TorGuard VPN ReviewAre you looking for the best tool to secure your Internet connection? Or maybe you want to ensure safe torrenting or gaming?

This review is for you then!

Here I’m going to cover how useful is TorGuard VPN. We will also see if it works with torrent trackers and Netflix.

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TorGuard VPN: Unique Benefits and Features

Here are the major advantages and disadvantages of TorGuard VPN:

TorGuard VPN pros TorGuard VPN cons
⊕ No IP/DNS leaks ⊗ US jurisdiction
⊕ No logging policy ⊗ No live chat
⊕ Robust tunneling protocols Few servers work with Netflix
⊕ Stealth Proxy
⊕ DNS leak protection
⊕ Decent server park
⊕ Accepts cryptocurrencies
⊕ 5 multi-logins
⊕ Torrent-friendly

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To begin with, TorGuard is anonymous email, anonymous proxy and, of course, a VPN. In this review, I am going to cover the last one.

TorGuard is a truly secure VPN with robust encryption and extra security features. TorGuard VPN can be used on a router and all popular operating systems. The service accepts cryptocurrencies; it can make your payment process anonymous.

The service does not keep logs about its users and can be easily used for torrenting. Though, the main minuses of the provider are its US jurisdiction and the absence of live chat.

Keep reading if you want to learn more benefits and features of TorGuard VPN.

Pros and Cons of TorGuard VPN

Some VPN providers boast wide server parks, others are able to provide customers with lightning speeds. As all, even the best VPNs, TorGuard has its own advantages and disadvantages. In this section, I am going to cover them in detail.

Pros of TorGuard VPN

TorGuard is secure

When it comes to the reliability of the provider, I usually look at:

  • IP/DNS leaks;
  • Encryption and tunneling protocols;
  • Jurisdiction;
  • No logging policy;
  • Extra security measures.

Taking into account these criteria, TorGuard seems really trustworthy. The only one drawback here is its US jurisdiction.

Other features are trustworthy enough to try using the VPN:

1. IP/DNS leaks

Neither IP nor DNS leaks were detected while conducting security tests for TorGuard. I’ve tested several servers and was glad to know that none of them were leaking. It is, of course, a great plus as the major goal of any VPN is to hide your real location on the Internet. So, the VPN managed to pass security tests successfully.

2. Encryption/protocols

Today almost all VPNs know what their customers are looking for. It is, of course, robust military-grade encryption. It is vital for today’s complex cyber environment.

The industry standard for robust encryption is AES-256. TorGuard uses it in order to protect users’ data against malefactors.

The VPN supports such tunneling protocols as SSTP/L2TP/IPsec. TorGuard OpenVPN allows you to stay safe and protect your sensitive information against third-parties.

The application for Windows allows choosing between OpenVPN UDP, OpenVPN TCP or Open Connect.

How to change TorGuard protocol

3. Jurisdiction

Unfortunately, TorGuard jurisdiction is far for being favourable. However, I’m going to cover this issue a little bit further.

4. No-logging policy

On the screenshot below you can get acquainted with the information TorGuard collects from their users:

TorGuard Privacy Policy

As you can see, it is mainly the data related to payments (credit card numbers aren’t logged) and your contact data when communicating with TorGuard team.

If it is too much for you, remember that every VPN saves some information about their customers. Such big words like “Zero logs policy” or “No logs” do not mean a VPN saves nothing about you. In some cases, providers even lie about their no-logging policy. In this regard, I recommend you to read privacy policy of a service carefully before paying for it.

Despite everything mentioned above, the privacy policy of TorGuard seems to be reliable. I liked it a lot as it is clearly laid out.

“TorGuard does not collect or log any data from its Virtual Private Network (VPN) or Proxy services.”

Such pricacy policy makes the provider highly trustworthy.

Extra security measures

256-bit encryption is, undoubtedly, a perfect feature for a VPN. However, to make a Internet connection super safe and protected, major VPNs provide certain measures that add extra security level to the service.

1. TorGuard Stealth VPN

The first interesting feature of TorGuard is Stealth VPN. What is it? Let’s have a look!

First and foremost, this feature is extremely useful if you are going to use the VPN in such strict censored countries like Russia, UAE, or China.

To make a long story short, Stealth VPN allows hiding OpenVPN “by stripping away headers that include information about VPN encryption”. This feature allows using the VPN in countries where this technology is typically blocked.

Got interested? Let’s see how to set up a Stealth Proxy using TorGuard app.

Click “More Settings”, find the tab “Proxy” then “Stealth Proxy” and find the closest server to your location.

Setting up TorGuard Stealth VPN

Read the post if you want to get more information about TorGuard Stealth proxy.

2. OpenConnect

This technology is also worth mentioning. It was launched in March. The technology is able to make your VPN connection more secure. Moreover, it is the fastest available protocol as of now. As well as Stealth proxy, OpenConnect makes it impossible for TorGuard to be blocked through firewalls. The screenshot below shows how to connect to this protocol:

Connection to TorGuard OpenConnect

3. In-build DNS leak protection

I have already mentioned that the VPN has passed all security tests successfully. It is not a surprise, TorGuard boasts DNS leak protection that, as I have made sure, works well.  In the Network tab, you can tick the necessary settings.

TorGuard DNS leak protection

4. Kill switch works

While surfing the Net with TorGuard, I have noticed that its Kill Switch function works well. Every time I disconnected from a certain server and connected to another one, my Internet connection dropped.

That’s a good sign and a perfect security measure in case there will be any problems with a VPN connection. A Kill Switch function allows protecting your personal data if for some reasons a VPN connection fails.

Visit to find out what other benefits the VPN offers.

TorGuard Kill switch works

TorGuard server network

Of course, there are a lot of VPNs that have more servers and in more countries or locations. However, TorGuard shows not a bad result. It owns 3000+ VPN servers in 68 locations/55 countries.

What is vital here is that the VPN’s servers are evenly distributed. The VPN owns servers in America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East & India. There are even servers in such rare countries such as Belarus, Chile, Tunisia, etc.

This will allow you to get a safe Internet connection regardless of the country you are surfing the Net from.

The amount of servers influences a lot on the connection speed as well. That’s why the more servers a VPN offers the better.

TorGuard pricing

TorGuard has an average price among all VPNs on the market. Why did I put its pricing in the pros then?

The point is it’s convenient. You may choose the period of time you want to pay for the VPN: monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually. Paying for a longer period allows saving money. The most profitable deal is to pay for a year at once. Then the VPN will cost you $4.99 per month.

TorGuard pricing

The service provides with a 7-day money back guarantee. You can also use the TorGuard free trial, which is available for 7 days.

The possible payment methods are presented below:

TorGuard payment methods

The striking feature here is that the VPN accepts a huge number of cryptocurrencies. Among them are Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Monero, NXT, and many others.

5 simultaneous connections on any platform

One TorGuard account will allow you to connect up to 5 devices to the VPN. TorGuard impresses its compatibility with operating systems. It supports such popular OSes as Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, OSX. You can also set up the VPN on Kindle, Xbox/Ps3, Apple TV, Chromebook. And on popular firmware like Tomato, DD-WRT or ASUS Merlin.

So, you will hardly stay unprotected with TorGuard.

Cons of TorGuard VPN

No live chat

To my regret, I haven’t found live chat on the official website of the provider. It is, of course, a minus. However, it worth mentioning despite the support is presented through email, I didn’t have to wait for a long time for their responses.

On average, it took nearly 10 minutes to get their reply. The answers were helpful and complete. After all, live chat would be more convenient for solving issues.

Simple but not user-friendly app

I cannot say that I am completely disappointed with the TorGuard application. However, it could be much more user-friendly. What is especially inconvenient is that you need to disconnect from a server in order to see the settings. The app is too “strict” and “serious”. I think it may probably scare off those who are newbies to VPN technology. Comparing NordVPN vs TorGuard VPN, the second one loses a lot.

However, it is still simple and I must admit that some internet users will appreciate the TorGuard VPN vice versa.

Here is the main interface of the software for Windows:

TorGuard app for Windows

US Jurisdiction

If the interface of the app and the absence of live chat do not put at risk our privacy, its US jurisdiction bothers me a lot.

According to, the USA is a free country. In 2018 it was rated as 22 out of 100. However, in the USA law enforcement authorities have a right to monitor websites and social media.

The other reason to avoid VPNs which are based in the USA is the membership of the country in the “5 Eyes” community. Together with Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, the USA can monitor your data on the Internet and share it with other countries.

TorGuard VPN: Speed and Security Tests

Speed test for TorGuard VPN

Undoubtedly, security and privacy are the first reasons why to use TorGuard or other VPNs on your devices. However, a possibility to use VPN providers for safe gaming, unblocking streaming services and torrenting make them number one tools for Internet activities.

To make such activities convenient and stable, one need a VPN with decent speeds. That’s why I have tested various TorGuard servers.

First, have a look at my speed test results without TorGuard:

Speed test without TorGuard

As a lot of Internet users connect to VPN servers in the USA in order to unblock American streaming services, I checked them first of all. Here is the best result:

Speed test with TorGuard American server

Speeds were much better with the server in Slovakia. Located about 1200km from me, the server showed a great result. Just have a look:

Speed test with TorGuard server in Slovakia

As for servers in Asia (Vietnam), speed test results were quite poor. The Asian servers of TorGuard are slow. Here is one of the examples:

Speed test with TorGuard server in Vietnam

So, can I recommend to use TorGuard for activities that eat up bandwidth a lot? So, you will hardly be able to stream ultra HD videos on Hulu, Netflix or Amazon Prime. However, for HD videos 13Mbps are enough. You will also successfully use Spotify and Pandora or VOIP messengers with TorGuard.

However, if compare TorGuard vs PIA VPN, the second one is better for using the USA servers.

Security tests for TorGuard VPN

TorGuard is a robust provider for hiding your real IP on the Internet. As we have already known, it has a lot of extra security measures that are able to ensure complete anonymity on the Net.

The VPN has passed IP and DNS security tests successfully. When I checked the TorGuard US servers for DNS leaks, the test showed a lot of American IPs. However, my real IP address left hidden.

Have a look at some examples of IP and DNS leak tests for TorGuard.

The server in the Czech Republic/ IP leak test:

IP leak test for TorGuard

The server in the Czech Republic/ DNS leak test:

DNS leak test for TorGuard

The server in Vietnam/ IP leak test:

IP leak test for TorGuard server in Vietnam

The server in Vietnam/ DNS leak test:

DNS leak test for TorGuard server in Vietnam

All security tests were successful except for one inspecting TorGuard installation file. One suspicious warning was detected:Test for TorGuard installation file

TorGuard VPN: Benefits and Features Tests

Now we know what speed the VPN is able to provide us. There is only one thing left to do – to learn what benefits you will get after downloading TorGuard on your device. But first, let’s see how to get TorGuard on Windows 7. If you have the higher Windows version, the installation steps will be the same.

How to get TorGuard VPN and create an account

  • Go to the official website of the provider ( and find “My account”. It is on the upper right corner of the page:TorGuard official website
  • As we don’t have an account yet, we to click “My account” and then “Order”:Order of TorGuard VPN
  • You will see various TorGuard offers. As we are going to use TorGuard VPN, we should choose “Anonymous VPN”:TorGuard products
  • Now you have to choose a billing cycle and pay for the VPN:Billing cycle of TorGuard anonymous VPN
  • After you get your credentials you can sign in to your TorGuard account. Fill in your TorGuard login and password:Logging to TorGuard account

TorGuard VPN lite on Windows

  • After logging in to TorGuard cabinet, you will find “Popular Downloads” on the bottom of the page. Choose your platform and click it. I downloaded TorGuard software on Windows, so I clicked “TG Client Windows”.Popular downloads of TorGuard
  • The software downloaded automatically. It took me no more than a minute to download it on my PC. Though, first I have check TorGuard installation file for viruses. Here is how the app looks like after its first launch.Connecting to a TorGuard server
  • After I selected the desired server, the app asked for my credentials. I entered the same ones which were used to login in to TorGuard cabinet on the website.

TorGuard with Netflix

A lot of readers might wonder if TorGuard a good choice for unblocking Netflix. Well… Have a look.

I have tested all 11 TorGuard servers in the USA and almost every time I failed to unblock the service:

Netflix doesn’t work with TorGuard

I founded out that only two servers are good for this purpose: United States – New York and San Francisco. Have a look:

TorGuard successfully unblocked Netflix

It was a little bit disappointing as everything seemed to well with TorGuard. The point is you need to buy extra TorGuard dedicated IP in order to use Netflix without any issues. However, if you are not going to pay for an additional server, I recommend you to read my rating about the best VPNs for Netflix.

TorGuard for torrenting

TorGuard is rightly a torrent-friendly VPN provider. You can use TorGuard with uTorrent or other clients. The service has a lot of posts about torrenting in their blog. The VPN perfectly runs with the major torrent website. Here is an example:TorGuard with the Pirate Bay

TorGuard VPN: Frequently Asked Questions

On the TorGuard download page, you can find all possible clients of the VPN. TorGuard Chrome extension is available here. You can also find TorGuard Android App APK on this page.

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TorGuard provides its customers not only with a VPN but also with anonymous email and proxy. As well as a VPN, proxy servers allow hiding real IP address, unblocking websites or services and download torrent files anonymously.

As my review is devoted mainly to the VPN, I will recommend you to read the TorGuard proxy setup tutorial in case you are going to use anonymous proxies instead of a VPN.

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