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Best VPNs for PayPal

Last updated: June 29 2020 By Dean Chester

There was a time when you couldn’t use anything other than cash, checks or money orders for payments. This has slowly changed and money orders, as well as, checks are no longer predominant payment methods. Today people prefer to use a cryptocurrency or PayPal to stay anonymous online. PayPal was established in 1998 and over the years has consistently grown to become the largest online payment mode not only in the US but also across the globe.

Have a look at the best VPNs to use with PayPal account in 2020:
  1. ExpressVPN: great choice offering PayPal as one of the payment methods, it provides customers with a 30-day money back guarantee and unlimited bandwidth!
  2. NordVPN: good VPN that is able to ensure your PayPal account security, it adheres to a strict no-logging policy!
  3. Surfshark: reliable provider that is able to hide you from prying eyes on the Internet!
  4. CyberGhost VPN: provider with robust encryption and protocols, it will protect your sensitive data for sure!
  5. PIA: trustworthy VPN to use with a PayPal account offering unlimited server switching and reliable protocols!

The PayPal’s development has not avoided challenges. One of its biggest challenges is the hacking of customers’ accounts and stealing of money. The problem is very urgent because such cases when the user’s accounts are cracked and taken from such modes as PayPal have increased.

Still, there is one proved method of one’s PayPal account protection. The method is known as a VPN service for PayPal.

What is a VPN for PayPal?

A virtual private network (VPN) for PayPal is a type of networking that is designed to ensure that no other person gets access to your data other than the sender and the receiver of the same. Such data is encrypted and transmitted over a public network by the strong protocols used by a good VPN for PayPal. A qualitative VPN for PayPal basically has many servers located around the world. When you get an account with a VPN for PayPal, you are required to sign in before logging into your PayPal account. You are given an anonymous IP address which is hosted by a proxy server of the VPN for PayPal you have chosen.

How does a VPN for PayPal work?

When you start using a VPN for PayPal, you enjoy having your real IP hidden from hackers and other prying eyes. Much as PayPal is a global company, there are many countries and territories where its services are quite basic or simply inaccessible. You might be forced by the circumstances to open a PayPal account even though it is geo-restricted in your area. Using a VPN for PayPal you keep safe your IP address with choosing another virtual location.

The varied choice of server locations provided by a qualitative VPN service for PayPal can also help you avoid any border restrictions imposed by your government or ISPs. When you get an account with a VPN for PayPal, you will choose a proxy IP which is hosted by a server in a country where PayPal is openly accessible.

Some recommendations for making the best VPN for PayPal choice:

In order to get the best deal when it comes to VPNs for PayPal, you must ensure that the firm has the best encryption level. While tunneling protocols are critical, you should go for the OpenVPN rather than the PTTP and the rest, which are preferred by people who are doing online streaming. In addition, you have to make sure that this VPN provider for PayPal has a good reputation, otherwise, your personal information can be handed over to any interested third party. Moreover, it’s better to pay attention to the money-back guarantees one service for PayPal gives or else you can lose your money. It will be even better if a VPN service for PayPal you want to use has a trial version. It should be also mentioned that the VPN you choose for PayPal should have an easy-to-use interface and professional 24/7 support from the technical group.

PayPal users can suffer from malware

The experts of the company Proofpoint found out the malicious program which used the payment service PayPal. The intention was to spread bank malware Chthonic. Attackers use hacked or new users’ accounts for sending e-mail messages as if the staff of the service did it requesting to pay back the money sent to the account by mistake.

It is pointed out in the message that 100$ was mistakenly transferred to the account and it was necessary to return it. The link with screenshot was attached to the message. It confirmed the mistaken transaction in details. Actually the link redirects the user to the page “katyaflash[.]com/pp.php” from which JavaScript-file with the name “paypalTransactionDetails.jpeg.js” is downloaded on the computer. Opening it bank malware Chthonic, the type of scumware Zeus, is downloaded. Moreover, Chthonic contacts with C&C server and previously unknown type of malware AZORult appears.

The cash call service allows attaching the message where attackers can add personal information or a malicious link. In this case there are two ways. The first one implies that the user may become a victim and lose 100%; the second one is to download the virus on your computer.

The consequences are not great. According to the analysis, clickthrough was 27 times. The company PayPal has been informed already.

The best VPN for PayPal’s summary

Regarding all that have been mentioned, it should be also said that PayPal is a strict financial institution and you should, therefore, be careful when transacting anything on its platform. No one will consider your online privacy except you. You should beware for example, that if PayPal has reason to believe that you are bypassing its laid out conditions, it can freeze your account. This can be a painful thing, especially if you have funds in your account. It is for this reason that you should look out for the best VPN for PayPal, which will guarantee that nothing will ever influence your account. You should insist on a VPN service for PayPal provider that has a zero-logs policy as well as the best tunneling protocols which will ensure that no one can tell what you are up to online.

Of course you can use the best VPN for PayPal if you want to bypass any geo-restrictions, but still the main purpose for which one can use a VPN for PayPal is a PayPal account security. But if you want a high-quality service you will definitely pay for it. Well, when you want to pay for a VPN with PayPal, you can rest assured that nothing can be traced back to you. When you pay using PayPal and with the protection of a good VPN for PayPal, your data will be protected with encryption and the qualitative VPN for PayPal will discard all the data as well as connection logs. Any hacker or spy will not be able to interfere into your online activities with the best VPN for PayPal, because you are browsing under protection of strong encryption methods used by this best VPN for PayPal.

In conclusion it can be mentioned that PayPal is one of the largest and popular money transferring solutions that makes it possible for millions of people to not only enjoy the Internet but also transact safely with the help of a good VPN for PayPal. So, in order to protect yourself from any interception into your private life, we highly recommend you to subscribe to the best VPN service for PayPal, which is to keep secure and private all your online activities.

We hope that you will be able to find the best VPN for PayPal in our review!

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