TorGuard has promised to provide quality services with plenty of bandwidth and speed.  TorGuard VPN network has announced that they have rolled out a new network expansion in seven new locations. Their VPN network now has new servers in Hong Kong, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, US – Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, and Miami.

TorGuard VPN Network has now 1000+ VPN IP’s in 41+ Countries. This ensure that all the clients will get the best possible service regardless of geographic location. TorGuardVPN network has allways had great speed and reliability. As we have understood they never over sell or crowd their servers which ensures that you are able to download and stream with unlimited VPN speeds and bandwidth.

TorGuard VPN Service is a fast groving VPN provider with fast speeds and NO LOGS. With their service you are allowed to connect up to five devices simultaneously to the VPN network all for the price of just one account.