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Last updated: July 13, 2020 By Dean Chester

Nigeria has one of the largest numbers of Internet users if compared with other African countries and even with some European. Over 25% of people living in Nigeria have access to the Internet.

Internet access is classified as partly free by “Freedom House” experts because there is no official data showing that the government literally takes steps to monitor the emails, chats, or other online conversations of its citizens.

The list of the best VPN providers for Nigeria:
  1. ExpressVPN: Perfect VPN with 256-bit encryption that will protect your data in Nigeria for sure!
  2. NordVPN: One of the best providers for Nigeria with robust encryption and protocols!
  3. Surfshark: Super-fast provider with military-grade encryption and fast speeds!
  4. CyberGhost VPN: Reliable VPN offering a 45-day money-back guarantee and friendly customer support!
  5. Private Internet Access: Great provider that offers zero traffic logs and access to over 3000 servers worldwide!

Internet Censorship in Nigeria

However, there are reports from various quarters stating that the government is engaged in the censoring of the online activity of the Nigerian customers.

Also, there is no obvious censorship imposed on Nigerian citizens using the Internet, it comes without doubts that it exists. The most spread reasons for censorship are saving national values and political regime. Nigeria is not an exception.

Although there aren’t any blocked websites in Nigeria, the eavesdropping from the part of the government is being conducted there. All Internet users in Nigeria are under hindered control, which belittles the right of the Internet customers for online privacy.

Moreover, considering the fact that the country has a massive number of Internet users it makes it easier for the Nigerian government to fulfill the kind of surveillance over the citizens.

Streaming Services in Nigeria

There are a lot of locally made social media products in Nigeria. They are approved by the government. Moreover, Nigeria's film industry is very popular and even has become the second around the globe. There are also some broadcasting companies in Nigeria which are known throughout the world.

But, in general, streaming availability here leaves much to be desired. It is difficult to find a company which would stream foreign movies in Nigeria. Of course, you will not find Netflix there either.

However, while using the Internet in Nigeria, any customer needs to take care of his or her security while networking. This is why you need to look for a reliable VPN for Nigeria.

Although the market of such kind of service is full with up-to-date technologies providing protection on the Internet, a VPN is considered to be one of the best services for Nigeria. And here are some reasons why:

Do you want to know more about VPNs for Nigeria and ways to bypass local restrictions?

Why do you need the best VPN for Nigeria?

As we have already mentioned there is a vast variety of technologies known to provide their users with some level of defense on the Internet. We know such technologies as anonymizers, onion router, proxy servers and etc.

But all the mentioned variants won’t supply you with privacy, security and anonymity three-in-one. The only way to achieve the goal is to use the best VPN for Nigeria.

In spite of the fact that there are some bills by which the government aims to restrict freedom of expression on social networks, Nigeria continues to be one of the countries with the most significant number of internet users.

Luckily, using a VPN is completely legal there! And lots of people are getting used to it to achieve extra security.

Does a VPN provide users with complete anonymity?

Remember, you can never be completely anonymous on the Internet. If you are going to use a VPN for some illicit purposes, you will be obviously caught by the police!

VPN companies usually know who you are and what you have been doing! Exactly, for this reason, you should stay vigilant and use a VPN with a trustworthy private policy and no-logging.

It is also crucial to choose a VPN which doesn`t save logs! But we`ll consider this topic a bit letter.

What are the best VPN for Nigeria functions?

The best VPN for Nigeria unconditionally provides you with privacy, security, and anonymity. Moreover, it can protect your device against phishers, cybercriminals, surveillance agencies, hackers, etc.

It is extremely important, as there are many cyber threats nowadays. They are hiding in the darkest sides of the Internet. It means your personal data such as your name, phone number, financial information, billing address are always at stake while you surfing the Net.

How can it be? The answer is as simple as that:

  • IP masking

The best VPN for Nigeria hinders your real IP address, which makes you possible to get access to any geo-restricted websites and makes you ‘invisible’ for any third party interference.

  • Secure tunneling protocols

The best VPN for Nigeria creates a strong tunneling due to the usage of up-to-date VPN protocols. All the traffic gets encrypted while passing through the tunneling.

  • Log-free

The best VPN for Nigeria gives you a high level of anonymity. Despite the fact that your best VPN for Nigeria’s provider is on the other end of the created tunneling, it guarantees to keep no loggings or metadata and accepts secure payment methods, such as crypto-currency or digital gift cards, which makes you more anonymous.

  • A wide range of servers worldwide

To make your connection faster, find a VPN provider with a wide range of servers around the globe. It will undoubtedly allow you to make your Internet connection faster. If we speak about Nigeria, it is better to find and use a server which is close to this country. The destination between Indonesia and the server which you want to connect shouldn`t be very long. This will enable you to surf the Net at higher speeds!

  • Automatic connection protection

Even the best VPN server can face the problem with VPN connection. That`s why it is better to choose a VPN that has such function as the Kill Switch. It will allow you to prevent your sensitive data from leakage by stopping your internet connection when something goes wrong.

  • High speeds

High speeds are definitely one of the main features for a VPN. A huge amount of people prefer to use a VPN to bypass censorship and enjoy to the full their favorite TV shows or movies. Exactly for this reason connection speed matters! Luckily, it is not a problem to find a VPN at high speeds nowadays!

  • Apps for mobile devices

It is not a secret that people nowadays use their mobile devices more frequently to connect to the Internet. That`s why it is quite important to choose a VPN provider with a convenient app for your mobile phone or tablet. Moreover, using a VPN on your mobile device will make your Wi-Fi connection more secure. As you might know, public Wi-Fi is not always reliable and safe.

So, such a provider of the best VPN for Nigeria helps you not only escape the government censorship, but also other security threats such as Boko Haram militant group which happens to abhor any western influence on the Nigerian culture.

Provided that the importance of Internet freedom is high for users from Nigeria, a Nigerian Internet user can get free access and enjoy things such as geo-restricted websites, access to censored websites and a chance to be protected against hackers.

Having come to a conclusion that it’s pretty difficult to find an appropriate VPN service for Nigeria, we made up the best VPNs for Nigeria’s rating, which is aimed to help you make a right choice.

Top 5 reasons to subscribe for a VPN in Nigeria

Let's consider in details the main reasons for using a VPN in Nigeria

The Internet is used by people all over the world. Along with access to billions of websites and services, netizens face various troubles in the cyberspace. People browsing with a Nigerian IP address are not an exception.

Various problems make users subscribe to VPN services in Nigeria. But we decided to single out 5 most significant:

Reason #1

The number of journalists, as well as bloggers, was arrested for expressing their ideas and opinions on the Internet. Thus, it is evident that people surfing the Internet with Nigerian IP are limited in expressing their thoughts. One should take serious topics that are better to escape.

Reason #2

Although such platforms as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are freely available in Nigeria, still there are some restrictions. The services like Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer are difficult to access without a special tool. Thus, only 15.6% of Netflix TV shows and 11.2% of Netflix original movies are available for netizens using Nigerian IP address.

Netflix content available for Nigeria
Netflix content available for Nigeria

Reason #3

The Nigerian Internet Service Providers have to provide regulatory agencies with the necessary information on its users. In such a way internet users from Nigeria are not hidden from the prying eyes.

Reason #4

Over 2100 websites were hacked in Nigeria in 2015. 585 of them belonged to the government of the country. The number of cyber attacks victims was even more impressive – 97 million users. All in all, no one is safe.

Reason #5

The residents of Nigeria quite often have to pay more than the residents of other countries of the world. And local pricing system is NOT the point. It is referred to online shops, booking tickets and what not. 

Do you know how to solve all these problems?

Such troubles will be overcome easily. Thanks to a VPN for Nigeria one will manage to get rid of such drawbacks.

With the help of a VPN provider, it is possible to…

… mask Nigerian IP address so that no one would manage to identify a user. As a result, a person is given a free hand to express his/her opinion without a fear to be penalized for it.

… use the best streaming services being physically located in Nigeria. A user is to choose a necessary VPN server and connect to it. Since this very moment, one can unlock of Netflix, BBC iPlayer and many other top-rated services.

… be anonymous while surfing the Internet. VPN clients encrypt user traffic so that only a VPN subscriber has the digital key to decode it.

… steer clear of hacking attacks. VPNs allow a netizen not to fall victim to cybercriminals. Besides, VPNs prevent users from opening malicious websites.

… save money while booking. Prices on the Internet may vary based on geolocation. VPN providers allow changing virtual location and saving money while booking tickets. Use the best VPN for banking to save your money!

What is the best free VPN for Nigeria

There are many VPN providers that render services free of charge. Both paid and free VPNs run on the same principle: they create a tunnel between your location and the server you want to connect.

However, they rise to issue in terms of the quality of services. It is difficult to admit that VPN developers want to engage in altruism. After all, development, support, and promotion of VPN services involve certain expenses. The project should at least pay off, not to speak about a certain profit.

But some VPNs explain that they eke out a living from ads and donations. Some internet users in Nigeria can also make use of free VPNs.

But unfortunately, free VPNs are not without weak sides:

  • limited number of servers;
  • poor server geography;
  • too many ads;
  • some of the free VPNs may keep data on subscribers activity;
  • lack of live chat support;
  • no advanced features of paid VPNs.

In order not to be caught in a bind, it is recommended not to use such unreliable VPN services in Nigeria as privacy comes first. Moreover, you can use an inexpensive VPN at a minimum rate. 

The best VPNs for Nigeria’s summary

Let`s sum everything up.

One could hardly imagine his life without the Internet nowadays. This is, to a degree, understandable. The Internet gives us direct access to any information we need. It also makes our entertainment more exciting and fascinating. But is the Internet secure and safe as it was earlier?

Unfortunately, there are more and more proofs which demonstrate that security on the Internet is put at risk. Today a huge amount of countries enact laws to restrict freedom of expression on social networks. They also put a veto on certain websites. All these convince people to take additional security measures for safety on the Internet.

As for Nigeria, the situation with internet freedom there is not so unfortunate. There are lots of countries around the globe where the state of internet freedom is far worse. Moreover, Nigeria continues to be one of the countries with the most significant number of internet users.

However, there are numerous threats that Nigerian Internet users encounter every day. While the government is a major determinant on whether you should get VPN service in Nigeria, geo-restricted websites and channels play a major role too.

There are many websites that are not accessible in Africa and this can definitely be solved easily by using a reliable VPN. There is also the ever-increasing threat posed by cyber criminals who are stealing personal information and draining people’s bank accounts. Employing the services of a VPN for Nigeria will surely protect you from such misfortunes.

There is a vast choice of VPNs for Nigeria on the market today, either free or paid. That’s why it comes to be pretty difficult to decide on a VPN for Nigeria. But we strongly recommend you to use paid VPN providers, especially since they may cost you just a few dollars a month.

While choosing a high-quality VPN for Nigeria, you should remember about the mentioned qualities of a good VPN for Nigeria, which is able to unlock all the restricted websites and give you a high level of anonymity.

The best VPNs for Nigeria’s rating has been made up to ease your choice and give you the idea of VPNs on the whole.

Thank you for reading! If the information was useful for you, please, leave your comments below, share this post on social networks and, of course! Thank you! Good luck all!

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