

Besides, it is very handy! Anyone can make use of it while traveling abroad. Just pocket it and you will keep in touch with your friends and relatives even in the most censored countries like China or Korea! Thus, a VPN for Korea or China is a must.

Keezel VPN pros

  • Unlimited number of connected devices
  • 1250+ servers in 141 countries
  • No software installation
  • Compatibility with all WiFi gadgets
  • Internet of Things protection
  • Powerbank facility
  • HD streaming
  • AES 256-bit key
  • WiFi protection
  • Ad-blocking
  • Anti-phishing filter

Keezel VPN cons

  • Rather pricey
  • Shipment (being a physical device, it needs to be delivered, which can take a few days) 

Have you already bought the Keezel? Share your experience in the comments below!

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I’m a Keezel backer since it was in Indiegogo... Recently, it had serious problems and I just couldn’t connect to any of their VPN servers. I reached out to their help desk, gave them all the info of what problems I was going through. They admitted that the original one they had sent had some bug that couldn’t be fixed, so they sent me a free one! I did pay duties but I was happy that I got another brand new Keezel and it now works as good as it did before. I recommend their product and their customer service has been really good!