Mullvad VPN reviewAre you a cautious and prudent Internet user? Do you want to secure your online activity? You need a good and reliable VPN then!

The point is VPNs are the best tool for ensuring online privacy and anonymity on the Internet.

I wrote this VPN review in order to find out if Mullvad VPN is trustworthy or not. To know this, let’s answer the following questions:

  • Where is the VPN based?
  • Does it keep logs?
  • Does it have a handy application for your platform?
  • What encryption does the VPN use?

Keep reading and you will find the answers to these and many other questions. Use the navigation below to go to the needed section of the review:

So, let’s see if Mullvad VPN is worth paying for!

Mullvad VPN: Unique Benefits and Features

Before giving a detailed Mullvad VPN review, I want to provide you with the pros and cons of the VPN in brief. Have a look:

Mullvad VPN pros Mullvad VPN cons
⊕ Robust protocols & encryption ⊗ Mullvad pricing
⊕ Strict zero logs policy ⊗ Poor customer support
⊕ Useful extra security features ⊗ Swedish jurisdiction
⊕ 5 simultaneous connections
⊕ OpenVPN, WireGuard, Bridge servers
⊕ Kill Switch

If you are not satisfied with certain cons of the provider, I recommend you to have a look at the following VPNs. Here are they:

NordVPN Visit Site 30-day money refund
ExpressVPN Visit Site 30-day money back
SurfShark VPN Visit Site 30-day money back

Mullvad VPN was launched in 2009. The service is owned by its founders Fredrik Stromberg and Daniel Berntsson. The service supports WireGuard (innovative and secure protocol), this is the most striking feature of the VPN.

Actually, the provider seems to be truly trustworthy. The VPN really pay much attention to users’ privacy and security.Anonymous Mullvad VPN account

You even don’t have to enter your credentials while signing in to your account. A special number is assigned to your account. It allows you to stay highly anonymous.

Clear and simple privacy policy of the Mullvad is another main advantage of the VPN. Though, the absence of live chat and inconvenient customer support may become the first reasons to stay away from the service.

Anyway, let’s have a look is Mullvad safe or not?

Pros and Cons of Mullvad VPN

First, I want to cover the major advantages and disadvantages of Mullvad VPN in detail. They will show you the main flaws and benefits of the provider and will help you to decide if the VPN worth paying for or not.

Pros of Mullvad VPN

I was glad to know that the VPN has a lot of features that are able to make your internet connection secure and safe. You will successfully hide your IP and protect your private data online with it. Just have a look!

+ Mullvad VPN robust protocols & encryption

Mullvad is one of the few VPN services which support WireGuard protocol. This protocol is relatively new. It is even still in development right now. However, WireGuard aims to be fast and easy to configure.

This innovative protocol makes tunneling more robust. It is considered to bring new and more advanced security level in VPN technology.

On the official website of the VPN you can find the guides on how to use WireGuard protocol to connect to Mullvad on Android, macOS, iOS, Linux, and Windows.

However, bear in mind that to configure the protocol via the Mullvad app, you have to use Linux or macOS. There is no such possibility on Windows. Though, they claim it will come a little bit later.

In addition to WireGuard, Mullvad supports OpenVPN that is also highly robust and considered to be the most reliable protocol as of now.

As for encryption method, the VPN meets standards – it uses military-grade 256-bit encryption.

So, the VPN seems to be really reliable. It also has passed all my security tests successfully.

+ Strict zero logs policy

According to the VPN privacy policy. The service does not log:

  • Traffic;
  • DNS requests;
  • Connections and timestamp;
  • IP addresses;
  • Bandwidth;
  • Account activity (except total simultaneous connections).

Besides, a total number of the current connection, Mullvad saves your personal data while making payments and sending an e-mail.

Privacy Policy of Mullvad VPN

CPU load per core and total bandwidth used per server are also saved.

Today, when a lot of VPN providers lie about their no-logging, the privacy policy of Mullvad seems to be really reliable.

The VPN has a minimum data retention policy for sure!

+ Useful extra security features

Mullvad VPN takes privacy and security of their users seriously. It offers such security measures as DNS leak protection and Kill Switch.

DNS leak protection works. That is proved by IP and DNS leak tests.

Kill Switch is also an immensely important function that allows staying safe if for some reasons a VPN connection drops.

The point is even the best VPNs are not 100% stable. For some technical issues, a VPN can disconnect, putting your private data at risk.

However, if a VPN service supports such function as Kill Switch, you will be protected against data leakage. The function disables Internet connection if there are some problems with a VPN. It means your data will stay hidden.

In addition, Mullvad VPN supports the open-source proxy project – Shadowsocks. It is widely used among Internet users who live in countries that greatly censor the Internet. The main benefit of the Shadowsocks proxy is that it has support for new cyphers. It is difficult for firewalls to detect it.

+ 5 simultaneous connections

With only one Mullvad account you can protect up to 5 devices at the same time. It is, of course, a big advantage. You don’t need to pay for the VPN every time you want to configure it on another device.

Just pay for one account and enjoy safe Internet activity. The VPN runs on Linux, iOS, MacOS, and Android. These guides will help you to set up Mullvad VPN on a wireless router.

Of course, there are VPNs that offer more than 5 simultaneous connections. However, this amount is quite enough to secure your home and mobile devices.

+ Various kind of Mullvad servers

Mullvad VPN offers its customers regular (OpenVPN), WireGuard, and Bridge servers.

Bridge servers are those which support Shadowsocks. There are 10 active Bridge servers. You can use them on Windows, macOS, or Linux. For this, you have to download version 2019.2 of the Mullvad software.

As for WireGuard servers, 57 of them are available as of now. However, if you prefer to use OpenVPN, 299 servers are at your disposal.

They are distributed all around the world. There are servers in Australia, Europe, Asia, and South Africa. A great number of servers in the USA should help to get past geo-restriction and unblock Netflix. Read “Mullvad for Netflix” section to learn if Mullvad was managed to do this.

The Mullvad app allows convenient switching between servers. Select the needed region and click it. That’s it!

Mullvad VPN app for Windows

+ Convenient app

A convenient app is able to make a secure Internet connection with a VPN easy and simple. Today a lot of modern VPNs offers user-friendly software for various platforms. Mullvad is not an exception. It was extremely easy to install and use the VPN. The interface is simple. The app allows adjusting preferences to your needs:

Settings of Mullvad VPN app for Windows

The Windows app allows choosing between two options: OpenVPN/TCP and OpenVPN/UDP. You can also report a problem using Mullvad VPN app.

Cons of Mullvad VPN

There is no an ideal VPN provider. Each of them has its own minuses. Our task is to find a VPN which disadvantages wouldn’t be related to security flaws. Let’s have a look what are the weak spots of Mullvad VPN.

– Mullvad pricing

Mullvad VPN has an average price. The VPN’s cost is €5 per month. There are no other options. The VPN does not offer any monthly plans that usually allows saving money.

The VPN claims that month-to-month payment makes your account safe as you cannot afraid that your account number will be compromised. You can just stop using your account and create a new one.

Maybe it makes sense. However, I find this inconvenient. Besides, the VPN does not have any sales and discounts, except those while paying with cryptocurrency.Anonymous payment methods of Mullvad

The VPN provides customers with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You may find the detailed information about it in Mullvad VPN money refund.

The VPN accepts the following methods of payment:

  • PayPal;
  • Credit cards;
  • Swish;
  • Bank wire;
  • Cryptocurrencies (discount 10%).

There is no free version of the VPN nor Mullvad free trial. It is, of course, not a minus. Obviously, the VPN does not want to make money using ads or by collecting your personal data. Besides, a money-back guarantee offers to get your money back in case you are not satisfied with the service.

– Poor Customer Support

I wonder why it often happens that such robust VPNs as Mullvad do not provide with convenient customer support. Take at least one of the leading VPN services, Private Internet Access VPN, there is no live chat on their official website and you have to wait in order to solve a problem or get some information.

The same is for Mullvad VPN. When I wrote this review I contacted their team several times. The answers were helpful. However, sometimes I got their response the next day.

This is one of the main cons of the provider, as for me. Live chat gives a possibility to solve the issue at once and do not wait several hours for responses.

– Swedish jurisdiction

You might have already heard about UKUSA agreement or 14 Eyes countries. The last notion relates to the alliance between 14 countries. These counties have a right not only to monitor you but also share your private information with each other.

Exactly in this regard, Internet users who take privacy and anonymity on the Internet seriously try to find a VPN which is based outside “14 Eyes” alliance.

Unfortunately, Mullvad is based in Sweden, this country is one of the members of the partnership.

Despite, the VPN claims to have a zero log policy, I recommend you to pay for the service using cryptocurrency. This method is the most anonymous among those acceptable by the service.

However, if you cannot do that. I recommend you to opt for another VPNs with beneficial jurisdiction, e.g. NordVPN provider or CyberGhost VPN.

Mullvad: Speed and Security Tests

After covering the main pros and cons of the VPN, it’s high time to test the provider. I conducted several tests for the VPN in order to see how secure and fast it is. Have a look what I got!

Speed tests for Mullvad VPN

Speed of a VPN matters a lot especially if you are going to use the service for such activities like watching videos, torrenting or online gaming.

It is not a secret that even advanced VPN services reduce speeds. It happens because of encryption process and there is hardly we can do with it.

However, if your ISP offers decent speeds, there are all chances to surf the Internet fast even with the VPN!

Let’s see what activities are possible to do with Mullvad VPN.

First, have a look at my speeds without Mullvad VPN:

Speed test results without Mullvad VPN

As a lot of Internet users want a VPN for unblocking restricted content or such American services as Netflix, fast servers in the USA are a must! Unfortunately, the USA services reduced my speeds a lot. Here is one of the examples:

Speed test results with Mullvad VPN server in the USA

Despite you will still be able to watch videos with such download speed, it was reduced by 85%! To get the highest Internet speed with a VPN, you are to connect to the server that is not far from your country. As my location is the UK, I had better speed results with Mullvad servers in Europe. The server is 900 km from me:

Speed test results with Mullvad VPN server in Europe

Not bad, I should say. The speed test for Asian servers showed unfavourible results. Here is an example:

Speed test results with Mullvad VPN server in Asia

Security tests for Mullvad VPN

I’ve checked several servers of Mullvad for DNS and IP leaks. Luckily, all my tests were successful. Nor IP nor DNS leaks were detected. I will show you tests results for the server in Sweden only.

Test on

IP leak test for Mullvad VPN

Test on

DNS leak test for Mullvad VPN

Before installing the VPN on my Windows, I also checked its installation files on viruses. Everything is clear. Do not afraid of getting the software on your PC.

Test for installation file of Mullvad

Mullvad VPN: Benefits and Features Tests

We have already known the advantages and disadvantages of the provider. We have also learned that the VPN has passed all security test successfully and offers high speeds with the servers which are not far away from my location. Now, let’s see how convenient Mullvad VPN app is and if it is easy to get the software on Windows.

How to create Mullvad VPN account

  • First, go to and click “Get account”:
    Getting Mullvad VPN account
  • To create an account number, you have to do the simplest sum. This, obviously, was made in order to prevent creating accounts by bots.
    Mullvad: creating account number
  • After your account number was generated, you have to log in. I have already mentioned that you do not have to enter your email or logging. So, you may reckon on complete anonymity.
    Account number of Mullvad VPN
  • Bear in mind that an account is available only one day. In order to continue its using, you have to buy a subscription. Choose any of payment methods and buy the VPN.
    Payment methods of Mullvad VPN

Mullvad download on Windows

  • The system automatically defined my version of Windows and suggested the installing file. Its size 56.9 Mb. Downloading Mullvad VPN on Windows
  • You can also use your PC in order to download the installation file for another device:
    Downloading Mullvad VPN software
  • It took me nearly a half a minute to install a client on my PC. As soon as it is installed, it asks for the number of your account. If the VPN download was your first step of getting Mullvad on your PC, you can create your account by clicking the button:
    Log in to Mullvad VPN app
  • As soon as I entered my account, the VPN automatically connected me to one of the servers. The Internet connection was blocked and I had to establish a secure connection. It means a Kill Switch function works!

Mullvad for Netflix

I checked the USA servers of Mullvad VPN to see if they are able to unblock Netflix. There were no problems with it! If you are satisfied with the speed of the provider, you can use it with Netflix for sure!

Mullvad VPN with Netflix

Mullvad VPN for torrenting

While one VPN services warn customers that their service is not for downloading files from torrent trackers, others provide their subscribers with guides on how to use torrent trackers more securely.

Mullvad VPN is one of torrent- friendly providers. The service works well with popular torrent websites.

Mullvad VPN with torrent websites

Mullvad VPN: Frequently Asked Questions

SOCKS5 is a perfect security measure for Mullvad users. It allows to secure your private information and reduce CAPTCHAs that can be found on many websites. The feature is extremely useful in case you haven’t turned on the Mullvad application

However, how to use SOCKS5?

For this, you have to configure your browser to use SOCKS5 proxy, then it will direct all your Internet access via the proxy which is accessible only via Mullvad. It means all your data will be protected and won’t leak.

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Mullvad VPN accepts Bitcoins and Bitcoins Cash. The VPN does not use third parties for these anonymous payment methods. As it is stated on the Mullvad VPN website:

“We run our own full node in each of the blockchains, one for each currency, and verify incoming payments ourselves.”

Moreover, due to lower fees and less administration, you are able to get 10% discount when paying with one of the cryptocurrencies.

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There are two options to contact Mullvad VPN team. The first one is to visit Mullvad net and click the email. You can find it in the footer of the website:

Customer support of Mullvad VPN

The second option is to use the Mullvad app. Go to the settings and write your problem right here:

Mullvad VPN app: reporting a problem

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