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Estonian company IncogniTeam presented VPN service of a new generation. It is not a usual VPN service that falls under different limitations in many countries – from partial traffic filtering to total prohibition of usage.

VPNext means lease of a part of a dedicated server (VPS), where completely set up VPN soft already works. Only one user has access to it and he/she actually becomes the owner and the only “client” of his/her own personal VPN service.


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Such an approach gives opportunity to propel use of VPN to a different, private and personal level that doesn’t fit in usual schemes of relationship between providers, clients and law-makers. Namely, the standard method of whole subnets IP blocking will present a problem because IP-addresses blocks belong to different European data-centres and companies.

VPN server soft is completely set up and ready for work. It is only necessary to preset server administrator password, and also login and password for connecting end devices. It is also possible to set up traffic filtering in accordance with local laws, which in this case is totally the responsibility of the end user.


VPN Protocols

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VPN-connection setting on end devices is performed by standard means of OS, without installing any additional software. Operation systems Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS, Android are supported, without any limitations on the number of connected devices.

Protocol L2TP/IPsec is used – one of the most secure ones today. With free utility SoftEther Client Manager connection will be achieved via “SSL-VPN” protocol, which is impossible to distinguish from usual HTTPS-traffic, and therefore it will be possible to connect to VPN even from China, over Great firewall.


Your Privacy With VPNext


An important specific feature of VPNext is the fact that there are no log files on the server side, and it is easy to check it (set it up) by yourself. To do this “advanced” users can use free utility for VPN server control SoftEther Server Manager. This utility will also enable you to implement additional settings – for example, to change VPN protocol for OpenVPN, MS-SSTP or L2TPv3. The same utility enables you to set up traffic filtering.


VPNext Pricing


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VPNext has been under development since 2017 and in a way it guessed in advance the problems of traditional VPN-services that have emerged during this time.