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The internet has changed our world. It’s upended whole industries. It’s made communication pervasive and instantaneous. And it’s brought seemingly endless knowledge and distractions in equal measure.

But in many ways, the world is different today, our digital lives echo our physical lives, but with many more analog danger points to trip upon. Where once information flowed freely across the globe, now it stops at digital borders that mimic the ones in the real world. Whole countries exist in parallel digital universes — or simply go dark. Governments, internet service providers and other powerful private interests store, analyze, package, and sell every single visit, click, and share we do online — with consequences to our private, public, and political lives we are only now coming to terms with.

And our thirst for ubiquitous free WiFi at every coffee shop and airport lounge to keep up with our ever-more-mobile connected lives has created a dangerous digital landscape for hackers to hide in.

This is the risk environment that has propelled Virtual Private Networks (or VPNs) from large enterprise security measure to everyday tool in the arsenal of internet consumers. But not all services are created equal. The new privacy zeitgeist and low barriers to entry have created a veritable gold rush of VPN providers. It is critical that a consumer choose a service from a trusted or reliable source — or risk handing over safety and privacy to shady actors for exploitation. It all comes down to trust — and whether a VPN provider has earned it.

For users of Avast SecureLine, this is a non-issue. Avast is not in the data sales business. Instead it is in the security business. Avast won’t be selling user data to outside entities. In fact, ongoing customer outreach programs show that getting all the tools to stay safe online from a brand they can trust is one of the top reasons people choose Avast. A close second is the work done by Avast product teams to meet the vision of a one-click privacy solution that’s as easy to use as it is to install.

And the world will need this kind of a product. According to statista, consumer file-sharing internet traffic is projected to reach 6,717 petabytes per month in 2018. The Wi-Fi alliance estimates the same year will see the total Wi-Fi install base will reach over 9.5 billion . As sophisticated, on-the-go use of web services continues to rise, an equally sophisticated but elegantly simple security solution is called for.


Avast VPN Features


Avast SecureLine features are cybersecurity-expert designed, simple to use, performance focused, and built for privacy and reliability. Whether on Windows, Mac, Android or iOS, Avast SecureLine offers people online security and privacy, while unlocking the web for true online freedom.

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With a VPN, Privacy is paramount and the OpenVPN Network is the framework trusted for speed, protection and performance. The security aspects of a VPN drive its privacy protections. Avast SecureLine VPN follows the top industry standards in keeping data safe, secure, and hidden from any prying eyes — minus any complicated setup or configurations. These features are always on when SecureLine is on for maximum convenience and protection — though the Smart connection rules can be customized.

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  • Kill Switch

A kill switch is activated if something brings your VPN server down, turning off your internet connection for fail-safe protection during any unplanned disconnections. This is available in Mac Secureline VPN product and the Windows feature will also offer by summer 2018.

  • The Most Trusted Protocol: OpenVP

The Avast Windows and Android VPN clients are built on the most widely used and trusted protocol: OpenVPN. It is the most trusted because it is open source. Paired with OpenSSL libraries, running everything over the UDP protocol for best connection speeds. (If it is detected that the internet provider blocks UDP, Avast attempts fallback to TCP to circumvent the restriction).

  • Smart Connection Rules

Who hasn’t rushed when on deadline or trying to connect to an open Wi-Fi network before hopping on a long flight, only to realize you didn’t set up proper security measures? It’s for moments like these that Smart connections rules are included. Connect to an unsecured network and SecureLine automatically secures the connection. On the flip side, if a network is trusted, you can whitelist it so Secureline will automatically disconnect — no fidgeting with the settings.  To set the network security rules, open the ‘Settings’ from the settings icon placed in the top right. Set SecureLine to either turn on automatically on unsecured Wi-Fi networks, ask before turning on, or disable the smart connection rules altogether. Currently connected or within reach of a network you trust? Add them to the trusted networks and the VPN will disconnect every time you log onto them.

  • 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard

When SecureLine is on, all incoming and outgoing data is encrypted by one of the most secure encryption methods — AES 256 — making all data invulnerable to attacks. This is the same encryption standard used by banks, credit card companies and governments to protect their data.

  • Apple-Approved IPsec Protocol

Avast iOS and macOS implementations use the IPsec protocol, and it is all built on Apple’s proprietary stacks to ensure the best compatibility and performance. The goal is to have the connection as quick as possible without any delays or addtitional steps.




SecureLine VPN lets you enjoy full online privacy. The following features all serve to keep the main identifier, the I.P. address, concealed at all times, and so are always turned on.

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  • Location Masking

An I.P. address is one of the main ways advertisers, Internet service providers and others keep track of users across the web. It can also reveal your real-world location. Avast servers act as a mask that provides a new I.P. address, so the geographic location stays hidden.

  • Single Shared I.P.

Whenever connected to one of the Avast servers, the same I.P. address is revealed as others connected to it – making it that much harder for the traffic on that server to be associated with anyone. Sharing ones I.P. address with other people also makes it harder to profile your online behavior

  • DNS Leak Protection

DNS requests are encrypted by Avast and sent to Avast secure DNS servers to protect users from possible DNS leaks that could reveal your real I.P. address. This ensures user privacy from your ISP and any other on-path eavesdropper.


SecureLine VPN Server Locations


Traveling abroad for work and just dying to catch up on that show with the dragons? Just flick a switch, and your favorite paid subscription services will work just like back home. SecureLine VPN offers hundreds of servers in 54 locations scattered over 34 countries worldwide, and our server infrastructure is always growing. Access the content you want without any restrictions and censorship. To change your location, open the ‘ Change Location’ menu located in the lower part of the main screen and select the location you want. Feel free to pick a specific city — or just pick the country and let us find the most suitable server for best speed.’


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The guiding principle of SecureLine development: privacy and security shouldn’t come at the cost of speed and simplicity.

  • Infrastructure Load-balancing

All of the Avast VPN gateways run on dedicated hardware servers with enough excess capacity to maintain performance even under peak loads. Smart systems run on top that automatically balance traffic across different servers to make sure none of them get overloaded, and all of them operate smoothly. Activation Note: Servers speed features are automatic, once you choose your preferred connection location, our algorithms will automatically choose the most suitable server for you, this ensures infrastructure load balancing is activated.

  • Optimal Location

Just want to enjoy a private and secure connection without worrying about which server to use? Then don’t. SecureLine includes a handy Optimal location setting. Once the user flips the switch, there’s nothing to set up: Avast VPN algorithms take into consideration server proximity to ensure the best performance, no matter where the user is — automatically. To connect to optimal location mode, open the ‘Change Location’ menu located in the lower part of the main screen and select ‘Optimal location’. Click the VPN switch so that it slides into the ON state. It will turn green and the status will indicate ‘Your online privacy is protected.’




Avast VPN believes in an open web without borders. Everyone should have the freedom to access the content they want, no matter where they are. Avast SecureLine VPN helps get around artificial limitations placed on your web or apps so internet regulars can experience true online freedom. Avast is consistently building out a more diverse choice of server locations, and adding new features to them which don’t compromise on speed for quicker, safer access.

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  • Streaming Servers

What’s the point of paying for VPN if streaming your personal online content without interruption is not part of the VPN solution? Avast run servers optimized for streaming so the user can pick up favorite TV shows right where they left off — stutter free. No trial and error to find them either: these streaming-friendly servers are marked out in the list of countries with the video icon. Streaming notification feature to be added after the publishing of this document: To see the list of streaming-friendly servers, open the ‘Change location’ menu located in the lower part of the main screen and select ‘Streaming’ from the filter on the left. Choose the desired streaming-friendly server and connect the VPN.

  • P2P Support

Selected SecureLine servers have been optimized to support peer-to-peer (P2P) activities, and are marked out in the selection screen. In order to use the P2P server you do not have to be physically located in the same location as the P2P friendly server. To see the list of P2P servers, open the ‘Change location’ menu located in the lower part of the main screen and select ‘P2P’ from the filter on the left. Choose the desired server and connect the VPN.


Avast Secureline VPN Price


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For maximum performance, security and privacy, Avast Secureline VPN works optimally alongside Avast security antivirus and performance products and delivers a full coverage solution for your PC, Mac or mobile device. System Requirements: Windows XP SP 3 or later, working on 32 & 64 bit systems Android 4.0 or later, iOS 5.1 or later Mac OS X Maverick (10.9) or later.