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No matter where you stand on the copyright law debates that are currently sweeping the global market, if you like to torrent media you’re going to want protection. Movie, Television and Music companies have lobbied for increased ability to track down and sue those that violate copyright law. These are very powerful and rich companies that can afford to devote the time and manpower to tracking down violators but there job is much easier when they can clearly track a user’s IP address.

Internet Service Providers have also stepped into the debate on the side of the media companies. Too much torrent downloading leads to warnings from the ISP and even termination of service without refund. They will also pass on the user’s information to the lawyers of media companies that are hunting violators. With copyright enforcement becoming a more serious issue, many torrent users are looking for a way to download anonymously, which is why BT Guard has become such a popular service.


Torrent and Privacy


VPN service offers its clients anonymity by masking their IP address when they use torrent services. They route the torrent activity through their own servers so that their IP address is the only one that is seen. Since media companies loiter around torrent services waiting to catch specific IP addresses, routing the traffic through BTGuard makes it impossible for media companies to track specific users.

BTGuard also offers their users an encryption tunnel to help sidestep the monitoring activity of ISPs. The content is first downloaded to BTGuard’s servers then encrypted and sent to the user’s computer as a clean data packet. ISP’s can still see that their users are downloading vast amounts of data, but they can not track what that data is, and so the warnings and threats of legal action will stop.


Servers and Server Locations


BTGuard, or any other anonymity service, can easily become a trap if they are ordered to release their user’s information. This is why BT Guard has made it against their policy to store any IP addresses. They do not keep track of the traffic of their users, meaning media companies can’t track their users activity through their service. They have also done a good job of maintaining download speeds.

They are a Canadian based company, but have expanded to include servers in the EU after recent legislation has significantly increased their clients in the UK and in other countries across Europe. Now the Canadian servers mostly handle US traffic, while more European users are switching to the EU servers, and download speeds are being maintained.


BTGuard! Pricing & Plans


BT Guard offers their services on a monthly basis. They also offer larger packages at 3 months, 6 months and a year subscriptions. The set up is easy, and users are ready to begin downloading minutes after they start the process. They are a fast and reliable service that protects the identity of their users. They do exactly what they advertise and do it well.