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How to gamble online

Last updated: July 10 2020 By Dean Chester

How to gamble onlineHi guys!

Online casino presents one of the fastest growing kinds of entertainment involving more and more fans of such a pastime. Sports’ betting is known to attract sport-lovers from all over the world as well as the users who want to try the fortune and play lottery. Poker players’ interest increases proportionally to the growth of their stacks. While being on the rest between tournaments, most professional poker players prefer sitting at the tables of online poker rooms.

But there’s a catch…

The only issue is that these games are blocked and censored in many countries. Being an American poker player you know that there are some famous poker rooms (PokerStars), which deprive the citizens of the country from participating in games.

But poker professionals have found the way out of the problem that helps them to enjoy the game no less than a live tournament. What is it?
The ‘lifebuoy’ for any player is definitely a top-rated VPN service for playing online casino games.

Let’s have a look:
  1. ExpressVPN: Amazing VPN with 256-bit encryption and a 30-day money back guarantee
  2. NordVPN: Good VPN for choice for gambling on all popular platforms.
  3. Surfshark: Great VPN with fast speeds and strong encryption.
  4. CyberGhost VPN: Nice choice for gambling offering 256-bit encryption and servers more than in 90 countries.
  5. PIA: Fast VPN with 256-bit encryption and reliable protocols.

If you want to know more how to gamble with a VPN and why you need it for this purpose, stay with us! You will get everything you need to know about gambling and VPNs.

Why do I need a VPN for online gambling?

There are numerous examples when you are not allowed to open any given gambling website. Particularly, there is a number of betting sites which don’t let the admittance for visitors with an IP associated with one or another state. It might be problematic for gamblers to visit them. Have you ever come across the situation? Do you know how to overcome the barrier?

This is the case for applying a VPN if you would have a desire of making a fortune gambling in a virtual space. Now, you may understand why you should have a VPN service for online gambling.

The best online poker sites: the matter of controversy?

There are a few possible reasons to it. They are primarily connected with money as the main goal and means for this industry.

Reason 1

Even in online poker users deal with real money. Those gamers won.t probably declare it. Why does this matter? The authorities have no any chance to tax it.

Reason 2

Another reason might be money laundering which is believed to take place in online gambling. People who gamble online are of different kinds and some of them can’t stop parlaying.

What’s the result?

Online poker sites are often unavailable, and in some countries, such as Australia, you will fail to get access for signing certain websites for online poker.

Well, you need to understand that privacy is number one reason for a VPN to be used in online gambling. Even paying with bitcoins, you stay vulnerable to payment information theft.

How to obtain a VPN for online gambling?

Once you decide to gamble on the Internet, think of purchasing a subscription for one of the best VPNs for this activity. 

Follow this instruction one by one to purchase a VPN subscription:

  • Spend some time for reading the reviews about these apps and consider all their pros and cons. If it’s done, let us go on…
  • When you are ready to make a decision, you may follow their website where you can find some additional information on the VPN service you would prefer.
  • If you still have some questions, you are able to make use of customers’ support by asking your question to their specialists via an online chat.
  • After that, it is necessary to make your personal account and download the best VPN client for your PC.

Remember! The subscription for a VPN service costs some money. How much? Check it in the tariff you will choose.

Is it too much complicated? We suppose it is not really…

What to do in case I have no access to a VPN site?

Of course, the Internet is too much censored by the severe authorities of some countries. And they block not only visitors of certain websites restricted by them, but ones providing VPN services are vulnerable to this, too.

Keep your head up, if you fail to get to a VPN website! 

Work for searching the one that is not restricted as there are dozens or even hundreds of them on the Internet. Keep on looking for the one you need! Finally, you will be lucky to find one unblocked for your entry.

Is a VPN for online gambling safe?

Before you obtain a VPN, read about the legal system of the country the VPN provider is actually situated, because in some countries the authorities have a legal right for asking local VPN providers for the necessary information about their users. They can’t but convey it.

You should also avoid the countries, which are the members of 5 eyes countries. The agreement involves such states as the US and UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. The agreement has been extended to 14 eyes countries.

But, of course, if you are not planning to commit a misdeed when gambling online, there is nothing to be afraid of.

Nevertheless, a VPN would be good enough for making your online activity more secure. A VPN encrypts the data which goes through the server and that helps to prevent from cyber attacks on the network.

The best VPN for online casino games is on the go:

You might have already thought of this:

How to choose a good VPN to gamble online? What should I pay attention for while searching for it? 

We decided to assist you and give you some tips or key features, you consider for a VPN to gamble online.

#1 Data encrypting

The service’s usage for this purpose is even more complicated with the fact that all the games (online casino games, betting, lottery, poker) are associated with money and its transferring.

So, such a tool has not only to unblock the geo-restrictions but also thoroughly encrypt all the traffic including your bank accounts and currency transfers. It is fortunate that a top-rated VPN for playing online casino games can supply its customers with all the possibilities.

#2 Hidden IP

A great VPN service for playing online casino games presupposes your true address hiding from any third party by changing it into an address of a chosen server. This possibility makes you invisible for ISPs and governmental prying/censoring agencies.

#3 Plenty of servers

Furthermore, a fine VPN for playing poker or betting has a wide variety of server locations worldwide, which expands the boundaries of your virtual locating. Being afraid of banking data or sensitive information leaks, you should know that the best VPN for playing online casino games creates a defensive tunneling. When your traffic (all of your traffic) passes through the tunneling it is encrypted, which makes it inaccessible for any interference.

#4 Cryptocurrency

When talking about anonymity, you should make inquiries about the provider for your safeness. But be sure that VPNs for poker provided in the rating are free from logs saving and accept cryptocurrency and digital gift cards as payment methods.

How to play online without restrictions’ summary

Having decided to try a fortune, don’t forget that a VPN’s usage for this purpose is even more complicated with the fact that all the games (online casino games, betting, lottery, poker) are associated with money and its transferring. Do you remember what VPNs’ features should you stress your attention on?

In order to avoid identity thefts and to protect your gaming, you need to pay extra attention to the encryption methods used by a VPN you choose.

We wish you a good game and big winnings with the best VPNs for online casino games!

Have you already chosen the best VPN service for you? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. We are glad to answer your questions. 

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