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Best VPNs for Philippines According to Unbiased Reviews

Last updated: June 8 2020 By Dean Chester

When it comes to using the Internet, security and privacy are big concerns for most of us. It’s the same for people in the Philippines as well. However, with the help of a good VPN service, you will be able to use the Internet without fear.

Let’s take a look at top 5 VPN services in the Philippines:
  1. ExpressVPN: over 3000 servers in 94 countries, 5 simultaneous connections, 256-bit encryption, easy to use. Going through our link, you get an extra 20% off.
  2. NordVPN: 5700 servers in 59 countries, 6 gadgets per subscription, AES 256-GCM ciphering.
  3. Surfshark: 30-day money-back guarantee, 1000+ servers in 60+ countries, user-friendly application.
  4. CyberGhost VPN: 5944 servers in 90 countries, 7 devices per 1 account, AES 256-bit encryption.
  5. Private Internet Access: 3380 + servers in 32 countries, 10 devices simultaneously, easy to use app.

Compare Top VPNs For Philippines:

Let’s also learn more about their features. If you are looking for free VPN in Philippines, then it’s readily available. There are many Philippines VPN services for free.

But are they efficient for the Philippines? Is free VPN for the Philippines better than paid VPN?

Let’s take a look at the best Philippines VPN services below, but before we dive into the details, let’s know how free the Internet in the Philippines!

When do you need VPN to unblock Netflix in the Philippines?

Situation 1

You are not from the Philippines, but you have to travel to this country for business. You want to watch your Netflix favorites from your Netflix account. These Netflix movies might be unavailable for Netflix in Philippines.

Situation 2

You are from the Philippines and have an account at Netflix for the Philippines. You learned that a new Netflix movie was released, but it is not available for Netflix Philippines. You have to access US Netflix, but how?

The answer is on the surface! Want to know how?

Internet freedom in the Philippines

Though surprising it may sound, according to the latest estimate in the sphere, the Internet in the Philippines is stated to be free. However, there are some violations like obstacles to access, user rights infringement, content limitations, etc.

Though surprising it may sound, according to the latest estimate in the sphere

The most resonant cases are connected with:

  • Spreading destructive memes about the national election complain in 2016 was criminally charged.
  • The country’s first antitrust law has been signed this year.
  • A dedicated government agency has been created for the ICT sector.
  • Mobile phone networks shutdowns took place in the year 2017 not once.

So, the internet connection in the country seems to become better, as long as no rude violations of rights have been registered in the Philippines.

The journalists in the Philippines and alike a very cautious while writing about some events. Thus, they prefer to censor their reports themselves. Nevertheless, more than a half of the Philippines residents would like to reduce the existing censorship to visit all possible websites and not to be restricted in the content to access.

What about access to social media platforms in the Philippines?

The government of the Philippines does NOT restrict its residents in the access to social media services like Twitter and Facebook. They are easily accessible while surfing the Internet with a Philippine IP address.

Thus, in the Philippines, the main law connected with the issues of internet privacy, freedom and security is Magna Carta for Philippine Internet Freedom.

This legal document was considered to become a guarantee for internet users’ civil rights, for instance, freedom of expression. The Magna Carta has been created to defend civil rights for internet freedom and privacy, primarily by common netizens. There are also legal explanations for cybersecurity, cyberwarfare, cyberterrorism and cybercrime matters.


Why to use a VPN for Philippines?

Everyone decides himself whether to subscribe for a VPN in the Philippines or not. But we all know that a VPN may be beneficial for many online users.

And here’s why:

⇒ Access to any content on the Internet

However, all the geo-restricted web-resources stay banned there. Therefore, having decided to go to the country for business or just on vacation, you need to take into account that such channels as Netflix, Hulu, Freeform or Pandora radio won’t be connectable there.

⇒ VPN services make you protected against prying eyes

Besides, according to the stated data, today the government has a dedicated department, which directly deals with the country’s ISPs and national internet traffic. That’s exactly why even having decided to connect your phone to the local free Wi-Fi hotspot, you may be infected and monitored by the local structures.

In this case, you will need a strong VPN service for the Philippines. The most appropriate VPN for the Philippines is to make your network protected from all the main issues and free from censorship and blocking.

Thus, having connected to the internet through one of the best VPNs for Philippines’ servers, your true address is to be substituted with the server’s one.

This helps you not only to hide your authentic address from the prying eyes, but also to shift your actual physical location to any geo-spot you need.

In such a way, having established an internet connection through one of the US-based servers, you can unblock Netflix, Freeform or any other geo-restricted service placed in the US.

⇒ Security of user traffic

Besides, the best VPN for the Philippines creates a secure tunneling between your connected device and the VPN server. Being routed through the tunneling all your generated traffic becomes encoded and thus inaccessible for all the prying eyes. The encryption process is available due to the usage of up-to-date tunneling protocols, such as PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, etc.

⇒ Total anonymity is possible with a VPN for the Philippines

What is more, a reliable VPN for the Philippines makes your network anonymous. A credible company stores no logging data or metadata and accepts different payment methods. In this case, crypto-currency is stated to be the best payment method in terms of anonymity, as long as no banking credentials or other information is stored by a VPN company in this case.

Also, it will be of a high use to read all the terms of service and privacy policy attentively for not to get into a marketing trap. There are cases when a VPN for Philippines offers a money-back guarantee but imposes some limitations in bandwidth for instance in this case. So, buyer beware, therefore, having decided to invest money in a VPN service for Philippines you should read all the information closely. 

The reasons to use VPN in the Philippines

There are a number of reasons to use VPN services for the Philippines. In spite of the fact that the Republic of the Philippines is an island state, the internet is not a rare phenomenon there.

People know such terms as Wi-Fi, router, spying and what not

People know such terms as Wi-Fi, router, spying and what not. They are also aware of cybersecurity statistics worldwide. That is why the question of the VPN use is relevant for this country.

#1 Free Wi-Fi hotspots are not safe for internet users without VPN

  • If you like to visit cafes and spend time there using Wi-Fi hot-spots, you should make this connection secure. With a reliable VPN, an insolent hacker sitting at the next table will not catch your banking card data with CVV code and will not steal the password you use to pay for services online. And it is not important what device you are using: a laptop or a smartphone.

#2 ISPs track your online activities

  • People who appreciate anonymity don’t like that any system administrator of the provider has access to the data about their internet activity. Your provider will not know about the websites you visit and the sites will not identify their visitors' thanks to a VPN service.

#3 Some websites are blocked by employers

  • Some employees like visiting websites like YouTube, Facebook and what not during the lunch hour. But it is not always liked by the employer. Stop being monitored even on work.

#4 Other sites are geo-restricted in the Philippines

  • Do you want to see the internet the way it should be – visit the pages without any restrictions being in the Philippines? The number of websites banned for this country is changed with every passing day and the page you have left to study today may be blocked for you tomorrow. Besides, there are the situations when the appropriate page is to be inaccessible, but the ISP blocks the website entirely.

#5 Certain services are not available for the Philippines

  • Any service can restrict access to it for the Philippines. Sometimes it is even possible to get a discount living in a concrete place. With the help of a VPN, you have a chance to become a resident of any country and be ready to estimate the bonuses of the services.

#6 Torrenting is not always a secure activity

  • There are millions of people all over the world who prefer torrenting to streaming. And it is obvious why:

♦ a man should not pay for the movies, soft or music;

♦ any content is easily accessible;

♦ it’s possible to download soft or a new episode before its official release.

But unfortunately, it is not always legal to download such torrent files. To steer clear of such troubles it is recommended to use a VPN and keep anonymous on the Internet.

#7 Resourceful hackers target your data

  • Adversaries aim at stealing user personal information all the time. It does not matter what type of data they get, hackers always know what to do with it. Using a VPN, all your traffic is ciphered and therefore cannot be used by crackers.

What is the best VPN to use in the Philippines?

If you are going to live in the Philippines, you need to know that the country’s Department of Justice monitors all the online activities within the country including emails, Facebook posts, messaging and video chats without any warranting.

Therefore, having decided to travel to this popular tourist place or living there you need to be on pins and needles for not to become a victim of the government or adversary surveillance on your online deals.

One of the best solutions for making your network protected from multiple online threats is to run the best VPN for the Philippines. But what makes a VPN the best for the Philippines?

So, a top-rated VPN for the Philippines should offer several essential characteristics:

  • a vast variety of server locations;

The feature will give you an opportunity to run your ‘home’ network from anywhere in the world, as well as bypass any geo-restrictions and DNS filtering. The larger amount of servers located in different countries is offered by your VPN provider, the freer you will be online.

  • strong encryption protocols;

The characteristic is essential for making all your generated traffic defended against online threats, such as leakages, surveillance, penetration into your private affairs, etc. With the help of up-to-date protocols, a VPN creates a secure tunneling between your connected device and a VPN server. While passing through the tunneling all the transferring data comes to be encoded and thus inaccessible and unreadable for any adversaries. Therefore, you need to be scrupulous about the choice of the needed protocols.

  • unlimited bandwidth and speed;

In case you need a VPN for securing your online conversations and watching geo-restricted streaming services in a high quality, you’d better find a service that offers limitless bandwidth and speed for not to come up with lags, hits, and any technical delays.

  • a trial version or a money-back guarantee;

The features supply your budget with additional protection against extra expenses. While testing a free trial you can see whether the service meets all your demands. Whereas a money-back guarantee makes it possible to receive your money back in case you are dissatisfied with the service.

  • support of different payment methods;

Before subscribing for a VPN service you need to look through all the terms of usage and privacy policy, as long as some unreliable VPNs stores logging and metadata on its clients. Besides, when paying for the service with crypto-currency you protect the identity against banking data collection by the service.

  • 24/7 professional technical group assistance;

Being an average customer you should give consideration to the characteristic, as long as there are some difficulties with the service’s installation or connection, you will be able to eliminate the problems through the customer service.

All in all, the best VPN for the Philippines should present all the enumerated features and even more.

If you need to unblock Netflix in the Philippines, you can do it with

How to unblock Netflix in the Philippines?

Netflix now available in more than 190 countries around the world, including the Philippines. Nevertheless, everyone wants to access US Netflix because it is the biggest collection of Netflix movies and series, bigger than Netflix in the Philippines.

Lucky you are if you have already subscribed for VPN for Philippines? Why? That’s simple! You can unblock Netflix in Philippines with the help of VPN for Philippines.

Free VPN for Philippines: can it work?

Well, well, well…

The attractiveness of free VPNs is that they are downloaded and used for free, you do not pay money for them!

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of free VPN services for the Philippines:

Pros of free VPN services for the Philippines

  • You don’t pay money for free VPN services, so you can save a gob for yourself!
  • Free VPN services are usually easy to install and operate with!
  • Most of the free VPN services are compatible with multiple platforms!

Cons of free VPN services for Philippines

  • Free VPN service providers offer few VPN server locations, so your opportunities for unblocking various sites are limited.
  • Encryption is not strong enough to be really protected online: poor protocols and data encrypting.
  • Free VPN services for Philippines can be easily identified by Netflix (even weak paid VPN services for Philippines are often revealed!)
  • Free VPN services may track users’ logs, which is not real privacy online (some of them are even suspected of selling users’ data to third parties).

As you can see there are more cons than pros in free VPN services for Philippines, and these are only key negative moments in free VPN services. For this reason, our recommendation is to use a respectable paid VPN service for Philippines.

How to unblock Netflix in the Philippines with VPN?

  1. Choose and subscribe for the best VPN for Philippines (We hope you have already found the best VPN for Philippines for you).
  2. You can set up VPN on any platform. Good VPN services offer software for Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, and Linux. Moreover, it’s possible to use 3 and more devices per one subscription simultaneously. We recommend you to use VPN on mobile devices. Even though you need VPN software only for Mac or PC, don’t forget to download and set up the app on your smartphone,
  3. Turn the VPN app on and choose any US server to unblock Netflix (In case you are going to get access to US Netflix in Philippines. If you travel to the Philippines, but want to proceed to watch Netflix as if you were in your country
  4. Visit Netflix website and unblock Netflix version you want to access.

What does the VPN in the Philippines do?

VPN services in the Philippines are called upon to make the internet access unlimited for those who are living in this island state. So, let us study in detail what can a VPN do:

1. VPN changes your real IP into a fake one, for example, Italian or Canadian. Thus, if you use a VPN service, you are practically invisible. You visit the website as if you are a resident of the country IP address of which you use. For an account of it, blocking will not be a problem for you.

2. VPN encrypts the connection. In such a way, neither your ISP nor system administrator knows you have visited the website.

What does the ISP see when you don’t use a VPN service? – The full history of your online surfing, the website you visit, the services you use, the time you access this or that site and what not.

But what does the ISP manage to know about you when you use a VPN? – Nothing. You are under the strong protection of this service.

Adversaries will not decode the data even in case they stole them.

3. The mixture of IP changing and encryption makes VPN clients absolutely anonymous for any single entity in the world.

Best VPN for Philippines: Summary

VPN services are worth using whether you live in this island state with its picturesque landscapes or you are only planning to visit it during the leave. Unfortunately, we live in a world full of deceptions and frauds. Previously it was possible only in case you go for a walk in a twilight zone. But today, a person can be thieved sitting in an expensive restaurant and using the Wi-Fi connection proposed there.

Thus, to be protected against various types of frauds on the Internet, it is high time to choose and subscribe to a reliable VPN service in the Philippines.

Have you found the Best VPN for the Philippines in our rating today? Don’t hesitate to leave us a comment! Share your VPN experience with us!

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