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The internet is now a permanent part of our lives, and many of us are concerned with protecting our privacy while we surf. One of the easiest ways to do that is to is to conceal our IP address. Every specific server has its own address that can be traced if someone knows how. Most sites will automatically trace where you’re logging in from. Information like locations are used to help design ads aimed at you.

If you’ve ever seen an ad that includes your city and state, then you’re IP address has been traced. Personalized ads are one of the more innocuous uses of IP tracing, but there are many things that can be done if someone knows your location, so if you want to throw them off, you can surf the internet via someone else’s server.

This is what a VPN is used for. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and a VPN service connects its clients to VPN servers that allow them to surf the web via the proxy, and so mask their own IP address with the VPN’s IP address. StrongVPN is one of the oldest VPN providers, having gone into business in 2005 (which just underscores how new the industry is).


Server Locations


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StrongVPN offers 650+ VPNs spread out over 26 countries including Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Romania, Switzerland, Italy, Hong Kong, Russia, Singapore, Luxemburg, Norway, France, Malaysia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Japan and Latvia, however, most of their networks are focused in the US and the UK.


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StrongVPN has made is a solid VPN service. It offers both OpenVPN, which are used for PC’s and laptops, and PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, which is used for mobile devices. It offers users unlimited VPN access.


Plans and pricing


strongvpn pricing

Initial pricing is very reasonable, the yearly plan $4.66 per month and the monthly plan costs $8.


StrongVPN Speed


It offers fast connection speeds. Use of any VPN server is going to slow down service as the information has to go through a secondary server before coming to you. Things that will affect that are the physical distance of the server from you, and how many people are trying to use your server.

StrongVPN offers a good number of networks that can handle the load of multiple users. However, since switching servers can cost money, it can be costly to switch to a different server if the one you regularly use is busy. StrongVPN also offers a number of servers near major cities in the US and UK, so it is likely that there is a server near you, and enough of them that they shouldn’t be too busy.


Customer Service


StrongVPN also offers excellent customer service. All questions are answered within 3 hours. If you’re looking for a solid, basic VPN service you may want to look into StrongVPN.