Opera VPN ReviewOperaVPN cannot be compared with the top VPNs I’ve reviewed. The matter is that Opera is not a Virtual Private Network in the conventional sense. It’s operates as an extension for Opera browser.

With that in mind, I decided to find out:

  • Is Opera VPN safe to use in 2020?
  • How to use Opera VPN on Windows and Android?
  • How good is Opera VPN in terms of restrictions bypassing?

After scrupulous investigation of the service’s website and numerous tests, I’ve found answers to all these questions. They will be highlighted in the dedicated sections of this Opera VPN review:

Before I show you the results of my own research, I’d like to point out that I’ve looked through Opera VPN reviews on Reddit and other forums. Some users sing the praises of it others say it’s useless.

Let’s decide together if OperaVPN is worth using or not.

Opera VPN Unique Benefits and Features

I’d like to begin my review with a brief description of the useful facilities and disadvantages of the provider.

Opera VPN pros Opera VPN cons
Works with Netflix ⊗ 3 locations
⊕ Fast speeds ⊗ No P2P servers
⊕ Free ⊗ No customer support
⊕ Easy to use ⊗ Can be used in Opera browser only
Leaks are possible
No VPN protocols
HTTPS/SSL encryption

As you can see from the table above, there’s no Opera VPN application for PC and other platforms. I guess many readers would find it unattractive.

In this regard, I propose you to try one of the top providers:

NordVPN Visit Site 30-day money refund
GyberGhost VPN Visit Site 45-day money back
SurfShark VPN Visit Site 30-day money back

All of them have apps for all popular platforms and operating systems. Besides, there’s a chance to try them absolutely risk-free during a period of free trial or thanks to their refund policies. Just look through their reviews and get to know how.

As for now, I propose you to read the following part of Opera VPN review and find out if there is anything that makes it stand out in the crowd.

Pros and Cons of Opera VPN

As usual, I’ll present you both pluses and minuses of the service under research. To create the list of its pros and cons I had to install Opera on my PC, connect to different servers and try all the features it offers.

Here’s what I’ve got.

What are the Benefits of OperaVPN?

In contrast to other reviews I’ve prepared about 40 VPNs, the list of advantageous features is extremely small here. However, I’ve found something you could appreciate.

No Payment for OperaVPN Users

Perhaps, the absence of payment is the biggest plus point of this provider. There are no cases when an Opera VPN user could pay for it. When, for example, the lowest IPVanish price is $6.49 per month.

This should come as no surprise because the VPN service provided by Opera is not a client. It’s just built in the browser.

Servers Show Great Speed

Provided that OperaVPN uses proxies instead of VPN tunneling protocols, it’s speed is very fast. Only insignificant speed drops take place. More details about OperaVPN speed test results you’ll find further in the text.

That’s why you can stream any service you want without any buffers or lags.

It’s Extremely Friendly

As I have already mentioned, the service I highlight today is built in the browser. Consequently, there is no need to download Opera VPN, set up or configure it.

I only had to open the settings and do a couple of clicks. Even a child could cope with the task to enable Opera VPN.

It’s also easy to check Opera VPN status. You are to have a look at the sign next to the search bar of your browser. When you see three letters VPN – it’s active.

What are the Drawbacks of OperaVPN?

I regret to point out that I’ve found more minuses than pluses while preparing this OperaVPN review. However, I’m here to introduce the most unbiased VPN reviews.

So let us start!

There are NOT Opera VPN App

In the year 2016, Opera had introduced the same-name VPN client for iOS and Android. It offered 5 locations and operated as an application.

As for now, OperaVPN doesn’t have apps at all. It’s possible to make use of it only through the Opera browser when changing privacy settings.

Thus, if you need a VPN app for Android, you’ll have to look for something else.

Bad Multi-Platform Compatibility

I cannot say about compatibility with different operating systems, in view of the lack of a client. However, you have a chance to try Opera VPN in case you use the Opera browser on your device. Thus, I tried it on Windows PC and Android tablet.

Unfortunately, there is no way to try it on routers, game consoles or Smart TVs.

Three Possible Locations

Another significant drawback of this service is an extremely small number of locations – 3. Thus, you can connect to the Internet through Asia, America or Europe, whereas top VPNs offer 50+ locations with thousands of servers around the globe.

For example, NordVPN has a network of servers in over 60 countries.

Lack of Tunneling Protocols

VPN by Opera browser doesn’t use VPN protocols for traffic encryption (just have a look at PIA protocols). Instead, users’ traffic passes through proxy servers. It helps to bypass some restrictions. However, proxies don’t cope with the task to make users protected against prying eyes.

No Live Chat Support

Lack of live chat service is always a big minus. If you are not a tech-savvy user, you’ll have to study the official site of Opera to find information on how to use the VPN. If you have any questions, you’ll have to contact Opera support through email. It’s rather time-consuming.

Vulnerability to Leaks

In view of the lack of reliable traffic ciphering and tunneling protocols, leaks take place. Thus, my real location was disclosed while conducting one of the security tests.

Not Recommended for Torrenting

The service I review today doesn’t have P2P servers. It cannot protect your traffic. Besides, it won’t save you from hackers targeting your data. Thus, you’d better have a look at more torrent-friendly VPN providers.

Opera VPN: Benefits and Features Tests

Now when you know all the truth about the facilities of Opera VPN, it’s time to get to know how good or bad it works in practice.

In this part of the review, you’ll find out how to enable VPN on Windows, how to use it for streaming services and torrenting.


Then, here we go!

How to Use OperaVPN on Windows PC?

I’ve already mentioned that there are no apps for any operating system. Unfortunately, Windows is not an exception. Thus, there’s no need to download Opera VPN app, as it doesn’t exist.

To make use of Opera VPN, I had to install and run the Opera browser on my PC first.

After it, I had to follow a set of steps:

  • open the settings of the browser;
  • choose ‘Advanced’;
  • click on ‘Privacy and security’;
  • enable VPN as it’s shown on the screenshot.

OperaVPN settings

Enable Opera VPN

To change a server, it’s required to click on the VPN sign (next to the search bar) and choose one of three locations. I’ve chosen the 4th variant – connection to the optimal server.

Opera VPN isn’t Blocked by Netflix

As far as I was connected to the Internet through an optimal server, I wasn’t sure I would get access to the Netflix library available for Americans.

Good news – Netflix hasn’t blocked me.

Opera VPN for Netflix

As you can see on the screenshot above, I was connected to a European Opera VPN server – in the Netherlands. Thus, I could stream Netflix as if I was physically located there.

When I changed the location into the US, the local Netflix library was in my disposal.

The conclusion is: Opera VPN works with Netflix! However, I cannot add it to the list of top VPNs for Netflix.

How does Opera VPN Work with Other Services?

After discovering that OperaVPN is not blocked by Netflix and can unlock its US library, I took a decision to check whether it works with other streaming services.

Having studied numerous forums, I’ve found out information that top streaming sites are not always available even through a VPN connection.

In this regard, I have tried to access Hulu, HBO GO and Pandora.

The results are not perfect.

Hulu, Pandora and HBO GO with Opera VPN

I’ve managed to access Pandora and Hulu whereas HBO GO was unavailable for me in view of my geographical location.

Is Opera VPN Good for Torrenting?

The next thing I’ve done when preparing this Opera VPN review was to study on how to download torrents through this connection.

I’ve set 2 questions:

  • Can Opera VPN unblock top torrent sites?
  • Does it make my connection secure?

No P2P servers by Opera VPN

The answer to the first question was evident. In case a torrent tracker is blocked in your region, you can change your location. With the VPN enabled, I’ve opened all the torrent trackers and search engines I wanted.

As for the second question, Opera VPN is not efficient in user’s traffic protection. The thing is that the provider doesn’t offer traffic encryption. Besides, it’s not a VPN client but a VPN extension for the browser (Opera).

Thus, even if you turn Opera VPN on and manage to unblock a torrenting site restricted for your region, you won’t manage to download a torrent file through a BitTorrent client without being noticed by your Internet Service Provider.

In this regard, I don’t recommend using Opera VPN for torrenting if this activity is prohibited in your country by law.

Opera VPN: Speed and Security Tests

Now when you know that this provider can be used to access the best streaming services, it’s time to get to know about speed test results and security it provides us with.

Does OperaVPN Make the Speed Slow?

To answer this question, I used the tool SpeedTest.

First, I checked my speed without OperaVPN. The download speed was 79.14, upload – 73.26.Speed without OperaVPN

Speed with OperaVPN

After I turned the browser VPN on, I observed an insignificant speed drop – about 2-3 Mbps. Opera VPN cannot be called slow.

It’s perhaps the best result I’ve ever had.


I’ve experienced troubles with my location disclosure.

The tool I used to check my speed detected my real location in spite of the fact that IP belonged to France.

Well, let’s move on and have a look at OperaVPN security test result.

Can I Count on Security with OperaVPN?

I’ve used 2 tools to carry out leak tests.

The results I’ve got impressed me – neither IP nor DNS leaks were detected.Leak test results of Opera VPN

DNS leak test results (OperaVPN)

However, I cannot assume that this VPN extension for browsers is 100% secure to use in 2020. Considering that one of three tools I used when studying this service has shown my real location, I don’t recommend using it for safe and anonymous Internet surfing.

What about Jurisdiction?

Opera is a company with headquarter in Norway. However, don’t think that OperaVPN is under Norwegian jurisdiction.

The matter is that VPN servers are offered by one of the Canadian VPN providers – SurfEasy. In its turn, Canada is a member of the 5-eyes alliance, which has a bad influence on user privacy.

This OperaVPN review shows that this service will neither help you to be anonymous on the Internet nor protect your information against interested parties.

If the only thing you find attractive in OperaVPN is no payment than I’d like to propose you cheap VPNs with better characteristics.

Would you like to share your experience of using Opera VPN for Windows? Feel free to leave a comment to this review!

Opera VPN: Frequently Asked Questions

To enable Opera VPN, you are to open the Opera browser, find section ‘Security and privacy’ in the settings, choose ‘Advanced’ and change the VPN status. You can have a look at the detailed process in the special part of this OperaVPN review.

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I don’t recommend using this service if you look for privacy and security on the Internet. It doesn’t encrypt user data, therefore, it’s vulnerable to hacking attacks.

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To make use of OperaVPN on portable gadgets running on Android, you are to set up Opera browser. The VPN can be enabled through the settings.

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No. This guess-work appeared after the shutdown of Opera VPN apps for Android and iOS. These days, it can be used by people but in a different form – as a function of the Opera browser.

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