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Last updated: July 13, 2020 By Dean Chester

The internet can be a tricky place when it comes to privacy and security. It’s the case everywhere, including New Zealand. To protect yourself from privacy invasions, you can take the help of VPN services. So, let’s take a look at the top 5 VPN services in New Zealand. Let’s also get familiar with the features of these VPN services.

And here is a quick list of 5 best VPN services for New Zealand:
  1. ExpressVPN: superb VPN for New Zealand with 3000+ VPN servers.
  2. NordVPN: reliable VPN to use in-stream in New Zealand at high speeds.
  3. Surfshark: quality VPN to overcome firewalls and unblock any site in New Zealand!
  4. CyberGhost VPN: strong VPN to set up in New Zealand on 7 gadgets.
  5. Private Internet Access: fast VPN service to unlock sites in New Zealand!

If you are looking for a free VPN for New Zealand, it is easily available. Just search for New Zealand VPN for free on Google and you will come across many.

Do I need a New Zealand VPN?

Anyone in our modern developing world needs protection, which is not connected with the physical confrontation. Last years the Internet became a dangerous place. People are monitored, hacked, humiliated on the cyberspace. New Zealand VPN services help overcoming such troubles with the minimal cost.

VPN apps in New Zealand offer the clients stable connecting to the web pages at extremely high speed. Moreover, if you are crazy about watching TV series online or just constantly chatting with friends, VPNs give no limits on traffic. The service takes you a guarantee to enjoy secure Internet, it is really crucial at the days of possible ransomware attacks or third-party firms’ interference. In case you think of the safe access to networks, it’s high time to apply VPN.

Can I use New Zealand VPN services free?

Why should I pay?” – ask some internet users. There are a lot of free VPNs for New Zealand as well.

Fat chance! The principle of free VPN operation is a bit different. Having installed a VPN extension on a device, user’s IP becomes a server. In such a way, your IP address may be used by other VPN clients.

Thus, if someone downloaded CP, YOU might be accused of this activity, as YOUR IP was used and later identified. In this case it will be an uphill struggle to prove your innocence.

If the product costs nothing, you become a product.

Alternatively, you may subscribe to a cheap VPN provider that will cost you about $2 per month.

Free visits to all the sites in New Zealand!

Have you already settled abroad but eager to visit your favorite pages which are disposable just in New Zealand? In such a case you need to have a VPN subscription. Some New Zealand media sites are geographically confined for viewing the files online. Others limit connection for users from other countries by applying a geolocation filter. After subscribing for a New Zealand VPN service you will go through geographical limits without any problems, which will allow you to enjoy New Zealand TV from abroad.

No internet censorship with VPN

 Are you from the place with limited access to the Internet!? Do you want to stay in touch with friends via Facebook, but it is censored here. Subscribe for the best VPN service and unblock social media sites wherever you are. Enjoy Internet freedom!


Sometimes it may happen that when traveling to foreign countries it is difficult to visit certain websites, for example, online banking, TV streaming sites. VPN provides you with opportunities to live “virtually’’ in your native country and have the chance to use them.  These websites impose geographical limits as an instrument of safety or licensing issues not to give access from remote places. Just connect to VPN, choose a New Zealand IP and scan all online films, programs and etc. from any region in the world.

Easy to connect to several gadgets

Active users of the global network usually have many devices for business activity. What to do in such situations? Do they have to pay for a few tariff plans? Nobody wants to waste money! There is an easy solution for them. Companies that spread VPN services allow to be connected by a few gadgets at once.

Protect your IP

As it was already mentioned, free VPN services may damage your reputation of a law-abiding citizen. Your IP address may be used for trolling. In March 2015 the Harmful Digital Communications Act was passed in New Zealand. In such a way any person suffering from emotional discomfort, humiliations and insulting may lodge a complaint.

The offender faces the 2 year imprisonment and the penalty of 32 750 US dollars. So it is necessary to show preference to the paid New Zealand VPNs. 

Round-the clock protection

The number of ransom attacks on mobile devices reached 1.3 million in the first quarter of 2017. It is the fact that it is less than in 2016, but still the figures are impressive. Just imagine that the whole country like Estonia was attacked.

The decrease of such attacks is connected with the VPN services used by millions of people. New Zealand VPN services will serve to prevent such troubles.

The decrease of such attacks is connected with the VPN services used by millions of people. New Zealand VPN services will serve to prevent such troubles.

Really private life

The news about a cyber-stalker exterminating his victim always blows people’s minds. Nobody wants to be eavesdropped or spied. Reliable encryption of the best New Zealand VPNs described here will make all your traffic (including messages, photos, visited websites) protected. You will be monitored neither by hackers nor by the government.

Having configured a VPN for your router, you'll protect an unlimited number of gadgets connected to it. 

Malware is over

All your gadgets will operate fast, as VPN services represent the technology that not only provides its clients with safe streaming and zero monitoring, but makes it impossible for malicious software to infect your gadgets. VPNs operate even better than antiviruses.

Use Wi-Fi safely

Public Wi-Fi hotspots are the favourite tools of adversaries to hack users’ devices and steal data. VPN encrypts all your traffic, so that fraudsters can’t use them pro domo sua.

Alternatives to New Zealand VPN services

It may sound very strange, but we all want to be Americans from time to time. And it is not connected with fast food, skyscrapers or Las Vegas. People want to be free, and the USA gives them this freedom.  Americans have access to almost any content in the world. The streaming services they offer, are fantastic. But they are available not in all countries of the world. Thus, New Zealand is limited.

► Slingshot

Some years ago New Zealand internet providers created the service that helped to bypass the blockage connected with the geographical restriction. Slingshot (the name of the service) served to stream video by means of advanced websites like Netflix and Hulu. For example, it was possible to watch South Park series via its official website notwithstanding any restrictions. It was convenient, efficient, and reliable.

 TV channels were against this technology, as it made them unpopular among consumers. The reaction of Slingshot was adequate and bold. They posted a short statement about the facilities with Slingshot in a newspaper.

But in July 2015 big corporations like Sky TV and Spark condemned the organization that made it possible to access streaming sites by means of American IPs.

► Orcon

It is an internet provider, which offers its clients super speed, convenience, and high-resolution Netflix. But to our great sorrow, the Netflix library differs from that one in the US. In this case, a VPN provider is required.

► Smart DNS

Smart DNS services identify your IP and offer American ones instead. It is easy to set up it and change the IP. The first 7 days of use are usually free.

But, there are not many services in the world that can be compared to VPNs.


To cut a long story short, VPN prevents strangers and malware from tracing your data transmitted through the tunnel and that great defense of privacy. Moreover, it is a trendy instrument to live on shared net, for example, public Wi-Fi. And, of course, you might not wish to be the victim of some strange groups who seek for weak ones. Think of the possible situation: you go to the state where laws are not so strict for cybercrimes as for instance, in China, but at the same time they are rigorous about points of view. Reporters should especially worry about it, to defend the interviewed. Businessmen shouldn’t forget about the issue, as they strive for keeping in secret their trade.

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Hi, this is my first time

Hi, this is my first time when I travel to New Zealand and I am planning to be there for a few months there. What VPN will be the most sustainable service to access geo-restricted content in NZ. I want to access Netflix and other American websites. How shall I choose the best VPN for New Zealand? How is the Internet there? Is it fast or slow? Will the VPN for New Zealand make internet connections slower?

Dean Chester's picture
Jack, thanks for asking the

Jack, thanks for asking the question. If you need a VPN for New Zealand primarily for unlocking American websites and other websites geo-restricted for NZ, follow the following instructions on how to choose the best VPN for New Zealand: Such a VPN for New Zealand must be speedy enough to be able to stream without buffering and lagging. Look for the best VPN for New Zealand with US servers to unblock Netflix and other services inaccessible in New Zealand due to geo-restrictions. Such features as no logging, encryption and protection against IP leaks are also useful for NZ. You can choose among the best VPN services for New Zealand (see our rating above). They were testified by our experts and I can say that they provide god encryption and protection. They can be used to unblock Netflix. As far as internet speed is concerned, the distance between New Zealand and the USA is quite long, so it will also depend on how speedy the internet itself. You can have speed test on our website.

Jack, I personally take use

Jack, I personally take use of VyprVPN to access blocked sites in New Zealand. It is fast and can even unblock Netflix. It is a very good VPN for New Zealand to stream there. This VPN doesn’t reduce internet speed. My recommendation is VyprVPN. Good VPN provider!

Wow, it’s fantastic!!! I will

Wow, it’s fantastic!!! I will never stop thanking you! I’ve read the text and followed the pieces of advice presented here and couldn’t believe my eyes! Everything functions featly! I can do anything I like on the net. I just choose the servers located in New Zealand and access Facebook, Kodi, Skype.

Dean Chester's picture
Thank you for a positive

Thank you for a positive comment, Belinda. But remember that the accessibility of a service or a website depends on the server location. For example, if you want to access Netflix, it is strongly recommended to use the USA servers. In this case your IP will be identified as an American one, and the access to the US Netflix library will be possible.

Hi people!

Hi people!
Free trial period of VYprVPN comes to the end, and now it would be unfair not to mention that the service handles its functions perfectly well. I recommend VYprVPN!!!

Dean Chester's picture
Thank you, Adam, for sharing

Thank you, Adam, for sharing your experience. Unbiased opinions of our readers are always interesting for us. Keep on reading Dean Chester and be in the picture of the cyber security news.

Before reading this, I made

Before reading this, I made attempts to find the best vpn for kodi. To be honest I failed… I installed some application on my Samsung tablet and the gadget became absolutely dreadful. Low speed is the problem but not the biggest one. My tablet operates as if it has the brains. One day I’ve found new applications installed without my knowledge. Who knew what could happen next…
Your article helped to solve my problem and save my gadget. I reset the tablet settings to the factory settings. My next action was to install the VPN application (I don’t want to mention what exactly VPN service I subscribed to in order not to advertise it). Three weeks has gone since that moment and my gadget works correctly. Now I own the tablet and it behaves the way I like. Besides, the speed is fantastic, my IP is changed and I finally CAN use kodi:)

Dean Chester's picture
With the best VPN for New

With the best VPN for New Zealand Kodi with its fantastic addons will be available. And your situation proves this fact!