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Last updated: June 8 2020 By Dean Chester

In 2017, Freedom House gave Argentina a glowing score of 27 in their “Freedom on the Net” list. That means Argentina is a country largely free of internet censorship laws. While Argentina looks like a paradise of digital freedom on paper, the reality is quite different.

Thus, it is reasonable to subscribe to one of the best VPNs for Argentina:
  1. ExpressVPN: with its ultra-fast servers, placed in 94 countries around the world, allows bypassing restrictions of any kind.
  2. NordVPN: allows watching the best Netflix originals when connecting to a US-based server. Nord VPN guarantees fast speed while streaming.
  3. Surfshark: is worth using if you strive for privacy on the Internet. With advanced encryption, your data is under reliable protection.
  4. CyberGhost VPN: is perfect. Your data will not undergo leaks when you are a CyberGhost VPN subscriber. Reliable IP leak protection will make you hidden from prying eyes.
  5. Private Internet Access: will help you to forget about the regulations of the Argentinian government.

On paper, the laws relating to internet use in Argentina are broad and vague, which can be interpreted as anti-censorship.

However, the Argentinean government is not known to uphold the rule of law, especially when it comes to issues such as corruption. In 2011, a judge notoriously ordered all local internet service providers to block LeakyMails, a website that published damning evidence of government corruption in Argentina.

The resulting obstruction also caused millions of blogs that linked to LeakyMails to shut down. In 2012, another court ruling blocked access to websites that contained information on unlocking student netbooks provided by the government.

More recently, Argentina blocked the torrent site Pirate Bay upon request by a local recording giant.

Why to use a VPN for Argentina?

If I use a VPN for Argentina, I will…

  1. Unblock restricted content in Argentina
    The Argentinean government is known to obstruct websites or take down content published online that may seem like a threat to the country’s ruling elite. It’s also common for average Argentinean net users to experience some form of government spying.
  2. Keep my internet connection private
    When you get connected to the network, your traffic is not invisible which makes you vulnerable. On the one hand, your ISP can track your activity and throttle the internet connection for you. On the other hand, your information can be hacked by malicious technicians which leads not only to privacy breaks but also to interfere with the system of your device. You may check if your connection is private by studying what's your new IP
  3. Make my internet connection safer
    As it was mentioned above, your device can be hacked by malicious technicians. A VPN service for Argentina can prevent hacking attacks as the information transferred will be encrypted.

What’s the conclusion?

  1. You should use a VPN for Argentina as …
    Argentina in recent years has moved to increasingly regulate access to the internet by enacting problematic laws targeting individual users as well as ISPs. One such law requires internet users to ask for unrestricted access in writing. Therefore, Argentinean users who want to continue to access the net freely without government regulators getting in their way should use a Virtual Private Network (VPN).
  2. The best VPN for Argentina is efficient as …
    A VPN service can ensure privacy, message encryption, and online anonymity to all users in Argentina. Investigative human and journalists rights workers can use a VPN to conduct work without having to fear government spies cracking down on them.

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