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Last updated: July 10 2020 By Dean Chester

For people who love and cherish freedom, it is important that they read through all the Internet laws that applied in Finland and the EU at large. Finland keeps a watchful eye of Internet usage in the country through the Lex Korpela. This body is mandated to block websites that are perceived to promote online gambling, CP, and other divisive and socially unacceptable ideas.

The fact that the government is able to block or restrict people from accessing certain websites means that it is snooping the Internet to see what you are doing. This has prompted certain activists through websites to criticize the government moves. This has unfortunately led to the blocking of these particular websites.

That’s why every person should take certain measures for anonymous and secure Internet connectivity in Finland. We’re glad to offer you top 5 VPNs in 2020, have a look:
  1. ExpressVPN: The best provider offering unlimited bandwidth and DNS leak protection.
  2. NordVPN: Fast VPN provider with extra security functions and friendly customer support.
  3. Surfshark: One of the best VPNs with fast speeds and secure protocols.
  4. CyberGhost VPN: Amazing provider with a 45-day money-back guarantee.
  5. Private Internet Access: Great VPN with simple applications and a 7-day money-back guarantee.

In view of how the government and other big companies are using their might and power to conduct surveillance over what you do online, you need to find a way out. Moreover, governmental surveillance is not the only threat today’s users can face.

There is one more problem, which is on everyone’s lips, known as hacker attacks and computer fraudulence. Taking into consideration the up-to-date online possibilities coming from making online purchases and therefore payments, the problem can become crucial for one’s purse.

In addition, everyone knows that the Internet today can be accessed from any Wi-Fi hotspot wherever you are, which makes your private data even more sensitive and vulnerable.

To protect your sensitive information from being intercepted and used by adversaries, you need to find a good protective technology for your networking.

One of such tools is a reliable VPN service provider for Finland. Such technology is able to fulfill some of the main functions for you to feel protected on the Internet.

Internet freedom in Finland

The country is stated to be one of the most democratic and free for speaking out online. However, even living in a no-censoring country doesn’t guarantee the country doesn’t commit surveillance over its citizens through the manipulations made through the government ISPs.

Besides, the growth of the current number of online threats makes everyone to set sights on additional measures of online protection. Despite the well-timed updated anti-virus software you need to think over the usage of the best VPN for Finland.

The most top-notch VPN for Finland is to make your generated traffic protected from multiple online threats and adversaries prying eyes. A good VPN for Finland is to make your network defended from uncontrolled interference and your confidential data misusage.

Moreover, with the use of up-to-date VPN for Finland you will be able to make your true address substituted with a VPN server’s one and thus hidden from ads companies, phishing scams, spamming, etc. What is more, you will be provided with a wide server network. While switching from one server to another you manage to shift your virtual location to any place you wish. Why do you need the function in Finland? Here are just some of the most popular options:

  • Having connected to one of the Spain, Switzerland, Russia placed servers, you will get access to blocked in Finland torrent web-sources and clients.
  • Having connected to one of the US-based servers, you will be able to watch such in-demand streaming services as Netflix, Hulu, Freeform, Popcorn Time, etc.
  • While being abroad you can stay in touch with your relatives and friends, as well as use your ‘home’ network, as soon as you are able to connect to the internet through one of the Finland-based servers;
  • The best VPN for Finland can help you boost the network. In case you have some difficulties with ISP throttling in the region, the utmost VPN for Finland will be an irreplaceable solution.

There are much more useful features and functions the best VPN for Finland is to provide you with. However, you should be extremely attentive while choosing the best service for not to get into a marketing trap.

Unfortunately, there are services that offer limited characteristics. You can come across services with limited bandwidth, speed, server switches, server locations, etc. All these restrictions can lead to such undesired consequences like hits, lags, delays, etc. Therefore, it will be hugely problematic for you to transfer heavy traffic like, video content in a high quality, game playing, video calls, etc.

In such a way, having taken into account all the main VPN features, you shouldn’t have any problems with the best VPN for Finland choice. For your better question understanding we have supplied you with several additional sections, which are to be of a high use when selecting one. In section ‘how to choose the best VPN for Finland’ you will find all the main characteristics a good service should offer for your easier service selection. 

The best VPN for Finland functions:

  • shielding your IP address from such prying eyes;
  • changing your virtual location therefore enabling you to access Netflix in Finland; Hulu, BBC iPlayer and other geo-restricted websites will be available for you either;
  • encrypting all the transferring data.

Qualities of the best VPN for Finland:

  • the best VPN for Finland possesses many server locations all over the globe;
  • the best VPN for Finland uses the latest protocols to provide you with the strongest tunneling defense;
  • the best VPN for Finland keeps no loggings or metadata, thus making your networking more anonymous;
  • the best VPN for Finland presents a trial version and accepts different payment methods;
  • the best VPN for Finland has a money-back guarantee and professional assistance;
  • the best VPN for Finland should meet all your needs.

Having examined all the qualities the best VPN for Finland should have, you are ready to choose an appropriate variant for your networking in Finland.

How to choose the best VPN for Finland?

When looking for a reliable protection for your devices in Finland you need to pay attention to the following characteristics, such as:

  • a vast variety of server locations;
    The feature is highly essential for you in Finland, as long as with the help of the function you are able to overcome geo-restrictions and censorship. Thus, if you need to watch Netflix in Finland, you will have to connect to the internet through one of VPN’s US-based servers. Providing that you need to run your home network from outside Finland, you will be able to choose a Finnish server. The more servers a VPN possesses, the wider choice is provided.
  • strong encryption protocols;
    The characteristic is probably one of the most important one, as long as it enables your device work online under a strong protection. If you need to make all your transferring data protected from interceptions and unavailable for adversaries, you should choose OpenVPN or L2TP/IPSec protocols. In case a VPN is essential for you to play geo-restricted multi-player games or watch any media content in a high quality, PPTP will be enough. In case you want to protect your significant data and stay unnoticed on the Internet working only with Windows software, it is possible to use SSTP. It’s the only minus lies in possibility to function just in Windows environment. As for pluses. there are a lot of them:
    • it makes the user secure against hacking attacks;
    • absolutely Windows-integrated;
    • steady Microsoft support;
    • functions through firewalls.
  • unlimited bandwidth and speed;
    When running a VPN for streaming heavy data, such as media content or gaming you need to pay attention to these two qualities. Provided that a VPN offers a limited bandwidth, you can exceed the allowed amount of GB and be asked for extra payment or even disabled. In case your speed is reduced by a VPN provider, you will have to go back of watching video in a high quality and playing video games online. To overcome this difficulty one should use VPN server on the way to the country the using web-sitelocated. It allows to speed up your Internet and enjoy cherished films and games.
  • a trial version or a money-back guarantee;
    The feature enables you to test the app before paying money for it or get your money back in case you are dissatisfied with it. In such a way you become financially secured. No one likes to pay for pig in a poke. Thus, the possibility to test VPN before paying is a good way-out for thrifty users. Also it gives an opportunity to try various VPN and choose what meets his or her needs in a better way.
  • support of different payment methods;
    As you know many VPN companies store some data or metadata on its clients, as well as their banking information. Therefore, having decided to subscribe for a service, you need to study up on the payment methods it accepts, as long as paying with cryptocurrency makes you absolutely anonymous. However, in this case you may lose some money, as a money-back guarantee is predominantly paid in USD.
  • 24/7 professional technical group assistance;
    Sometimes even tech-savvy customers need professional assistance. Therefore, before making a subscription you need to know the service’s support works well-timed and efficiently.  

Free VPN vs. Paid VPN

Studying basic VPN characteristics you may ask a question: should I pay for using VPN in Finland or it’s better to use a free VPN? For sure, it’s your right to decide, but before making a decision let’s look through pluses and minuses of both.

 Free VPNs provide a wide range of opportunities protecting us from violent crackers and advertising accounts (at least they say):

  •  first and foremost it is free (so you needn’t pay for anything, that is vital for those who is limited in funds);
  •  IP changing (you stay unnoticed while your IP is changed, as you IP is unknown for your Internet provider);
  •  unblocked Internet surfing (user can visit geo-restricted sites without limits, also it becomes easy to use the sites which are banned because of internet censorship);
  •  data cyphering (everyone wants to exchange messages, photos and other information in a safe way, and data encoding makes VPN alluring for users in Finland).

But the following counter arguments might make us turn over in mind:

  • data leak (as free VPN creators have to make money. That is why it is believed that the data about the users can be revealed to third-party companies);
  • pop-up windows with commercials (for one thing, it is really annoying to work on computer and to be distracted by useless information, besides, it reduces data transfer rate on the device);
  • poor support and updating (any app needs service maintenance and it requires the latest version to work reliably. Unfortunately, free versions lack it and as a result in the course of time  they can hardly work.

Thus, if a Finland user doesn’t want to be in full view of officials, one should pay for VPN.

Paid VPNs for Finland make it possible to keep the data anonymous and defended against computer fraudsters. In such a way there is a number of reasons to choose it:

  • a huge number of IPs available in dozens or even hundreds of countries around the globe (it really helps to stay anonymous on the Internet);
  • secure data encoding (modern tunneling protocols cypher the data reliably);
  • many of them do not keep logs, what is vital for those who want to stay undiscovered on the web;
  • round-the-clock support service, that let us overcome all the difficulties that arise during the work (malfunctions, questions and others);
  • updating on a regular basic, which is urgent for those who are to stay online constantly);
  • number of devices using the same VPN. In contrast to free VPN, which does not allow to use one app on several devices, 5 best VPNs for Finland support numerous (sometimes unlimited) number of devices.

In contrast to all described positive characteristics there is the only minus – price (monthly subscription costs $1-20).

But pricing is the last we should think about when taking into account our privacy.

How to torrent in Finland with VPNs

From time to time it happens that people miss opening night of a long-expected film or a cherished book that is lacking at bookshops anymore. Usage of VPNs gives you a great chance to watch, read or listen anything you like without time, space and censorship limits. What we are going to speak about are torrents. There is a great variety of torrent sites to choose from. Using a VPN it is possible to hide your IP, as well as your internet activity, from ISPs. To stay unnoticed one should choose a VPN service:

  • without logs (it is avery essential characteristic to stay anonymous);
  • not in a country of product under the interest (if the film was produced in France we strongly recommend to choose VPN for torrenting from any other country);
  • with effective-transmission speeds.

The best VPNs for Finland’s conclusion

Finland is one of the most forward-moving countries where all manner of freedom is upheld. However, as stated earlier, the Lex Karpela is scrolling the Internet to see what you are up to. There are also companies which are looking into your online habits so that they can send you unsolicited marketing emails. Moreover, the number of hacker attacks and computer fraudulence is grooving each day. There are a lot of reasons for you to pay attention to taking care of your online privacy.

This is why you need to find a reliable VPN service provider for Finland, which guarantees your online freedom. The best VPN for Finland hinders your real IP address and encrypts all your sensitive data, so that no adversaries can use it for their needs. Moreover, the best VPN for Finland gives you a possibility to change your virtual location, thus giving you access to some geo-restricted websites and services, such as Netflix and Freeform.

But the choice of the best VPN for Finland can seem to be difficult without special knowledge. That is why we have gathered all the appropriate information for you to read before making a decision. In addition, our specially designed rating of the best VPNs for Finland will help you to simplify your decision and make it time-saving. Good luck!

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