UnblockUs ReviewUnblockUs is distinctly different from the best VPN services I have reviewed. There’s no VPN client in the conventional sense. However, it’s uneasy to find a device that would be incompatible with the service.

There’re too many contradictions. That’s why I’ve taken a decision to study the service first-hand.

Are you ready to spend about 10 minutes on reading this UnblockUs VPN review?

The following points will be highlighted:

  • the tasks UnblockUs copes with;
  • if the service fast and secure;
  • the process of UnblockUs setup on Windows PC;
  • unique features of the service (if there are).

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The Internet is too limited these days. For example, the residents of North Korea have access to local sites only, and their number is restricted to about 30. Netflix users outside the USA can stream about 34% of its content.

UnblockUs provider states it’s perfect in terms of restrictions bypassing.

Well, let’s check if this statement is true and how to enjoy top streaming sites outside the US borders.

UnblockUs Unique Benefits and Features

It was a tremendous challenge to find outstanding functions of this provider.

And guess what?

I coped with the task!

The superpower of UnblockUs service is the facility to unlock various streaming and entertaining services. In fact, they offer a full list of such sites.

In the meantime, I propose you to have a look at its characteristics:

UnblockUs pros UnblockUs cons
Multi-platform compatibility Manual setup
Access to restricted services No VPN client
Barbados jurisdiction No IP masking
Fast support 100+ servers
30-day money back (annual plan) Not compatible with Linux
7-day free trial

If you are ready to arrive at the decision to close this page in search of something more reliable, I advise you to try the following VPN services:

NordVPN Visit Site 30-day money refund
ExpressVPN Visit Site 30-day money back
SurfShark VPN Visit Site 30-day money back

Still, you can glance at my study of the service and make up your mind a bit later.

Who knows, as appearance can be deceptive.

Pros and Cons of UnblockUs

And now it’s time to go into detail of why to use or not to use UnblockUs. This part of VPN review (if I may say so) highlights the pluses and minuses of this Barbadian provider.

First, I’d like to elaborate the positive points.

UnblockUs and Its Advantages

Although I’m not going to get your hopes up, there are some things that make people from many countries of the world to pay for the service and use it.

Nice Prices

UnblockUs is one of the cheapest VPN services in the market. Its monthly price is only $4.99.

Furthermore, the provider offers a sweet deal – a 1-year subscription with a 16% discount! In so doing, a monthly use of UnblockUs would cost you only $4.16.

To appreciate the significance of this offer, let’s call to mind the plans of some reliable VPNs:

No Geo-Blocking

In 2016, Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, announced that the service is accessible in almost everywhere. On the 21st of August, 2018 HBO became available for the residents of Latvia.

However, it’s too early to comment on unrestricted Internet. Services become available whereas its content is still limited for some regions of the world.

In this regard, UnblockUs becomes a good helper. It serves to lift restrictions. Besides, the provider presents the full list of services it deals with.

Among them you’ll find the following services:

  • Video on Demand (e.g. Netflix, HBO, Warner Instant Archive)
  • TV (e.g. Sky Go, Sling TV, ABC, Fox)
  • Kids (e.g. Disney Junior, Sesame Go, Marvel.com)
  • Sports (e.g. NMA, MLB, BBC Sport, Hotstar)
  • Music (e.g. Slacker, Spotify, Pandora, MTV)

The examples in brackets are only a pocket of the full list of entertaining services which become available from all over the world thanks to UnblockUs.

Compatibility with Numerous Platforms

One more strong side of the provider is its multi-platform compatibility.

This software can be installed on a set of devices running on different operating systems:

  • Android;
  • Windows;
  • iPhone;
  • Mac.

Besides, UnblockUs VPN works on game consoles, routers and Smart TVs.

Having set up it on a router, you get protection to all the devices connected to it. Isn’t it great? Of course, it is!

UnblockUs on Smart TVs and game consoles is extremely beneficial, as it allows getting access to more services on such gadgets.

Minimal Speed Drops

Unlike the majority of VPN providers, UnblockUs doesn’t have a significant influence on the speed of internet connection. It’s a differential peculiarity of the service.

That’s why UnblockUs is a hit with gamers and people who appreciate streaming services.

No speed drops – no buffers and lags when watching a movie or a TV show.

No Traffic Logs

Logging data can tell a lot about a person. It denies him/her an opportunity to be anonymous and therefore secure on the Internet.

Thus, the best decision would be to use a service which would hide a person’s identity. Absence of logs is one of the chain links.

UnblockUs doesn’t keep logs

The provider states it neither keeps logs nor shares any data about its subscribers with third parties.

Smart DNS Free

There’s a facility to try the provider absolutely risk-free. Thanks to a period of free trial (which lasts for 7 days), you can estimate all the qualities of the service.

Payment details are not required. It means that in case you’re not satisfied with the service, you won’t be charged automatically even if you forget to cancel the subscription.

Border Gate Protocol

It’s not a tunneling protocol as you could think. This protocol serves to choose for you an optimal location.

Border Gate Protocol determines your location and routes UnblockUs customers through the nearest server.

Note! It also explains why only 4 DNS addresses are offered by the provider.

Beneficial Location

Provided that UnblockUs launched in Canada in 2010, it had to change its location in view of some data privacy matters.

The Canadian jurisdiction obliges local companies to keep logs on users’ activities for 6 months.

Setting sights on the privacy and security of its users, UnblockUs had to change the location. They’ve chosen Barbados with its advantageous data privacy laws.

It’s prohibited to collect, keep, process and use personal data. It is regulated by section 22 of the Electronic Transactions Act. The fines are huge – $10 000.

Unblock Us Support Service

In spite of the fact that UnblockUs doesn’t provide its clients with a live chat option, the service renders assistance timely. I had to wait for no more than 5 minutes before the specialist of customer support replied. The answer was overall.

Refund for a 1-Year Package

If you have paid for 1-month UnblockUs plan, you cannot count on a refund. There is no chance to get your money back.

However, if you have paid for 1 year of Unblock Us DNS, the provider offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

It means if you aren’t satisfied with the service, you have the right to ask for a refund within 30 days after payment.

UnblockUs and Its Disadvantages

In line with the strengths of the provider, there is a whole host of drawbacks. Some of them might seem to you insignificant when others could prevent you from subscribing to UnblockUs.

Manual Setup is Required

One of the main weak sides of the provider is the lack of a usual client (a handy application). As a result, I had to customize the network manually. Actually, for a non-tech user, it would be a big problem notwithstanding numerous setup guides on the official site of the provider.

Being quite a curious person, I decided to perform an experiment.

I asked my non tech-savvy colleague to set up UnblockUs on his PC. I provided him with a setup guide and a setup file.

All the way around, he spent more than 30 minutes on it.

It made me conclude that the UnblockUs setup process could be called neither handy nor fast for a non-tech user.

IP is Not Masked

The service allows surfing the Internet using different IP addresses. But at the same time, UnblockUs doesn’t hide IPs of its subscribers.

As a result, a user manages to unblock services and sites, blocked in the region, but stays unprotected.

No Support for Linux Devices

As I’ve already mentioned in this UnblockUs review, it is compatible with a great number of gadgets.

The service doesn’t work with the devices running on Linux OS though.

UnblockUs serversNo Data on Server Locations

When the best VPNs for Mac, Android, Windows and other OS compete with each other in the number of servers and the diversity of their locations, UnblockUs offers about 100 servers.

Besides, the provider doesn’t give information about the regions where they are placed. Only countries are presented.

No Cryptocurrency Payment

It is an open secret that cryptocurrency payment is the securest. It is explained by the fact that such transactions are anonymous. That’s why it’s possible to pay for the service in the safest way.

UnblockUs service lacks this facility.

UnblockUs: Benefits and Features Tests

Having looked through the pluses and minuses of the provider, I’d like to present to you how the service works in action.

I’m going to explain how to set up the software on Windows 10 and change the location.

In view of the censorship peculiar to the countries like China, North Korea, Russia and some others, I’ll show how to play a sneaky trick on your ISP.

UnblockUs DNS for Windows PC

When I’ve opened the site of the provider for the first time, I’ve seen 3 options:

  • to sign up;
  • to get started and pay for a subscription;
  • to try the service risk-free.

UnblockUs site front page

I’ve chosen the 3rd variant and entered my valid email. Right after it, I got an e-mail with further details. Step-by-step instruction on how to set up the service and use it was sent.

The letter also contained a link to confirm the account. I was redirected to the home page of the service. The system has detected my PC version and offered to download the UnblockUs setup file.

But before it, I had to study the setup guide.

Download UnblockUs

In this guide, I found information on how to install the client on Windows and the link to download the file. When I started the installer, it was required to enter my email address into the popup window of the browser.

It checks the account status. If there are some troubles with your account, you’ll be informed and offered a solution. As you can see on the screenshot, my account was activated, and I moved on to configure the settings of my Windows PC.

UnblockUs account activation.

The detailed instructions on how to configure the network are presented on the site. That’s why I think it would not be relevant to duplicate the steps here.

You should only know that you’ll have to change adapter settings of WiFi or Ethernet (it depends on what type of connection you use). You are to uncheck TCP/IPv6 and change IP manually (it’s available on UnblockUs website).

After it, it’s necessary to restart a computer and open the home page to verify the status of the service. In case you see 3 green bars, UnblockUs is activated.

UnblockUs is verified

I had to wait for a long time before the connection was established. Besides, I experienced troubles with the stability of the internet connection.

Sometimes, I managed to connect to a particular server several attempts later.

The work of UnblockUs differs a lot from the VPN apps I got used to. Whereas I turn on/off UnblockUs on my PC, I can change the location through browser only.

UnblockUs connected to the US server

UnblockUs to Stream Netflix USA

The provider declares it’s perfect in terms of restrictions bypassing. Such statements are not precarious. UnblockUs gives the list of websites and services it unblocks.

Have a look at the table below:

Type Number of services
Number of services 26
TV 70
Kids 6
Sports 27
Music 11

People from all over the world will be looking on the sequence of events of the Game of Thrones for the coming months. HBO is the first to broadcast the new episodes of the record-breaking series.

And so I checked how good UnblockUs copes with the task to unblock websites restricted for my region.

I know that many popular streaming services use a VPN blocker system. HBO is among them.

UnblockUs unblocks HBO GO

I found the channel on the list and also checked if UnblockUs copes with the task in practice. Luckily, it does!

I’ve connected to its US server and opened the HBO site. Neither VPN blocking nor restrictions!

The next service I tried was Netflix, of course. No troubles again.

Then I wanted to make use of Pandora. But this time, I failed. The service became unavailable for me with an American location. So that I changed my location into the Canadian one.

What a surprise!

UnblockUs unblocks Pandora

Pandora was available for me with a Canadian IP address.

To conclude, it copes with the task to unblock Netflix and a set of other sites.

Lifehack! If you fail to connect to a particular country, it’s recommended to change the location. Sometimes it’s necessary to change several locations.

UnblockUs DNS for Torrenting?

Another beneficial facility of UnblockUs service is access to torrenting sites: trackers and search engines.

UnblockUs for torrenting

It copes with the task perfectly. All the sites I wanted to open were available for me.

UnblockUs: Speed and Security Tests

I’ve already tried dozens of VPN services and unblockers. In most cases, the speed of internet connection drops.

However, UnblockUs states that it doesn’t work as a typical VPN. It’s something different. That is why it’s faster.

Well, with great pleasure I’ve checked it.

What about UnblockUs DNS Speed?

I must admit that UnblockUs reduces internet speed insignificantly – 31%. Despite it, it’s not yet on the list of the fastest VPN providers.

On the left screenshot, you can see the speed of my internet connection when UnblockUs is not connecting (WiFi hotspot is used). On the right – the service is on.

UnblockUs speed test

The upload speed even increased!

Of course, the speed drops when connecting to the remote servers. But not too bad.

Leak Test Results for UnblockUs DNS Service

The provider talks candidly about IP masking. On its official website, I found information that UnblockUs doesn’t aim at IP hiding.

And leak test results prove it.

UnblockUs leak test results

Only DNS leak was passed successfully. Namely this serves to go round the restrictions and get access to the services blocked.

However, IP leak informs us that this connection is not protected. It’s recommended to subscribe to a more reliable service.

Logging Policy of UnblockUs

In order for me to get to know whether the service keeps logs on its users or not, I studied its privacy policy document.

It was last updated on May 2018.

The main point of its policy is that the service doesn’t collect or keep logs on user traffic under any circumstances.

However, it is obliged to keep the following information about the users:

  • name;
  • email;
  • credit card;
  • billing address.

Unfortunately, the information collected by the provider can be used to identify a person.

Provider’s Security Features

The aim of the service is not to mask user IPs. In this regard, you cannot count on traffic encryption. It doesn’t offer it.

As for the tunneling protocols, only PPTP is on offer. The use of this VPN protocol explains fast speeds. In fact, PPTP is known as the fastest protocol. However, its weak side is a low level of security.

As you can see from this Unblock Us review, the service might be used to bypass restrictions and get access to a set of first-class services.

However, it won’t protect you against snoopers, hackers and other interested parties. You can try CyberGhost VPN instead.

Anyway, it’s always up to you to decide what service to use and what to ignore. Keep on reading us, and get to know about top providers and its weak sides.

UnblockUs: Frequently Asked Questions

The answer depends on what is your aim. If you want to access restricted services, UnblockUs will help you. However, if your aim is to become anonymous on the Internet, it’s strongly recommended to look through other VPN reviews.

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The main function of UnblockUs is to provide access to the streaming services blacklisted in some regions.

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It’s impossible to use a particular IP address. You connect to the servers only.

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To disable the service, you are to close the site and turn off the soft on your device.

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A special app is not required to delete software from a device. You are to click on ‘Uninstall’, and the program will be removed from your gadget forever.

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