There is no standard configuration for VPN services.  It can either be set up with the use of standard Internet Service Providers or it can be with VPN equipment.  This is latest technology VPN services are offering to the public.  Large companies is recommended to have VPN equipment, it simply means that they need to establish a co-location facility.  It facilitates a space for businesses by renting and setting up servers from other networks to attain a high speed Internet connection.   If a high speed Internet connection is established VPN services will also work efficiently.   The following are the equipment to be considered in a VPN technology.


This serves like a wall from the word itself because it gives barricade from the private network and the Internet.  This job is usually done and setup by IT people since they need to make restrictions on your local network so that no one can pass easily to the channel where you are subscribed to.

Access Server

It is a single point of access to a remote source.  If you subscribed to VPN services, a network access server will be set up.  It will be maintained and checked from time to time since it is the main source where information comes from.

AAA Server

The three A’s stands for Authentication, Accounting, and Authorization.  These are the three main responsibilities the AAA server is doing.  When you log in to your private network, this is the server that identifies and confirms if you are included in a particular channel.  It does accounting in terms that, every time you sign in or log in to the network, it tracks every single activity.

VPN optimized router

This is just regular router that incorporated traffic on the network.  It is more specified since it is intended to be used with VPN services.

VPN Concentrator

The concentrator helps AAA servers if the channels are overloaded. It replaces AAA servers immediately; it does have the ability to detect if the AAA server couldn’t take the information any longer.

The ones mentioned above are the major equipment used by VPN services systems. Each component plays a major role in providing the best quality protection.  If one of the components is missing, your VPN systems are not working right now.  There are VPN equipment that you can have, some can be purchased through CISCO that sells and designs networking equipment.  You can check it online and there are a lot of trusted sites that offers the service.  VPN service is of great help, all we need to do in our end is to make sure that everything is going smoothly.