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TigerVPN Review

Last updated: July 8, 2020 By Dean Chester

TigerVPN was established in 2011, in Slovakia, and had been marketed as the most complete VPN service ever. In this TigerVPN review, we are going to check their claims and see if the users and the facts prove them as being true or not.

At the first look, TigerVPN offers a good infrastructure, high-speed connections, strong data encryption, reward program, and setup guides.


One of the advantages which come with TigerVPN is the high speed and their great infrastructure; the service is known for their superior bandwidth and browsing speed. Many Hulu and Netflix users find TigerVPN to be the best VPN service for streaming HD media. 

Tariffs and prices

TigerVPN offers three subscription plans with a 7 days money back guarantee.

  • Monthly plan is known as Zen Tiger costs €11.99 and comes with a limited number of features. In such a manner, you are not able to use StickyPassword tool and Shimo VPN Manager. What is more, you are able to install the service only on 2 devices.
  • 12 Months plan or Strong Tiger costs €6.67 per month and allows you to connect 3 devices at the same time.
  • 3 Years plan costs 2.75 per month. It provides an unlimited number of features and allows for connecting 5 devices simultaneously.


TigerVPN offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to payments, so you can use your credit card to pay for the VPN service or go for PayPal or Bitcoin. These make the payment process easy and accessible for a lot of users. 

Information on TigerVPN’s servers

TigerVPN has 300 servers spread across 62 countries, which provide the best streaming opportunities. You can access restricted data, share files and stream HD media, as the server network is specially designed to provide a reliable VPN service for online banking, entertainment websites and other geographical-based services.

There are 25 servers in Asia, 30 servers in Europe, 12 servers in North America and 6 servers located in Africa, Oceania and South America. Moreover, the server network is under development and TigerVPN is promising to add more servers in the future. 

The functions of TigerVPN

  • No logs – With TigerVPN you can access any web content and services you like, download anything you need without online activity monitoring and tracking.
  • Encryption – The TigerVPN apps are supplied with the strongest encrypting protocols that are available for all devices. Encryption software provided by TigerVPN ensures that all your traffic is encoded and untraceable by a third-party. 
  • Fast speeds – When it comes to HD video downloading, UHD Streams watching or gaming, TigerVPN shows blazing-fast performance results. What is more, the company keeps up with the 30% rule always keeping 30% bandwidth reserved.
  • Online freedom – Having subscribed for TigerVPN you are provided with a possibility to access any content from any location, even if it is restricted in your country.
  • Security - Stay completely anonymous and protect your sensitive data against hacker attacks and government surveillance. Thus, you gain an opportunity to browse the top torrent sites anonymously.
  • SLA monitoring – This feature provides you with a possibility to check TigerVPN’s network status and pick one of the most stable servers to connect.
  • Sticky Password manager – Having picked Hero Tiger subscription you are supplied with a free password manager software, which has been designed for storing your login credentials, credit card information etc. The manager is operable with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS OSes.
  • Shimo VPN manager – this MAC-based software makes easier to control VPN protocols and available to Hero Tiger’s customers. 

Security and privacy

TigerVPN works with three protocols which provide security and protect the user's data. These protocols are PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN. Depending on the protocol you use, the 128-bit and the 256-bit encryption keys are provided. The good side of the mix of protocols used by TigerVPN is they offer a high speed and a reliable security level, even if they are not the latest on the market.

TigerVPN comes with an amazing privacy policy, which includes no logs, no NSA, no IP records, which helps the brand stand out from the crowd and provides experienced users with a valuable service. The only details recorded by the TigerVPN are the bandwidth usage and the time you're using it, which doesn't allow any type of tracking or interceptions. 

Support service

If you have any questions, you can contact the customer support agents via a live chat or ticket system. You are also provided with support pages with all basic questions answered clearly in great details. The website presents troubleshooting FAQs and installation guides with screenshots for most of the supported OSes and routers. 

Client account procedures

To set up a TigerVPN account you need to register first, subscribe for a proper plan and download the software compatible with your device. The downloading process is incredibly simple, as well as installation and configuration steps. Choosing TigerVPN you can be sure that your connection will be secured and protected within a few minutes. 


Despite the lack of official guides on how to install and configure the private VPN service on a lot of OS, TigerVPN is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and a wide array of gaming consoles, media boxes, and routers. You can find a TigerVPN app for Android on Google Play Store and download an app for iOS on AppStore.


TigerVPN can be named one of the best VPN services out there, as it offers a number of unique features, which make it stand out from other services. In the package, you will find a reliable infrastructure with a good server network spread across all the continents, which allows users to access restricted data around the internet.

The speed provided by TigerVPN is definitely higher than what most services offer. Their no logging policy is another great advantage for users who don't want to be tracked online. The subscription process is easy and TigerVPN is compatible with the most popular OSes and devices, providing a secure connection thanks to their strong data encryption.

Like all things, there is a couple of drawbacks, such as the lack of a trial period, but for some users, these might not be an issue at all.

All in one, TigerVPN is one of the best VPN services in the market and it worth a try.

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A terrible vpn

hahaha! You've obviously not tried to contact their customer service. I, and many others, subscribed to a lifetime subscription that was recently canceled. They haven't responded to any support requests for over 6 months.