TorGuard is offering broadside discounts  this year.  They are offering huge discounts on all VPN, Proxy, and email services from Black Friday through Cyber Monday. To claim  the  offer use the discount code: “BlackFriday”.

TorGuard is not restricting their Discounts only to VPN, Proxy, and email services but there is also special promotions on all VPN routers and HDTV boxes. You are able to get up to  75% off this year when bundling services.

Starting on Black Friday, November 28th, TorGuard is offering site wide discounts on all their services, add-on features, and VPN routers. To claim  the  offer use the discount code: “BlackFriday”.  To Redeem your promo code all you has to do is to enter the code “BlackFriday” during checkout to get discount to your entire order. This Discount offer is not only for new customers but is also valid for existing TorGuard customers who wish to obtain a discounted upgrade.

These TorGuard  special discounts will be active from November 28th – December 1st:

  • 50% Off VPN, Proxy, Email and Smart DNS Service
  • 50% Off Dedicated IP’s, Add-on Connections
  • 75% Off when Bundling VPN/Proxy/Email
  • 30% Off VPN Routers / 10% Off HDTV Boxes

This Dicounts means that you are now able to get TorGuard premium VPN service for as low as $2.49 per month! TorGuard is a fast growing VPN and internet Scurity solution Provider which VPN network offers privacy services with 1000+ IPs in 43+ countries around the world.