TrustZone ReviewThe facility to try it free and a 70% discount make Trust Zone VPN very attractive in the minds of Internet users. The statements about anonymous web surfing and online privacy are like music to our ears.

But is this cheap VPN as good as it states to be?

Does it cope with the task to provide safe and secure access to the Internet and unblock the top services like Netflix?

In this TrustZone VPN review, you’ll find answers to these questions.

Here’s what you can find in the article:

Let’s puzzle out if a cheap VPN service can be good or not.

TrustZone Unique Benefits and Features

Before I start highlighting the facilities of Trust Zone VPN provider, I propose you to have a look at the list of its pluses and minuses.

Of course, all of them will be described further in the text in a detailed way.

TrustZone VPN pros TrustZone VPN cons
⊕ Unblocks streaming services Average servers
Supports P2P ⊗ 171 servers
⊕ OpenVPN, P2TP/IPsec, SSTP, IKEv2 ⊗ Live chat is not available 24/7
⊕ Moderate prices Lack of app for iOS and macOS
⊕ Diverse payment methods
⊕ Free trial (3days)
⊕ No logs
⊕ Seychelles jurisdiction
⊕ DNS leak protection
Kill Switch
Double VPN (by request)
1-5 multi-logins
Unblocks US Netflix (not all servers!)

For sure, there are VPNs that perform better results and a longer list of advantages than TrustZone does.

You’ll find more details about them in the dedicated reviews:

NordVPN Visit Site 30-day money refund
GyberGhost VPN Visit Site 45-day money back
SurfShark VPN Visit Site 30-day money back

I cannot recommend this application in view of very slow speed and a limited number of servers located generally in Europe and North America.

But as for now, I’d like you to enjoy the TrustZone review. Some of you can find it rather attractive.

Pros and Cons of TrustZone VPN

Everything I found and got to know about the provider, I divided into two columns in my exercise book. It served me to prepare the most complete list of plus and minus points about TrustZone and present them all in this TrustZone VPN review.

TrustZone and Its Advantages

First, I’d like to draw your attention to the points which might seem to you as beneficial ones. They make people from all over the globe pay for its 2-year plan.

TrustZone cost

Low-Cost Packages

I find the TrustZone VPN service cost very attractive. Whereas ExpressVPN cheapest plan is $6.67 per month, TrustZone offers online protection for $2.88 monthly (when subscribing for a 2-year package).

The most expensive TrustZone VPN monthly cost is $8.88, which is still cheaper than many other services offer.

As usual, VPN prices vary according to the use period. The longer you are going to use the service, the cheaper the plan is.

Remember! The provider can apply VAT (it depends on the law of your country).

Free VPN Trial is on Offer

Not all VPN providers allow trying their apps free of charge (e.g. NordVPN offers free trial for mobile devices only).

TrustZone provides us with a free package with insignificant restrictions:

  • 142 locations out of 171 possible;
  • 1 GB data transfer;
  • 1 allowed connection.

In view of a set of restrictions, TrustZone is not on the list top VPNs with a free trial.

However, you can try all the functions of the service.

Diverse Methods of Payment

The next plus point is the facility to pay for a subscription by means of different methods:

  • PayPal system;
  • PayPro Global (BANK TRANSFER, Alipay, WebMoney, iDEAL, UnionPay, QIWI);
  • Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, CLOAK, VERGE, Emercoin).

The last one is the most beneficial, as it allows conducting anonymous payment.

Beneficial Jurisdiction — Seychelles

The Seychelles Islands are one of the most advantageous places for VPN providers. The local laws are very friendly to Internet services and therefore to people who use these services.

It was the reason to place TrustZone headquarters in Seychelles. It contributes toward no-logs VPN policy.

Unfortunately, there are not many VPNs which are located there.

Efficient DNS Leak Protection

Running the app for the first time, you’ll see that it’s possible to change some settings. Thus, the provider gives us a chance to get rid of DNS leaks within one click only.

My tests have shown that this function really works. When this function was disabled, I underwent the leak. However, after I turned on DNS leak protection, there had been a change in the air – no leaks.

Kill Switch for Additional Protection

Likewise many other good VPNs (like PIA), this service offers the function of Kill Switch. To put it simply, when the secured VPN connection drops, the app blocks access to the Internet, and consequently, a user stays protected.

This function can be disabled or enabled through the client. Whereas, for example, CyberGhost VPN doesn’t allow turning off it.

Besides, for additional protection, you can make use of double VPN (by request).

A 10-day Money-Back Guarantee

TrustZone VPN provides its subscribers with a refund in case they aren’t satisfied with the service.

Here is what you need to know about TrustZone money-back policy:

  • users might ask for a refund within 10 days through email;
  • the bandwidth use should not be more than 1 GB;
  • it takes about 20 days before users get their money back;
  • in case you’ve paid with Bitcoin, the refund is still possible but in US dollars only.

Apart from it, the provider allows a partial refund. For further details, it offers to contact the support service by email.

5 Multi-Logins per Account

Trust Zone offers us to protect up to 5 devices by means of 1 VPN account. However, only users of a 2-year package have an opportunity to make use of it.

The subscribers of 1-year and 1-month plans can use the TrustZone app only on 3 gadgets, whereas free plan clients can run the VPN on one device only.

Compatibility with Popular Platforms

The application worked out by the TrustZone team can be installed on both desktops and portable gadgets running on Windows (XP or later), Mac, iOS, Android (KitKat or later) and Linux (Ubuntu, Linux Mint 17.1, Manjaro).

However, there are no handy apps for iOS and macOS. As for May 11, 2019, there are beta versions, which are not available for customers. ,In this regard, manual configuration is required.

Also, TrustZone is compatible with routers, game consoles (Play Station, Xbox 36), Smart TV and Amazon Fire TV/Stick.

However, it cannot be added to the list of top providers for Mac, Android or Windows for a set of reasons.

TrustZone and Its Disadvantages

Likewise many cheap VPN services, TrustZone is not without weak sides.

Servers in Only 33 Countries

On the official website of the provider, I’ve found information about servers in 96 zones.
TrustZone servers
The provider does its best to attract new clients, as some people might mistakenly think that zones equal countries.

But it’s a mistake.

These 96 zones with TrustZone servers are placed in 33 countries.

Besides, not all of them I find beneficial. For example, I wouldn’t make use of the servers located in Russia, Ukraine, the UAE or Saudi Arabia.

The number of servers is restricted to 171, which is not enough for the successful operation of the service.

Live Chat Support

Live chat support by TrustZone
In spite of the fact that TrustZone live chat assistance is available not 24/7 (from Monday to Friday, 6.00 AM – 4.00 PM GMT +0), I like their support. The specialist has answered all my questions.

But what to do if the live support isn’t available when you need help?

Fill in a special form on the site in the ‘Support’ section and describe your problem. As a rule, they answer within 5-15 minutes.

And now I’ll explain why it’s a weak side.

The thing is that in case you want to find something on your own, you’ll face troubles. The information isn’t collected in one place, which I find very unhandy.

Significant Speed Drops

The speed reduction is extremely significant – sometimes the internet speed is up to 96% slower!

More details about TrustZone speed, I describe in the dedicated part of TrustZone review.

DNS Leaks

When I tried to speed up the VPN server I used, I turned off the feature of DNS leak protection. As a result, I became vulnerable in view of a DNS leak.

TrustZone: Benefits and Features Tests

Before I start describing all the functions of the service I have tried and all the tests I have carried out, let’ have a look at what steps I’ve taken to run TrustZone app on my PC.

TrustZone: What to Do to Run the Client on Windows?

I’ve started my discovery of TrustZone from visiting the official site of the provider – It’s available for people speaking 5 languages: English, Spanish, French, Turkish and Russian.

When I was working on this Trust Zone VPN review, I was physically located in Bulgaria (Europe). As you can see, the system has detected my current location (through IP) and status (not protected).

TrustZone homepage

First of all, I tried to download the app without registration but failed. This is impossible without an active TrustZone account. Unlike some VPNs, TrustZone doesn’t offer an opportunity to set up its application before creating an account.

So, I decided to create an account on the site. The system has offered to enter my valid email address (it is used to verify the account). As I don’t have an account, I had to create a password, confirm it, agree with terms and conditions and solve a CAPTCHA.

The next time when I signed in to the Trust.Zone site I only had to use the password and solve a CAPTCHA. Besides, the system allows remembering the login detail. I find this option very convenient.

TrustZone signup

After I logged in the system, I had to choose one of four packages and pay for it by means of one of the following payment methods (at option):

  • Credit cards;
  • PayPal;
  • PayPro Global;
  • Cryptocurrency (a 10%discount is offered).

After it, I downloaded TrustZone client for Windows 10 (38.5 Mb). The application is available in5 languages as the site of the provider.

Download TrustZone on Windows

Before the app installer finishes the setup, it’s possible to:

  • specify the directory to install TrustZone client;
  • change settings:
    • run the client after the setup;
    • auto connect to TrustZone;
    • auto startup the client;
    • enable Kill Switch.

TrustZone client

Well, what can I see after TrustZone setup is finished?

To begin with, I’d like to point out that I didn’t have to use my login detail to use the client. I entered it automatically.

The application has detected my current IP address and has changed it automatically. I didn’t even have to select a server.

To change the location, I clicked on the required server, and that’s it. Besides, it’s possible to mark the servers as favorites to get quick access to them. It’s very convenient, as the ones I’ve found the fastest are not always easy to find.

The client is very handy – manual setup is not required.  The number of functions is limited, that’s why TrustZone client is very easy to customize.

The application allows checking status. The information available:

  • server name;
  • session time;
  • download and upload speed;
  • subscription data.

What about Netflix?

Despite the fact that Netflix is available in Bulgaria, local residents have access to only 205 TV shows and 569 movies out of 5665 available on US Netflix.

That’s why I connected to one of the TrustZone servers in the USA and opened Netflix.

TrustZone unblocks US Netflix

As you can see, the system has detected me as if I’m in the United States. What’s even more beneficial is that the integrated VPN blocker hasn’t noticed I’m using a VPN.

TrustZone manages to unblock US Netflix. However, not all servers cope with this task.

I’ve also checked if TrustZone works with other streaming services. And now I can conclude that this VPN is perfect in terms of restriction bypassing. All the top services were accessible through it.

The screenshots below prove it:

TrustZone works with many streaming services

What about Trust Zone VPN for torrenting?

Before I start describing the facility to download torrent files when using TrustZone, I’d like to mention that there are not dedicated P2P servers. All of them support P2P traffic.

The first thing I tried was to open torrent trackers. I tried the most popular ones: The Pirate Bay, LimeTorrents, RarBG and 1337X. All of them were unblocked.

TrustZone can be used for torrenting

One more plus point of this provider is that it offers a VPN client. Consequently, it encrypts and protects all my traffic (unlike VPN extension for browsers does).

But what’s about security?

You’ll find it out in the next section of TrustZone VPN review.

TrustZone: Speed and Security Tests

And finally, after having installed TrustZone on a set of my gadgets, I come to the most interesting part of my research (if I can say so).

Apart from servers and functions I always pay special attention to the speed and security of the provider.

With this end in view, I’ve connected to around 30 servers placed in different parts of the world.

This is what I got.

Speed of TrustZone servers

Now when you know that this app copes with the task to provide access to Netflix, Pandora and other streaming services, it’s time to check its speed.

Before it, I’d like to show you the speed of my internet connection when TrustZone is not connected:

Speed when TrustZone is not connecting

Both download and upload speeds vary between 70-85 Mbps. It’s enough for streaming without buffers and lags, whereas torrenting doesn’t take much time.

The first server I tried was located in Lithuania and performed an 83% speed drop.

That’s incredible!

I understand that sometimes my WiFi speed is about 8-13 Mbps, but I reckon such figures are unacceptable.

TrustZone speed (Lithuania server)

I have also tested servers in other locations. I got the worst results when being connected to servers in Australia and the USA. I understand that it’s influenced by the remoteness of the servers, but still don’t think that it’s appropriate for a paid VPN provider.

TrustZone speed (Australian and American servers)

If you want to enjoy fast torrenting and perfect streaming, you’d better opt for one of the fastest VPN providers like NordVPN, for example.

Security test results of TrustZone

As I have already mentioned in this TrustZone review, facility to go round restrictions will not always help you if your security is under threat.

With that in mind, I took a decision to carry out a set of tests to check how secure TrustZone is.

TrustZone app installer check

Thus, the first thing I’ve done was to inspect the app installer for viruses and malicious software (of course, before I started the setup on my gadgets).

I use the service VirusTotal to check for viruses.

This time, I’m satisfied with the result. No malware was detected. It means that it’s safe to install and run the TrustZone app on my PC.

The next thing that niggles me is leaks. When a VPN undergoes an IP or DNS leak, then there is no chance of anonymity and privacy.

TrustZone IP leak test

The next test I’ve conducted was implemented through IPleak [dot] net service. It detected the IP and location of the TrustZone server (not mine).

That is exactly why I’ve managed to access restricted service as if I’m physically located outside Bulgaria.

To make my investigation more in-depth, I’ve used one more service to check DNS leak.

TrustZone DNS leak test (faild)

The results are presented on the screenshot. As you can see, the IP address of TrustZone server and the one detected by the service are different.

My real IP address and my location were detected.

It means that DNS leak takes place. Thus, I’m not 100% protected when using TrustZone.

I tried to get to the bottom of it and opened the settings. It turns out that the function of DNS leak protection was disabled. I’ve turned it on and carried out the DNS leak test once again.

TrustZone DNS leak test (passed)

This time, the result made me smile – no DN leak.

Taking all the aforesaid into conclusion, I strongly recommend to enable DNS leak protection and Kill Switch before the first run of TrustZone app on any of your gadgets. It prevents possible leaks, and as a result, you get private and safe web surfing.

Data collected by TrustZone VPN provider

The information stored by the service is publicly available on the official site. Thus, I studied the TrustZone Privacy Policy and Terms of service.

Here are my findings:

  • information used when creating an account (mail) is stored by the provider;
  • log files AREN’T KEPT when using TrustZone VPN servers;
  • cookies are stored when we visit the website.

TrustZone logging policy


Tunneling protocols offered by TrustZone

One more factor which has a significant influence on user security is a VPN protocol.

TrustZone offers a set of tunneling protocols:

  • L2TP/IPsec;
  • SSTP;
  • IKEv2;
  • OpenVPN.

The diversity of tunneling protocols is implemented with the purpose to provide its consumers with high-class services.

Thus, OpenVPN is the fastest one and, therefore, can be used when transferring big scopes of data (e.g. streaming, torrenting).

L2TP/IPsec is extremely secure but rather slow. It’s compatible with Mac, Android and Windows.

SSTP is perfect for all Window versions. It uses 2048-bit SSL/TLS authentication certificates and 256-bit ciphering SSL-keys.

IKEv2 is suitable for mobile networks.

As for encryption, TrustZone uses AES-256-CBS encoding with SHA-256 authentication.

The bottom line is…

TrustZone is one of the cheap VPNs in the market these days. However, speed troubles don’t allow me to add it to the list of top VPN for 2020.

Feel free to add your ideas about this provider in the comments below!

TrustZone: Frequently Asked Questions

In order for you to make TrustZone use safe, I strongly recommend enabling the functions of automatic Kill Switch and DNS leak protection.

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To switch between the servers, it’s required to double click on the server you want to make use of.

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The provider offers shared IP addresses. However, any subscriber can make use of a dedicated IP by request.

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No. It doesn’t provide its consumers with the dedicated VPN servers for torrenting. But it supports and allows P2P traffic. Thus, you can use it for safe and secure file-sharing.

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