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Are you considering choosing UnblockUs as your VPN provider? Do you want to learn more about its features and the service it offers before you make your decision? If yes, pay very close attention here.

We’d like to start out in this review by saying that UnblockUs isn’t a VPN provider at all. The way they operate is not like a traditional VPN service. With traditional VPN services, you’re assigned an IP address from one of their server locations through which you browse your internet and all of your data passes through their servers.

But with UnblockUs on the other hand, it’s your DNS queries that are routed through their servers. This helps mask your real location to some of the sites you visit. And the service is intended towards only some location specific sites and not all of them.

UnblockUs hasn’t been created for computer experts, technicians and so on. It’s been specifically created for the non-tech folk that are looking to access foreign media or country-specific content.


For example:


Let’s say that you’re in India and you’d like to watch some videos on Hulu. UnblockUs routes your queries to Hulu.com via their servers thereby allowing you to stream your media as you’d like. But when you change your website to Google, you’ll be browsing the web through your normal IP address.




Fastest Connections

UnblockUs promises to offer a service that’s faster than any VPN in the market. Well… that’s partially true because of the fact that UnblockUs isn’t a VPN in the traditional sense.

Since it routes your DNS queries through their servers and masks your location to only certain sites, the speeds are always top notch and consistent. They don’t go down and up like either VPN providers.

Works On All Devices


unblock-us devices

Another feature that makes UnblockUs stand out is the fact that their service is compatible with nearly every single device. Whether you’re interested in surfing the internet and streaming media from a computer, game console, router, TV or a mobile device, you can do so with UnblockUs.

They have dozens of guides for nearly every type of device out there. All you have to do is look through these guides and configure your settings accordingly.

Affordable Pricing

When it comes to pricing, UnblockUs is quite affordable given the fact that their service works on just about any device (and unlimited use too). They just have one plan available which costs $4.99 per month.

unblock-us pricing

There are no discounts for yearly plans. For anyone that’s interested in accessing restricted foreign sites from just about any device, there can’t be an affordable service than this.

7 Day Free Trial

For those who’re interested in trying UnblockUs before making their decision, UnblockUs offers a 7 day unrestricted free trial.

And the best part is… you don’t have to submit your payment information upfront when you sign up for the trial. You can just start using the service right away by registering. This is so unlike other VPN providers in the market.




Manual Setup

Many VPN services have dedicated clients and automated set up systems to help customers configure their devices effortlessly. Unfortunately, you can’t expect that with UnblockUs.

UnblockUs has a manual set up procedure that involves with you having to change your DNS and other system settings. The process can be complicated and confusing for novices. However, if you follow the instructions given in the guide thoroughly, you’ll be good to go.

No One-Click Disable

Another drawback with UnblockUs is that you can’t really disable the service with just a push of a button (like is the case with other VPN providers). You’ll have to reset the DNS settings again manually before you begin surfing the web.

No Linux Guides

If you’re interested in accessing UnblockUs from your Linux computer, you’ll need to set it up yourself. UnblockUs does not have any Linux guides to help you set up their service.

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Does not work on 3G

UnblockUs DNS routing service works on nearly all devices including computers, smartphones and game consoles. But most of these devices require a Wi-Fi connection to run. The service cannot be used with these devices via 3G.

Not a traditional VPN

Like we mentioned earlier, UnblockUs isn’t a VPN in the traditional sense. They’re only offering a DNS routing service that masks your location to certain specific sites.
If you’re interested in truly anonymous browsing that allows you to access just about any site you wish and download any file, you’ll have to choose an ACTUAL vpn service and not a DNS routing service such as UnblockUs.




The service UnblockUs offers is intended towards a very specific market – Non technical individuals that want to access foreign content or region-specific content from places they are blocked from accessing. It does not offer anonymous browsing service. It only helps mask your location to certain region specific sites.

So if you’re someone that’s truly technical, require 100% anonymity while you browse and want to ensure that none of the data is recorded anywhere, UnblockUs is not the service for you.

On the other hand, if you’re just looking for a service that can help you access region-specific content from just about any device at an affordable rate, UnblockUs is the good choice for you.