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Germany is a world leader on many fronts. It is a role model for many countries, especially those striving to reach economic maturity.

As far as the internet is concerned, Germany is regarded as a free country.

It is presumably a free country where internet accessibility is higher than even a majority of EU countries.

However, to feel safe and secure online, one shouldn’t forget to use a good VPN in Germany. Here is the list of the best providers in 2020:
  1. ExpressVPN: Secure VPN offering a huge amount of servers all around the world.
  2. NordVPN: Fast software for Germany with unlimited bandwidth and in-build Kill Switch.
  3. Surfshark: Stellar choice for you when visiting Germany (security is guaranteed).
  4. CyberGhost VPN: Reliable VPN offering 256-bit encryption and 5900 servers worldwide.
  5. Private Internet Access: no trackers, no ads! Instead, you get access to an unrestricted network

It is proven by the Eurostat research, which showed that 79% of German residents have private access to the World Wide Web. Moreover, the percentage of Internet users in Germany reaches 87%.

These figures are really impressive as compared with other European countries: Italy (65%), Poland (68%) or Romania (55%). However, there are sites that are censored and even banned.

    Censorship in Germany

    Like any country in the world, Germany has its own unique history, but some moments put Germans to the blush.

    In that way, the existence of the holocaust is challenged. Thus, it is impossible to find any material on the Internet about this phenomenon by means of search engine “Google”.

    There are some more historical facts and political events that are not covered for German residents. As a result, the Germans can hardly study real worldview.

    7 years ago German authorities started working on a law dedicated to Internet censorship. In this connection, web sites, which contained information on Nazi, race discrimination, xenophobia, were subjected to censorship.

    Being restricted by censorship in cyberspace it is important to choose a reliable VPN, which will allow getting access to any material around the world.

    Reasons to use a VPN for Germany

    • Privacy on the Internet given by a reliable VPN can’t help impressing. Local ISP is not able to monitor a user’s Internet activity anymore, as a VPN subscriber masks the IP.
    • Geo-spoofing is the best way-out to overcome geographical restrictions of any kind (banned for Germany web sites will be unblocked with a reliable VPN.
    • Censorship will not be a problem and a resident of any city or village in Germany will now the true news.
    • Protection against computer crackers is among the best advantages of Virtual Private Networks. It is vital for modern Internet users to stay safe in cyberspace.
    • Best torrenting is available with a VPN. Numerous torrent trackers become available. Besides, a seeder will not be caught while downloading torrents.
    • Streaming will become your #1 activity, as the best US streaming websites and services will be unblocked. One will get access to the streaming content around the world.
    • Blocking malware serves to protect your gadget in a decent way.
    • Access to German TV while being abroad is good news for the lovers of German TV shows.  

    Is torrenting in Germany legal?

    Bittorent is simply a technology developed for sharing files over the network. There is nothing wrong with it.

    However, it is not legal to download copyrighted torrent files through this protocol in Germany.

    All in all, in case you deal with legal files, you won’t have undesired problems with German authorities or copyright holders. Still, if you intend to download, for example, theatrical movie releases, do not be surprised to get a warning letter.


    It is quite simple that everything that needs paying money can’t be safe and free on torrent websites. Having noticed that one of the latest newly released films are available on the Internet free of charge, one should think of torrenting it in a skeptical way.

    In Germany, it is also pretty prominent as those who download illegal torrents can be punished in accordance with the law: fines or even arrests.

    Those users who download torrents via file-sharing clients, such as BitTorrent or uTorrent turn to be vulnerable enough. It is a not rare case when Germans receive warning letters saying about copyright infringement.

    Such warnings or ‘’Abmahnung’’ notices, as they are called in the German language, need special discussion. More and more torrent users have received such notices sent by German law firms.

    According to the letters, the targeted torrent users have violated the copyrights of the holders and are to pay a fine. The payment demand is usually up to hundreds of Euros.

    There are certain troubles with ‘’Abmahnung’’ letters:

    • Not all the law agencies are even provided with the right to send such kinds of notices as they haven’t got permission from actual holders of copyrights.
    • Among those who receive such notices, there are people who did not torrent the content.
    Unfortunately, in order not to be further followed, the recipients choose to pay. As for German legislation, it seems that it is tolerant towards them.

    What can one face without a VPN for Germany?

    The reasons to subscribe to a VPN in Germany are diverse. However, there are the netizens who still tempt fate and ignore VPN services.

    You may be one of them, but it is necessary to know beforehand what obstacles it is possible to face while surfing with the German IP addresses.

    Here are 5 facts that will surprise you:YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft started using new upload filters that block content containing extremist or terrorist information;

    • until 2016 YouTube videos that contained copyright protected music were blocked for Germany;
    • YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft started using new upload filters that block content containing extremist or terrorist information;in May 2017 over 47% of Google requests were deleted for the German  residents;
    • in May 2017 over 47% of Google requests were deleted for the German  residents;
    • despite Germany legislation guarantees freedom of expression, a satirist from Germany – Jan Boehmermann was charged for a poem dedicated to the Turkish president;
    • according to the new BND law introduced in October 2010, it is permitted to monitor internet traffic of city citizens.

    In such a way, it is evident that the Internet is not as free as it seems to be. Constant monitoring and vanishing of information influence the lives of the German significantly.

    To become more protected and less restricted on the Internet, it is possible to use a VPN service in Germany.

    How to choose a reliable VPN for Germany?

    Having studied the best VPNs for Germany one will ask oneself a question: How to choose it? To answer this question it is necessary to pay attention to the characteristics of VPNs.

    •  A number of servers.

    It is one of the most important characteristics to pay attention to. The more servers one uses, the more unique a footprint on the Internet becomes. And it will be an uphill struggle to identify a user, his/her location, and whatnot.

    •  Available countries.

    The principle ‘the more the better’ works here as well, but except for a unique Internet footprint one possesses, a user gets access to various services around the world. Thus, a German resident can visit such web sites like without any limits.

    •  Keeping logs.

    If one wants to stay safe and anonymous on the Internet it is vital to choose a VPN, which doesn’t keep logs (information on user’s IP, requested web sites, HTTP codes, etc.). These data can be sold to third parties and a user can be attacked by numerous advertisers.

    •  Price.

    Usually, VPNs cost from $1 up to $20 for a monthly subscription, but free versions are also available. It is up to you to decide what variant to choose for a reliable Internet surfing in Germany, but you are to know that free VPNs  sometimes keep logs, which doesn’t give you a chance to keep your anonymity.

    •  Encryption.

    Among best facilities of a reliable VPN is the ability to encode all transferring data (logins, passwords, incoming and outgoing messages, downloaded and uploaded files and what not). There are various ciphers for encoding data, AES is considered to be the most reliable one for a VPN in Germany.

    • Multi logins.

    The best VPN services for Germany allow protection from 1 up to 6 devices by means of 1 subscription. Thus, while choosing a VPN for Germany, a user is to think beforehand how many devices should be protected.

    • Operating system of a gadget.

    The operating system of a device must not be ignored. Otherwise, it is possible to face the situation when the installed VPN app doesn’t work. The best VPNs for Germany are compatible with the most popular OSes and allow you to choose the best VPNs for your Android device or a reliable VPN provider for your Mac.

    Having studied all the VPN characteristics presented in this article, it will be easy for a user to find his/her ideal VPN provider to be protected against third parties’ invasion, hacking attacks, content restrictions and what not.

    How to watch Netflix in Germany?

    Netflix is a great streaming platform with unique content and user-friendly navigation. That is exactly why people all over the globe prefer Netflix to other streaming platforms.

    Seldom does a week go by without a new episode or Netflix movie to be introduced to the public. But unfortunately, not all netizens have a chance to watch them.

    Is Netflix available in Germany?

    Luckily, it DOES!

    But there is more in this than meets the eye.

    Although Netflix is accessible in all countries except China, Syrian and North Korea, the residents of Germany are still restricted in some content.


    Netflix is one of the few streaming platforms that carry on business in conformity with the law. Thus, to broadcast this or that series, movie or TV shows in a particular country, Netflix takes out a license.

    Netflix is one of the few streaming platforms that carry on business in conformity with the lawWhat Netflix content in accessible for Germany?

    In the event, a person from Germany took a decision to stream Netflix, only 31.5% of its library will be available.

    What can man do to unblock Netflix in Germany?

    To begin with, it is necessary to create a Netflix account. It can be done in Germany, as Netflix is available in this European country. But to get access to the full library, it is recommended to change a German IP address into an American one.

    And VPN services are the best helpers, as they allow surfing the Internet as if a user is physically located abroad.

    Well, here is an easy algorithm to stream Netflix in Germany:

    • create your own Netflix account and pay for subscription (it is possible to use Netflix in Germany free for 1 month);
    • subscribe for one of the best VPNs for Netflix in Germany presented on the list;
    • install a VPN client on a device you are going to use for Netflix streaming and connect to a VPN server placed in the USA;
    • open Netflix library being connected to the Internet through a VPN.

    Are you ready to become a VPN subscriber?

    If your answer is 'yes', then the following part of this article is definitely for you.

    How to set up a VPN in Germany?

    After you took a decision to subscribe for a VPN and opted for a definite one, it is time to install a client.

    Step #1

    The majority of VPN services require registration on their official websites. The information necessary for registration is a valid email address, which is used to activate an account.

    Step #2

    After it one is to pay for VPN subscription. A consumer can choose the most appropriate payment method and pay for service.

    Step #3

    The next step is to download a client and install it on a device. As a rule, installation procedure is accomplished automatically. However, in case a manual setup is required it is possible to make use of tutorials or ask for help a support service specialist.

    Step #4

    You've got it! The VPN is on your gadget! Just log-in by means of a username and a password and be protected on the cyber space while accessing the websites you like and stream any content you want!

    To sum up

    To draw the conclusion, one can say that a reliable VPN will make the Internet activity of German users extremely secure and private. They will not be restricted in the web sites to visit and as a result, they will be given access to all material around the globe, which will help to build the real worldview.

    Have you already been in Germany? Then feel free to share your Internet experience in the comments to this article

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