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No one can argue that safety on the Internet is quite a relevant issue nowadays. It seems our privacy is put at risk. People around the globe are no longer safe and secure while surfing the Net. Unfortunately, for some countries the situation is even getting worse.

In this regard, we want to introduce you top 5 VPN provider in 2020:
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  5. Private Internet Access: You won’t fall victim to cyber-attacks due to its security protocols and 256-bit encryption.

The current situation in Indonesia

If we speak about Indonesia, Internet censorship here has been greatly upgraded in the last few years. Since 2014, the authorities try to punish online defamation and struggle with fake news. As a result, all websites that the government has considered negative have been blocked. This includes news portals, some blogging platforms, video streaming platforms and other sites.

Censorship in Indonesia

But not only social content has been prohibited. According to the report of OONI and the Sinar Project, 161 political sites, focused on criticism of the authorities, were subjected to blocking. Besides, about 300 social media accounts have been restricted because of “hate speech”. In fact, it was done to prevent hostile expression against the president and the national police chief. Websites that contained the information about the independent movement in West Papua were also blocked several times by a ministry institution.

To top it all off, legal amendments strengthened the government’s power to censor content. But the truth is while they are trying to keep their people safe from fake news, hoaxes, defamation and depravity they are actually restricting them because internet users no longer have freedom and businesses suffer as a result of the offcut from other organizations, content and companies.

There is still hope

However, in spite of a current situation on the Internet, connectivity in Indonesia remains highly concentrated, especially in the western part of the archipelago. It is also encouraging that a huge amount of users have access to the Internet through the mobile phones. Moreover, there is a developing blogosphere in Indonesia. More and more applications and platforms appear on the market due to the rapid increase of a tech-savvy urban middle class.

All these givea good chance to residentsto gain complete internet freedom by using the help of five of the best VPN services in Indonesia.

Why to use VPN in Indonesia?

If you are not from Indonesia, you might not know that the state of internet censorship in Indonesia can be described as positive. In general, the situation leaves much to be desired. It is marked by significant media freedom violation. There are still cases of arresting foreign journalists and local fixers. Another threat to secure online activity in Indonesia is radical religious groups.It doesn`t seem so surprising now that the government follows pretty strict policy that is connected with various aspects of internet censorship and privacy.

For this reason, a lot of websites are blocked for Indonesian users, and accessing them is possible only via VPN in Indonesia. According to the research of 2017, most of the blocked sites in Indonesia are gambling websites forums and also apps serving the LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or intersex) community.

Besides, the websites which provide information about anonymity tools, including some VPN websites are not available in Indonesia (We have picked out 5 best VPN services for Indonesia, and they are still accessible in 2020 there).

formation about anonymity tools
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VPN is one of the most reliable ways to protect your sensitive data against the government. It is a robust technology which extends LAN over the Internet.

A VPN allows a network to be connected securely as if they are physically wired together. There is a huge amount of VPN providers on the market either free or paid.

Though free VPN servers are considered as not so reliable as paid ones. There are also VPN providers that suggest free trial for 30 days. Moreover, it is no problem to get a VPN to any operating system. You can install the best VPNs for your Windows laptop, MacOS gadgets or Android.

Now, you understand that number one reason why to use VPN in Indonesia is unblocking the websites blocked because of local internet censorship policy. Using a VPN server in Indonesia is crucial. A good VPN will protect our security. Besides, it will considerably increase your online protection on the Internet.

Moreover, you can’t ignore the fact that you might be monitored by Indonesian authorities, when you are online. VPN services for Indonesia will make you private from their prying eyes.

How to open Reddit in Indonesia?

Reddit is one of the blocked forums in Indonesia that’s why you will need a VPN, if you want to open it in Indonesia.

We hope that you have already selected the best VPN service for Indonesia. Now, you will know how to open Reddit with VPN for Indonesia.

5 really effective steps to open Reddit with VPN you need to know in 2020:

  1. Select a VPN for Indonesia (it shouldn’t be blocked in Indonesia) and purchase the VPN subscription for any period you want.
  2. After you obtain a VPN for Indonesia subscription, you need to download the VPN app, which is usually can be found on their website.
  3. The next step to open Reddit will be installing of the VPN app on your gadget. Be sure you have downloaded the app that is compatible with your operating system.
  4. If the VPN app is installed and ready for use, you need to turn your VPN on and alter your geo-location. Choose the server location, not Indonesia, hide your true IP address.
  5. Now you are ready to visit Reddit and get access to any subreddit you’d like to participate in.


Today it is difficult to overestimate the power of the Internet. It seems we use it almost in all areas of modern life. There is hardly a person who doesn`t surf the World Wide Web at least a few minutes a day. And it is not surprising, the Internet has been always considered to be the main source of information. Undoubtedly, every person could find content to his own taste. However, the situation has changed.

Only recently the world was shocked to learn the news in Egypt. On July 17, 2018, the Egyptian parliament approved the law which enables the authorities to block citizens' accounts on social networks and punish journalists for publishing fabricated information. Perhaps, such news is becoming more frequent but less surprising. The same situation becomes reality for many countries including Indonesia.

There are more and more proofs that our privacy and security are put at risk. And our anonymity on the Internet doesn`t exist anymore. Though everyone can run a risk while surfing the Net, the situation keeps even worse for residents of certain countries.

Indonesia exactly is the country where the government follows quite strict policy. As we can see on the infographics in the section " Why to use VPN in Indonesia?" a huge amount of resources are restricted there. Luckily, a large number of people have the possibility to get access to the Internet. It means they can use VPN to make their online activity private and secure.

Now, let`s sum up why using a VPN in Indonesia is so important.

  • The first and the foremost reason is, of course, censorship. The government blocks all websites that "cause confusion". "Incorrect" thoughts, news, people and so on are banned. Using a VPNyou can easily connect to a server situated in a country where there is no such restriction.
  • Don`t forget that some social networks, which are so loved and adored, are also blocked in Indonesia. But VPN will allow you to communicate with your relatives and friends without any limits.
  • Taking into account that about 50% of people in Indonesia get access to the Internet through their mobile phones, the use of a VPN on your device will protect you against unreliable public Wi-Fi. Since a risk to become a victim of online scammers is great.
  • A reliable VPNwill hide your IP not only from the government but also from hackers. It is also encrypts your personal data thereby ensuring your anonymity on the Internet.
  • A protection against malicious software and obtrusive advertising is also one of the reasons for using a VPN.

As we can see the situation in Indonesia is far from being favourable. The restriction of the Internet access is a serious problem there. Thus using a VPN in Indonesia is crucial. A reliable VPN provider will ensure you with anonymity, security and privacy. Moreover,it will not only contribute to safe online activitybut also make your entertainment truly exciting and fascinating.

The only thing left to do is to ensure our privacy by installing a VPN.

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