PureVPN’s SmartDNS is made to unblock all the best geo-restricted streaming channels from all around the world. PureVPN has now added  five new channels to their unblocked services list! PureVPN SmartDNS newly added channels are BBC iPlayer, Netflix, VUDU, Amazon Instant, Drama Fever!

Sometimes you want to watch movies or series online but the content is georestricted and you want nothing but nothing but to unblock censored and restricted content. This is where PureVPN and its SmartDNS service comes to picture. With this solution you are able to unblocks your favorite channels without loss in internet speed.

What is SmartDNS?

SmartDNS is  a digital technology which works by routing your requests, and reguests only, through servers located in places where service asked is not restricted. Requests for restricted websites and channels are routed through servers operated by PureVPN.  While normal VPN traffic is as a whole troughPureVPN servers PureVPN SmartDNS service routes only the data requests and thats why there is any loss in streaming speed!

Because PureVPN SmartDNS only handles DNS requests the service is copatible with allmost all devices and operating systems. SmartDNS supports Mac, Android, iOS and Windows on devices including tablets, PCs, Smartphones and so on.