PureVPNBefore I start testing this VPN service, I’ve read some PureVPN reviews on third-party sites. In general, the provider is demonized. Alongside with positive user reviews on Reddit, there are a lot of reports about connection problems.

It made me conduct my own unbiased testing to check:

  • Is PureVPN good for streaming?
  • How does it cope with possible leaks?
  • Whether it is easy to set up the client on different platforms or not?
  • What’s the truth about the provider’s logging policy?

If I’ve managed to recall your mind to this VPN provider, here’s what you’ll know about the service:

Be convinced I’m not going to make you buy this VPN or vice versa.

Having read this PureVPN review, you’ll understand whether it is appropriate for you or not.


Then let’s start!

PureVPN: Unique Benefits and Features

This time, I’m going to describe PureVPN. The provider has been for 13 years in the market already. It experienced both ups and downs.

Has it walked away with a conclusion after it downs?

Here I am to check it. But before it, I propose you to look through its weak and strong sides.


PureVPN pros PureVPN cons
 P2P servers No PureVPN free account or free trial
Immediate customer support IP leak
31-day refund period DNS leak
2000+ servers in over 140 countries Paid trial period
App in 8 languages
5 multi logins
Works with Netflix
Multiplatform compatibility
Split Tunneling
Automatic Kill Switch
Flexible settings
Moderate prices

Pure VPN app is perfect in terms of server locations, diversity of tunneling protocols and advanced functions. The prices are moderate despite the lack of a VPN free trial.

But I don’t recommend the service because of possible IP and DNS leaks. They may cause your identity disclosure.

If you’re looking for privacy and security on the Internet, these providers are exactly what you need:

NordVPN Visit Site 30-day money refund
GyberGhost VPN Visit Site 45-day money back
SurfShark VPN Visit Site 30-day money back

And now I offer you to enjoy this Pure VPN review.

Pros and Cons of PureVPN

The description of weak and strong sides of services always holds a specific place in my VPN reviews. And I’ve found a lot of features which need to be highlighted here.

Advantages of PureVPN: Anything Special?

When making a decision to buy a VPN, you are to study the features which make this provider stand out of the crowd.

Of course, I’m talking about its beneficial features. Pure VPN developers did their best to make the service attractive in the eyes of potential subscribers.

PureVPN server list

It’s an open secret that the provider leaves its rivals behind due to the advanced PureVPN servers. In numerical terms, the service is also impressive – more than 2000 servers all over the world.

You’ll be taken aback!

The number of PureVPN sever addresses is 300 000+. That’s awesome!

PureVPN server locations are perfect – more than 180 places in 140+ countries of the world might be used for unrestricted web surfing.

The choice of servers in the app depends on what mode do you choose: Stream, Internet freedom, Security / Privacy, File-sharing, Dedicated IP.

PureVPN server list

Here are the benefits of diverse VPN server park:

  • unique digital footprint;
  • facility to bypass local restrictions;
  • anonymous P2P file-sharing;
  • IP masking in aid of anonymity.

Perfect PureVPN Customer Support

Live chat support by PureVPNLive chat support is a big plus for any credible VPN provider.

Thus, PureVPN support has accounted well for itself. I didn’t have to wait at all. All the questions I asked were answered in a detailed and comprehensible manner.

Alongside with the live chat service, there are useful guides on the VPN website about:

  • how to get started;
  • troubleshooting;
  • setup guides for different platforms;
  • account and billing issues;
  • FAQ section;
  • account upgrade procedure;
  • peculiarities for users in China;
  • how to access the US Netflix content.

Besides, there is a facility to generate a ticket and get support through email. This variant will help you in the event when your Internet connection is unstable or when you have no time on live chat support.

Split Tunneling for Your Convenience

The function of split tunnelling serves to protect the traffic you choose and access the local network. To put it simply, part of your data is sent through the secured VPN tunnel, whereas another part of your data is sent through your Internet service provider.

Due to PureVPN split tunneling, you can:

  • access restricted services and use websites with local IP addresses at one time;
  • download files in perfect security without speed reduction for other services;
  • get access to the network printer and use the Internet securely.

You can add apps and websites in Chrome and IE browsers.

P2P Servers for Safe Torrenting

If you are an active seeder, you’ll definitely appreciate this PureVPN plus point.

The provider offers P2P-friendly servers located in the countries which don’t forbid torrenting. These servers are marked with the sign

One more surprise!

Pure VPN provider recommends to use P2P Protection add-on.

To enable it, I’ve chosen ‘File-sharing mode’.

Ozone Feature Against Malware

This function is used to make web surfing almost 100% secure. It prevents malicious software from infecting your device, filters unwanted web content and controls what sites and apps are allowed to run.

This feature is enabled only when you choose ‘Security / Privacy’ mode.

VPN for Everyone

The client is available in 8 languages (Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish and Turkish).

Thus, it makes it popular for many people around the world.

PureVPN and Netflix

Provided that I’m located outside the United States (in Europe), I have limited access to US Netflix. However, it’s not a problem for Pure VPN subscribers.

The provider bypasses the restrictions imposed by this streaming server in a matter of seconds. Read more about test results in the dedicated part of this Pure VPN review.

PureVPN Price

The monthly price of PureVPN service is $10.95. However, you have a chance to pay 70% less –  $3.33 per month (when choosing a 1-year package). In this case, you’ll have to pay $69.95 at once.

PureVPN tariffs and prices

From time to time, the provider runs special offers and discounts. Right now, it’s possible to save 82% on 1-year PureVPN subscription.

Special offer by PureVPN

PureVPN Money Back

The provider offers quite a long refund period. Thus, there is a chance to test the service risk-free.

Here are the main points of Pure refund policy:

  • possibility to get money back within 31 days;
  • a 3-day trial is non-refundable;
  • it’s necessary to email to help @ purevpn.com to get a refund;
  • refund is impossible in case you pay with cryptocurrency or through App Store and Google Play.

Disadvantages of PureVPN: They Made Me Upset

Coming to Pure downsides, I’m going to put all past events aside. The list of its minuses is based on my own testing only.

PureVPN offers a 7-day trial for Android users

Numerous VPN services allow testing the functions of their apps free of charge. For example, CyberGhost provides a 24-hour free trial period, whereas ProtonVPN has a free plan.

But PureVPN trial is not free for its users.

A paid 3-day trial is proposed instead. It costs $2.50. It’s not refundable.

Then what’s the benefit you might ask.

The thing is that the lowest price of Pure VPN service you are to pay at once is $10.95. But what if you don’t have this sum of money? You can try the service for this tiny price.

Leaks are possible

Having conducted leak testing, I might conclude that not all PureVPN servers cope with the task. Besides, it’s advisable to change some modes in order for your connection to become secure.

PureVPN: Speed and Security Tests


Here’s the practical part of my PureVPN review.

I’ve checked what servers are fast. I’ve found out whether it undergoes leaks or not. Also, I studied the privacy policy document of the provider in search of the details about PureVPN logs.

Enjoy reading!

PureVPN speed test results (different servers)

I reckon you know that VPN speed depends on the server you connect to. When you connect to the remote VPN server, the speed might drop significantly.

In this part of PureVPN review, I’m going to describe such issues. To begin with, I’ll show you the speed of my internet connection when PureVPN app is disconnected (my location and real IP are vanished on purpose):

PureVPN speed (VPN is not connecting)

First, I decided to test speed when being connected to one of the nearest servers (in Poland) selecting different modes. The results are presented in the graph.

PureVPN speed test results (graph)

On condition that I’ve connected to the nearest (read the fastest) server, the speed reduction was about 32-51%.

I bet you won’t notice it without this special testing.

The speed is rather good for both streaming and file-sharing.

As for the results with the remote servers, they are not so impressive.

PureVPN speed when connecting to the USA-based server is very slow:

PureVPN US server speed

The situation with a Jordan server is better. 11.11 Mbps for the download speed and 3.08 Mbps for the upload speed.

An Indian server performed even better result:

PureVPN Indian server speed

Lifehack! For faster PureVPN speeds, you’d better prefer the nearest VPN servers and choose ‘Streaming’ mode. It will help you to get rid of possible buffers and lags while watching videos, listening to music or communicating through VoIP apps.

PureVPN leak test results

To cut a long story short, I’m quite disappointed with Pure VPN leak testing.

In case a VPN has bad leak tests results, it cannot be called credible.

It’s stated on the official website of Pure VPN provider that it ensures complete anonymity on the web for its consumers.

However, the results suggest the opposite.

PureVPN leak test results

One of the servers I’ve chosen for leak testing is located in the UK (look at the screenshot). The IP address of the Pure VPN server is presented on the left.

As you can see, the last numbers show that the addresses are different. I show you only the last numbers for safety reasons.

Well, the results are the following:

IP leak test → fail

DNS leak test → fail

WebRTC leak test → fail

Logging policy of PureVPN

The FBI case with PureVPN in 2017 made many subscribers of the service to think how reliable the service is?

If it could be used to find a person who installed the Pure app to hide his identity, I wouldn’t entrust my security to this service.

PureVPN privacy policy

Well, the question is – “Does PureVPN keep logs now?”.

As for these days, the provider claims the service is 100% “zero-logging”. They ensure the company doesn’t know what the subscribers do when using PureVPN.

Well, I’ve perused PureVPN privacy policy in search of the data on the logs kept.

And here are the findings:

  • the provider doesn’t keep data on user origin IPs, VPN IP used, session timestamp, online activities and DNS requests;
  • PureVPN collects some signup information (name, email and method of payment);
  • there’s no way to identify when subscribers connect to the VPN;
  • the provider knows when users connect to a particular VPN location and from which ISP.

PureVPN and its protocols

Different tunneling protocols might be used for various purposes.

For example, PPTP is really fast but unstable. The protocol’s stability might influence the security level of the VPN connection. Thus, it’s not bad for streaming, but it’s better to choose another protocol to be safe and anonymous on the Internet.

L2TP is very secure. Its weak side lies in the speed. It makes the VPN speed not always good for streaming.

As for SSTP, it’s very reliable and secure. Its downside is that the protocol is integrated into Windows only.

OpenVPN takes the leading positions in the sphere. At the same time, it requires third-party soft.

There’s no perfect VPN protocol which would be ideal for all online purposes (streaming, security, anonymity). In this regard, PureVPN offers a set of protocols with the facility to change modes and protocols:

  • IKEV;
  • PPTP;
  • TCP;
  • UDP;
  • L2TP;
  • SSTP.

PureVPN: Benefits and Features Tests

Here you’ll find the detailed description of PureVPN application setup on Windows, its facilities and tasks it copes with.

PureVPN setup on Windows

The whole setup process takes about 5 minutes. Besides, you won’t have to be a tech-savvy user to cope with this task.

However, if you face any troubles when trying to install the VPN app on your Windows PC, just follow these 7 steps and get to know how to setup PureVPN:

    • The first step on the way to unrestricted and safe web surfing on my desktop was to visit Pure VPN website and create an account.

PureVPN website (main page)

  • After it, I’ve chosen a VPN package. Remember, a long-term subscription allows saving up to 70%.
    PureVPN plans
  • Next, the system offers a set of payment methods: credit cards, PayPal, Alipay, cryptocurrency payment, PaymentWall, BlueSnap and gift cards. As you can see, the provider gives us an opportunity not only to choose the most convenient method of payment but the most secure one – cryptocurrency.
    PureVPN payment options
  • And now a couple of words about the sign in. The PureVPN team sent me the data (username and password) to log in the system on the site. But I failed. I had to change the password through the email. It helped.
    PureVPN account


Here you can look through your account details, upgrade it and download apps, PureVPN Chrome extension and others.

PureVPN account details

  • I click on ‘Download PureVPN for Windows’ and get a 37.3 Mb app installer.
    Download PureVPN for Windows
  • I like the setup process. Also, there’s a facility to choose where to install PureVPN.
    PureVPN setup process
  • And finally, I logged in the system with the user name sent through email and a new password.
    PureVPN login


PureVPN download and setup process is rather simple. Troubles can be easily solved through an experienced 24/7 PureVPN support service.

How to use Pure VPN client?

This VPN client is rather user-friendly notwithstanding its facility to change numerous settings.

When running Pure VPN client, I haven’t found any ‘On’ or ‘Connect’ button. The system offers a list of servers instead. Clicking on one of them, you immediately connect to it.

PureVPN modes

It’s worthy of note that if you want to know the IP of the VPN service, you are to click on ‘Fetch my VPN IP’ in the bottom right corner of the client.

What else?

The provider allows users to change the modes depending on what they are going to do on the Internet.

Note! To change settings (mode), enable or disable functions like Kill Switch and Split Tunneling, you are to disconnect. And only after it, you can work changes.

If you now connect to one of PureVPN servers and want to change the location, just click on it and that’s it.

PureVPN client (server list)

Also, I find convenient the facility to mark the most beneficial for me locations as favorite ones. Thus, when I run the client, I get quick access to them.

PureVPN client is tunable. Here’s the list of what setting you can enable or disable:

  • redial automatically if the connection drops;
  • launch on system startup;
  • auto-connect after launch;
  • disconnect the VPN on app exit;
  • launch default browser after connection;
  • ping servers on startup.
  • advanced users have an opportunity to change network type;
  • 256-bit traffic ciphering;
  • use DNS servers while connected;
  • IPv6 leak protection;
  • Kill Switch function;
  • automatic port selection;
  • Pure VPN hotspot function;
  • port forwarding.

Lifehack! Before you start using the client, enable Beta Features. Otherwise, it’ll be impossible to make use of some PureVPN functions.

How to use Netflix with Pure VPN?

I’ve changed PureVPN mode into ‘Streaming’ and connected to a US-based VPN server.

The result you can see on the screenshot:

PureVPN and Netflix

The American Netflix content can be available all over the world if you’re a PureVPN subscriber. VPN ban imposed by Netflix is not a problem for Pure service users.

PureVPN for torrenting

On the VPN website, I found information about P2P protection. The provider ensures that its add-on blocks malicious software and viruses masked as files. It makes it impossible for third parties to compromise the gadget you use for torrenting.

However, not all Pure VPN servers can be used for torrenting. Thus, the provider offers P2P servers only in 85 countries out of 140+.

As I showed you in the previous section of this PureVPN review, the service is not perfect in terms of leaks. When IP and DNS are leaking, a seeder’s security is under threat.

By trial and error, I’ve found a way to make the process of torrenting REALLY safe.

Here’s what to do:

  • use file-sharing mode;
  • enable P2P protection and content filtering features;
  • turn gravity function on;
  • connect to one of the VPN servers offered by the provider.

PureVPN US leak tests (passed)

This time, PureVPN leak test results are great! No leaks detected.

In general, the provider does it best to supply its subscribers with top services. However, there are some downsides which prevent Pure VPN from taking a top position in VPN rankings. If you are not satisfied with PureVPN test results, have a look at providers such as NordVPN.

And now is your turn. Leave a comment to the review if you have already tested PureVPN.

PureVPN: Frequently Asked Questions

This process will not take much time. Neither it requires any technical skills. Everything you need to do is to create and pay for Pure VPN account.

After it, you are to download a dedicated Kodi add-on (you can do it on the official VPN website). Then you are to install it on your Kodi device and change a new location.

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To describe how to set up Pure on routers, I’ll have to prepare a new dedicated guide. To save our time, I propose you to read about the setup procedure on the site of the provider. All information is presented on it in a comprehensible manner.

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No. There is no way to use the service free of charge. Neither a free trial nor a free plan is offered by the provider. A 31-day refund period is proposed instead. It guarantees that if you aren’t satisfied with the Pure VPN service, you’ll get your money back.

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