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Last updated: July 10 2020 By Dean Chester

The constitution of Poland explicitly prohibits censorship and guarantees freedom of expression. As a result, Polish web users largely enjoy an experience close to complete digital freedom. Poland gets stellar ratings from human rights and net freedom watchdogs, at least until recently.

In 2012, a blogger was convicted of defamation after he published a post satirizing the then president of the country. The same year, Poland enacted several laws that restricted access to public information, which significantly affects online journalists and bloggers.

For this reason, it’s better to take care of installing a reliable VPN on your mobile device when traveling to Poland. Look through the list of the best providers in 2020:
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  5. Private Internet Access: Great provider to use in Poland as it offers unlimited server switching and 256-bit encryption.

Things took a turn for the worse early in 2016 when Poland passed the “Bill Changing the Bill about Police and Several Other Laws.” Amusing title aside, this bill gives the Polish police and security services the authority to access web browsing and other telecommunication data generated by citizens without judicial review or approval.

A draft bill even adds online data to the existing clauses. This widely condemned legislation, which is largely a knee-jerk reaction to ISIS propaganda circulating online, is set to significantly reshape how the Polish access the internet. The online content that was freely accessible before may not be so once the bill comes into effect. 

What are the consequences of a new bill in Poland?

Under the new bill, any Polish citizen can come under surveillance. The authorities do not need evidence to officially suspect an internet user before starting to spy on them online. Needless to say, Polish citizens who value their privacy may now want to take measures to keep the authorities out of their personal computers. The best, and perhaps the only, step towards online security is to use a VPN service when browsing the web from Poland.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) ensure that users can access the internet without censorship filters, regulatory spying, getting hacked, or having personal data stolen. There are a number of VPNs Polish users can purchase, but only the best ensures the features mentioned.

The reasons to use a VPN for Poland

The reasons to use a VPN are diverse, but here we are going to enlist the most significant of them for the Polish residents namely. Let’s start.

Reason #1

Polish financial organizations appeared on the list of targets of criminals. Thus, Poland was one of 31 countries targeted by adversaries. However, not only state establishment suffers from cyberattacks but individuals as well. In such a way, over 60% of the residents of Poland are concerned about criminals on the Internet.

Polish financial organizations appeared on the list of targets of criminals.

VPN services solve this problem efficiently. Due to military-grade encryption, cybercriminals fail to make use of stolen data.

Reason #2

According to the law accepted in Poland on January 26, 2018, the discussion of some historical events (e.g. Nazi crimes) is forbidden. The fines for disobedience are presupposed.

What does it mean?

If a person decides to express his/her opinion concerning this issue on websites and forums, for example, this individual may be accused of a crime and as a result, fined.

Thanks to the VPN subscription, a real IP address of a VPN user is masked (learn what's your new IP), therefore it becomes impossible to find him/her and bring a charge against this person.

Reason #3

However there are no considerable restrictions on the Internet, the access to some websites and services may be limited to the authorities’ request. The same situation is about monitoring.

Although it is stated that the government does not spy on its citizens, still there are such cases. 

Virtual Private Network providers guarantee safe and secure web browsing due to traffic encryption. Moreover, by means of constant IP changing, the online fingerprint of a user becomes unique, and it is almost impossible to identify a VPN subscriber.

Want to make use of a VPN and browse the Internet anonymously in Poland?

Best VPNs for Poland’s conclusion
Although the government of Poland declares that there is no censorship in Poland and the people living there are free to express their thought, still it is only partially true. In such a way, it is true until the moment it contradicts the ideas of the country’s leaders.

Thus, the owner of an site was arrested for criticizing the Polish president of that time.

Such cases indicate that there is a need to take reasonable precautions to surf the Internet securely.

Having subscribed for a VPN service, one benefits from:

  • lack of monitoring;
  • data encryption;
  • IP masking;
  • access to the blacklisted information;
  • freedom of expression.

If you still hesitate whether to use VPN or not, feel free to leave a comment with a question. But if you have already tried one of them, please share your experience below.

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