In my previous articles, I’ve already told what VPN to use for streaming services like Netflix. This time I’m going to find the 5 best VPNs for Kodi.

How will I test them? What criteria will I apply to rank them?

I did an in-depth research of the issue and found out 7 criteria VPNs that work with Kodi. The ones passed all tests are included in the rating further in this article.

What are the 7 questions to rank the best VPNs for Kodi?

Have a look at them:

  • Does the provider offer VPN apps? What platforms?
  • What are the jurisdiction and logging policy?
  • Does it leak IPs?
  • Is it fast?
  • Does it support OpenVPN?
  • How many servers are there within the provider’s network?
  • Is it easy to install and use VPN on Kodi? Are there step-by-step tutorials on the provider’s website?

Here is the navigation for you to quickly access each section:

Top 5 VPNs for Kodi that passed 7 tests

1. NordVPN (5 out of 5) – Fast, user-friendly apps & 5200+ servers

NordVPN for Kodi

Apps & Platforms Android, Android TV, Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS / routers
Jurisdiction/Logging Panama-based/No logs are kept
IP leak test No leaks detected
Overall speeds Fast (speed loss is within 20%)
OpenVPN Supported
Servers/locations 5200 servers in 60 countries
Usability/setup guides Easy-to-use apps/ step-by-step instructions for all platforms

NordVPN is an offshore-based provider with an excellent reputation in the industry. It’s not only located in a VPN-friendly country with no data retention laws but also wasn’t involved in any investigations related to compromising of personal data.

When testing its VPN app both for the review and for this KodiVPN rating, I did several IP leak tests with different tools and was happy to prove that it doesn’t leak users’ IP addresses.

By the way, the provider is also known by independent audits done by third-party companies. It means that the company has nothing to hide from their customers: the no-logging policy is quite transparent.

What about NordVPN’s server network?

Fast servers, diverse locations and minimal loss of speed on servers with standard protection.

The number of servers is a record one in the VPN market: 5200+ servers (I haven’t found other providers with such a large server park). Though the diversity of countries where they are located is poor in comparison with ExpressVPN, it’s the leader as there are almost twice more servers than at ExpressVPN’s.

I was amazed by the speeds of NordVPN’s servers. With such an advanced protocols and encryption, the loss of speed is minimal (about 20%). But be sure you don’t connect its servers with double protection for online streaming on Kodi. They are too slow for this.

The provider offers apps and setup guides for all popular platforms you can use Kodi on.

When I set up NordVPN’s app for PC, I was quite pleased with the one-click installation and a very user-friendly interface.

Find more details in my NordVPN overview or set up NordVPN for Kodi in one click.

2. ExpressVPN (4.8 out of 5) – Fast servers in 94 locations, cool apps & detailed guides

ExpressVPN for Kodi

Apps & Platforms Android, Android TV, Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, routers / Apple TV, Xbox
Jurisdiction/Logging British Virgin Islands/ No-logging policy
IP leak test No leaks detected
Overall speeds Fast (speed loss is within 20-30%)
OpenVPN Supported
Servers/locations 3000+/ 94 countries
Usability/setup guides Intuitive apps, easy to use and install; setup guides for Android TV

ExpressVPN is another good VPN for Kodi. Why?

First and foremost, the provider offers all necessary apps for different platform compatible with Kodi. In particular, ExpressVPN’s software can be installed on Android, Android TV, Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and routers. Besides, you can configure it on Apple TV and Xbox.

Is it difficult to use its software? No, it isn’t.

I used its app for Windows and was really impressed how they are user-friendly and intuitive. The installation took a few clicks and minutes. To connect to the VPN server, you just need to choose the country and click ‘’Connect’’. After that you are ready to use it for Kodi. Everything is clear even for a beginner.

On their website, they have step-by step instructions for using ExpressVPN on Android with Kodi.

ExpressVPN is speedy enough to stream video via Kodi. The average speed loss is about 20-30%, which is normal for a VPN service that applies advanced encryption and tunneling protocols. Moreover, the provider’s server park is amazing – 3000+ servers in 94 countries. The number of locations is the largest among the others.

The tests proved the reliability of ExpressVPN’s servers as IP leaks weren’t detected.

Its no-logging policy is transparent and unquestionable Why?

As you know, one of the servers belonged to ExpressVPN was arrested by the police according to the court decision. But thanks to this, the provider proved that no logs were kept on their servers. The police failed to find any information there.

Find more details in my ExpressVPN overview.

3. CyberGhost VPN (4.7 out of 5) – Many apps, setup guides and 3500+ fast servers

Cyberghost VPN for Kodi

Apps & Platforms Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android TV / Linux, routers
Jurisdiction/Logging UK/No-logging
IP leak test No leaks detected
Overall speeds Fast on most servers
OpenVPN Supported
Servers/locations 5944 in 90 countries
Usability/setup guides Easy-to-use apps/step-by-step guides with configurations for all platforms

CyberGhost VPN has VPN software for multiple platforms: Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android TV. It can also be easily configured on Linux and routers as there’s a step-by-step guide on their website.

The speeds on most its servers are fast, which let me streaming video without lagging or buffering. What I really liked is that there are dedicated server list for streaming and torrenting. The server network is being extended and by today, there are 5944 servers in 90 countries.

The tests didn’t detect any IP leaks and the service applies the most advanced OpenVPN protocol.

But what I disliked about Cyberghost VPN is that the service is owned by a UK-based company which is inside of ‘’5 Eyes’’

Find more details in my CyberGhost VPN overview or set up CyberGhost VPN for Kodi in one click.

4. Private Internet Access (4.6 out of 5) – Speedy servers, 32 locations, but no Kodi guides

PIA for Kodi

Apps & Platforms Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux
Jurisdiction/Logging US/ No logs are stored
IP leak test No leaks detected
Overall speeds Fast (when encryption is off)
OpenVPN Supported
Servers/locations 3307+ in 32 countries
Usability/setup guides Good apps/no setup guides for Kodi

Private Internet Access is another American VPN with good speeds and app performance. Thanks to this, I ranked as one of the top VPN providers and #5 in the list of fast VPNs. Let me explain why I believe it’s #4 VPN software for Kodi.

PIA has good apps for Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, but there no special apps for Kodi platforms like Android TV or Apple TV. I haven’t found any guides on how to configure the VPN for Kodi. Still, their all-in-one apps are very easy to set up.

As far as its security and privacy is concerned, PIA doesn’t leak IPs and supports OpenVPN which is dead secure and faster in comparison with others.

It has a wide servers network of 3037+ servers in 32 countries (it’s even more than ExpressVPN offers). The speeds are quite average if you apply advanced encryption, but when it’s off, it’s possible to achieve maximum speeds.

Find more details in my PIA overview or set up PIA for Kodi in one click.

5. IPVanish (4.5 out of 5) – 1300 servers with average speeds & many setup guides

IPVanish for Kodi

Apps & Platforms Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, SmartTV / Linux, routers
Jurisdiction/Logging US/ No-logs policy
IP leak test No leaks detected
Overall speeds Average (speed loss – up to 50%)
OpenVPN Supported
Servers/locations 1300+ servers in 75 locations
Usability/setup guides User-friendly apps /Multiple guides for Kodi

What I like about the service is that it’s compatible with multiple platforms and provides a good level of privacy and security.

Here are more details about the service.

IPVanish works on most popular operating systems, SmartTV and even routers. There are user-friendly applications for Android, Windows, Mac, iOS and even SmartTV. You will find step-by-step guides for all platforms. Have a look at this one for Windows OS.

The server network is not so wide in comparison with Top 3 providers for Kodi, but still, it’s quite enough. All in all, there 1300+ servers in 75 locations.

The servers aren’t fast as NordVPN’s, for example, but its overall performance on US and UK server let me rank it as #3 ‘’Best and Fast VPN’’.

Though IP leak tests didn’t detect leaks of my personal information, I’m a bit doubt about the jurisdiction of IPVanish. It’s based in the US which is in ‘’5 Eyes’’. It’s the only significant drawback.

Find more details in my IPVanish overview or set up IPVanish for Kodi in one click.

VPNs to avoid using for Kodi (too slow)

The following VPNs aren’t good VPNs as they are too slow and privacy is ‘’questionable’’:

PureVPN – slow speeds and didn’t pass my IP leak test

Unfortunately, it’s the VPN provider with already tarnished reputation. Why? The provider helped the authorities to find a criminal as the logs about users were kept on their servers.

I did several speed and security tests and found out that it was one of the slowest VPNs. What’s more, PureVPN failed to successfully hide my IP address.

VPN Unlimited – very slow and logs are kept

The Internet is getting slower with this service by 80%. In case you ISP doesn’t provide fast connections, they will be even slower via VPN Unlimited. That’s why streaming via Kodi will be problematic.

The provider is based in the USA and keeps user logs. I don’t recommend it if you care about your privacy as you won’t be private with Unlimited VPN.

ibVPN – good privacy, but very slow speeds

This VPN service has good tests results, and it’s not located in ‘’5 Eyes’’. Still, it slows down internet connections too much. It depends on the speeds of your ISP and real geo-location, but I tried different locations and was changing security settings, and it was not successful.

Steganos – the slowest VPN I have ever had

It’s the slowest VPN service I have ever tested. The speeds are too slow even for SD video. Besides, the provider is located inside of ‘’14 Eyes’’. Not a good option for Kodi.

Read more in the article about fastest VPNs.

Free VPN and Kodi: use or avoid?

You may think like that:

‘’Why should I pay if I can download and use a VPN for free?’’

That’s obvious as there are still more or less good VPNs or at least free trial VPNs for a few days. But is it a good alternative to paid, but secure and fast service?

No! No and No!

Avoid using free VPNs as most of them aren’t safe and fast, and limited in their features. Let’s see what answers could be for the same questions I have answered about my top 5:

  • Does the provider offer VPN apps? – Yes, you may download free apps (usually for Windows and Android), but the number of compatible platforms is very limited. I haven’t found, for example, free app for SmartTV.
  • What are the jurisdiction and logging policy? – All free VPN providers are suspected of selling data about users to advertisers, which means they collect logs on you via their apps. Do you want to be monitored by third parties?
  • Does it leak IPs? – Yes, and it takes place very often.
  • Is it fast? – Is there any free VPN provider among the fastest ones in my rating? No! There’s no fast and free service.
  • Does it support OpenVPN? – Some of them. Still, in most cases they apply out of date and weak protocols (like PPTP).
  • How many servers are there within the provider’s network? – You won’t find a free provider with 1000 servers. The server park is usually limited to a few popular locations.
  • Is it easy to install and use VPN on Kodi? Are there step-by-step tutorials on the provider’s website? – The apps are usually set up in one click, but you won’t find any additional guides or online support.

As you can see, free VPN is not something you need for streaming via Kodi.

Still, free trial VPNs might be a good alternative to paid VPNs, but their bandwidth is often restricted, which might be not enough for streaming video. And finally, they are free only for a few days. You will have to pay for a premium plan after all.

What’s in the nutshell? Avoid using free VPNs!

How to use VPN and Kodi together?

It’s not complicated of you use VPN apps that are installed in one click. Here are several steps you are to follow if you want to use Kodi via VPN:

  • Choose a VPN provider and subscribe for the plan you like most of all.
  • Download the app compatible with the device on which you use Kodi.
  • Turn it on and connect to the servers you need (connect to the closest servers for faster performance).
  • You are ready to use Kodi. Boot up the software and stream any content you want.

In case a VPN provider doesn’t have apps for your device and you have to configure it manually, follow the instructions from the guides you’ll find on the website of your provider.

Why I ranked VPN for Kodi like this

Let me explain why I used the ranking parameters like this:

  • Does the provider offer VPN apps? What platforms?

It’s very important to have user-friendly apps. They are easy-to-use for both beginners and advanced users. Do you want too complicated configurations if you aren’t a programmer or technician?

  • What are the jurisdiction and logging policy?

Privacy is the feature you need as most of Kodi addons require P2P connections. The provider should be under the jurisdiction of a VPN-friendly country. No logs should be kept at all.

  • Does it leak IPs?

It’s also related to your privacy. If a service leaks your IP, you aren’t private.

  • Is it fast?

Speedy connections are essential for streaming. If a VPN is slow, streaming without buffering is impossible.

  • Does it support OpenVPN?

OpenVPN is the fastest and most secure VPN protocol.

  • How many servers are there within the provider’s network?

The server network is also important for streaming and unblocking access to geo-restricted content.

  • Is it easy to install and use VPN on Kodi? Are there step-by-step tutorials on the provider’s website?

As I have already mentioned above, a VPN should be easy to use for both categories of users: advanced technicians and beginners.

I hope the article is helpful for you!