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Last updated: June 3 2020 By Dean Chester

Seldom does a day go by without cyber news being highlighted by mass media. However, the residents of Brunei Darussalam (where the internet penetration is 71.2%) are restricted in the information that is related to the people living there.

And VPN for Brunei is a good solution to be informed about the REAl news. Besides, when a man decides to subscribe to a VPN service, one gets advantageous facilities that change the browsing habits for the good.

But first, let’s have a look at the list of the best providers for Brunei in 2020 than will make your internet connection more secure and safe:
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  4. CyberGhost VPN: cheap VPN that can be used for 7 devices, IP and DNS leaks protection and 3 protocols.
  5. Private Internet Access: 10 devices simultaneously, unlimited bandwidth and zero-logging policy.

Want to know how to forget about the restrictions of Brunei?

Keep on reading this article and you will get to know about:

Be convinced that after reading this article, you will become less restricted on the Internet and better informed about the events happening in the world.

Besides, if you visit this page in the search for an answer to the question ''How to hide my IP from third parties?'', you will find it here.

Stop wasting your time in vain! Read it right now!

Internet censorship in Brunei

Similar to many East Asian countries, Brunei is strict in terms of censorship.

Brunei takes the 153rd place out of 180 countriesAccording to the rating of Reporters Without Borders, Brunei takes the 153rd place out of 180 countries. It is 3 positions higher as compared with the previous year. Nevertheless, it is impossible to say that the situation has been changed significantly.

It is the fact that media world and local journalists comply with the rules specified by the Sultanate. Thus, the pressmen of the country follow the self-censorship rule.

It is strictly prohibited to compromise the leaders of the state by any manner of means.

Netflix in Brunei

Millions of people all over the world enjoy one of the greatest multimedia libraries on the Internet – Netflix. Apart from the content shot by entertaining companies like Hulu, CBS, and HBO, Netflix offers its own movies, series, and TV shows.

But unfortunately, Netflix has to restrict some of its subscribers in content. This limitation is related to the people living outside the USA. Thus, the residents of Brunei HAVE access to the Netflix website, but only to one-third of it.

To be more exact, only 24.7% of Netflix TV shows and 33.2% of its movies are available for the netizens who browse with a Brunei IP address.

VPN for Brunei: 5 reasons to use it

Being a private network, VPN service ciphers users' data and so that provides them with anonymity on the Internet. However, anonymity is not the only thing one gets by means of VPN software.

Want to know what are the reasons that make Bruneian subscribe for a VPN?

Here they are:

#1 Sensitive data protection

Don't forget about the amount of meaningful data stored on your smartphone: photos, passwords, usernames, credentials, and whatnot. It is unlikely you want to share this information with third parties.

Thanks to a VPN for Brunei your data will be yours forever.

#2 Access to any content online

Have you experienced that a service or a website you got used to becomes blacklisted in Brunei? One day, a person living in this country can face the situation that his or her favorite series is not accessible anymore.

VPN allows changing your IP address into the one that belongs to a more free country in terms of censorship and restrictions. Before opening the restricted sites, check what's your new IP address to know for sure you'll manage to bypass limits.

#3 Safe usage of free WiFi

It is dead difficult to find a person who wouldn't make use of a public WiFi hotspot at least once. However, not all internet users know that it is rather insecure. When your smartphone connects to the World Wide Web through a free WiFi hotspot, your passwords and other sensitive data become too vulnerable.

VPN encrypts all the data making them undecipherable for the prying eyes.

#4 No ISP's restrictions

Unfortunately, Internet Service Providers tend to block some websites, primarily – torrenting sites. Would you like to walk back the idea to download music and movies free of charge?

The best solution to this problem is VPN. By means of this tool, the provider doesn't know what exactly you are doing online.

#5 Secure messaging

Correspondence privacy is the thing that all we need. Although there are some people who still believe that Skype is secure for private messages, it is already known that it is vulnerable to hacking attacks.

With a VPN service, there is a certainty that the message you send will reach the addressee.

Are you ready to subscribe for the service that will help you get rid of all the threats on the Internet?

Tips on how to choose the best VPN for Brunei

Is there any VPN provider that has gained your attention?

Easy does it!

To get your money's worth, it is necessary to study some information about the service before paying for a subscription.

VPN characteristics one might not ignore:

  • OS compatibility (check if your device's OS is in the list);
  • server locations ( the more – the better);
  • the US-based servers (Netflix library will be available in Brunei);
  • simultaneous connection (study the number of available devices per 1 VPN account);
  • speed (make use of VPN free trial period to do a speed test);
  • kill switch function (it allows being protected when VPN connection is lost).

Besides, it is strongly recommended to read the VPN reviews to find out more details about the provider.

Best VPNs for Brunei's conclusion

Having equipped with the knowledge about the peculiarities of Brunei Internet, it becomes evident that VPN is a must in this country.

A trustworthy VPN provider will help to get rid of all the restrictions and surf the net in a freeway.

Besides, you will not experience data theft or hacking attacks.

Would you like to add something or have any questions? Feel free to leave a comment on the article, and we will answer it in the shortest possible time.

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