Can’t access the top torrenting sites? Is the ISP throttling your bandwidth? Know what is a privacy warning first hand?

Then this article is definitely for you!

I have reviewed more than 40 apps to find the best VPN for torrenting.

The main factors to find the leaders for this rating are:

  • P2P-friendly servers;
  • fast speed;
  • reliable traffic encryption;
  • superior security;
  • server location.

Besides, the providers should offer dedicated apps for all the platforms people use for downloading torrents. VPN browser extensions are good only to get access to the restricted torrent trackers, but they don’t cope with the task to make torrent clients protected. Thus, this factor was taken into consideration as well.

In the meantime, I offer you to have a look at the main point which I’m going to highlight today:

Be convinced, after trying one of the best VPNs from the rating you’ll manage to unblock the best torrent sites in 2020 without the risk to your online security.

Top 5 best VPNs for Torrenting

All the VPNs were tested on several devices running on different operating systems. Not all of them coped with the task to unblock torrenting sites.

Besides, some of them even showed bad security test results. It made me exclude them from the list of the contenders to be called the best VPN services to use for torrenting.

However, those ones mentioned here have performed perfect leak and security test results. Also, they have shown fast enough speeds to download torrent files.

Let’s study them!

1. NordVPN ($3.49 per month) – 1 out of 41 testedNordVPN for torrenting

Internet Service Providers manage to restrict users’ file-sharing activity through bandwidth regulation and speed reduction. Nord is the top rated VPN in terms of torrenting. Due to the Kill Switch function, your IP is always under protection. It either closes the apps or cuts off internet access.

Here’s what makes Nord the leader of this rating:

  • The provider offers hundreds of P2P servers. Connecting to torrenting sites through non-P2P NordVPN servers will be impossible if you are from the country where torrenting is restricted. That’s why it’s better to use dedicated servers for this activity only.
  • I have tried P2P servers in different countries. All of them managed to unblock restricted trackers easily. But what about the speed? In general, I’m satisfied with the speed test results on P2P servers. The speed drop was insignificant – about 10% so that I didn’t have to spend too much time on downloading.
  • NordVPN ensures it uses military-grade traffic encryption. With the aim to verify this fact, Having studied NordVPN client and its official webpage, I’ve found out that it uses 256-bit traffic ciphering. This kind of encoding is very reliable, as 50 supercomputers are required to hack data protected with the 256-bit key. The time required is approximately 3×1051.
  • The security of the service is achieved through clear no-logging policy, Panama jurisdiction and advanced features of Double VPN and Tor over VPN. The use of double VPN serves to pass your traffic through 2 VPN servers. The mixture of UDP and TCP protocols is used to increase the level of your security.
    But! The speed might become slower. Tor over VPN is used to achieve first-class anonymity and security. In fact, I’ve carried out numerous tests, and Nord has shown great results – no leaks.
  • As for May 2019, the provider offers servers in 45 countries out of 60 available. I’ll explain why it’s very advantageous. The thing is that in case the provider offers a small number of servers, they frequently become overloaded. In its turn, it has a bad influence on speed and bandwidth. Apart from it, a diverse server network allows bypassing restrictions of any kind.
    I also would like to emphasize the importance of dedicated IPs offered by Nord. When a VPN user makes use of shared IPs, the chance this IP address will be blocked is rather high. NordVPN has taken this fact into consideration and offers dedicated IPs for an extra $70 annually. Making use of a dedicated NordVPN IP, you get unlimited access to the restricted sites.

More details about NordVPN you’ll find in the dedicated review.

2. CyberGhost VPN ($2.75 per month) – 2 out of 41 testedCyberGhost VPN for torrenting

This service yields the leader of this rating in locations and additional security features. It has good speed results though.

However, there are some features that make it number two:

  • Similar to Nord, not all servers of CyberGhost VPN are compatible with peer-to-peer traffic. P2P servers are specially tweaked for torrenting. The ones offered for torrenting are not always good for streaming, for example. When I contacted the customer support service, the specialist explained to me the difference between CyberGhost VPN servers. These P2P servers use protocol ciphering implemented to keep P2P traffic from being recognized by ISPs.
  • I haven’t experienced substantial changes in the speed when connecting to the nearest CyberGhost VPN P2P servers. I suppose it’s because all the servers are categorized on the basis of functions they cope with. When being connected to servers for torrenting (I tested 7 of them), the speed slowed down by 13-26%. I guess that speed might be slower when choosing a NoSpy server.
  • User traffic is ciphered by means of a 256-bit key which makes it impossible to decode it. However, traffic encryption is not the only strong side of the provider. CyberGhost VPN offers 3 VPN protocols to choose from: PPTP, L2TP/IPsec and OpenVPN. If torrenting is not subject to legal prosecution in your country, but top torrenting sites are blocked, you can opt for PPTP. This protocol is very fast and copes with restrictions bypassing. However, it’s not reliable in terms of security. In case you are concerned about anonymous torrenting, I recommend to choose OpenVPN. This protocol is very reliable and performs better speed than L2TP/IPsec.
  • I find CyberGhost VPN really secure despite the lack of double VPN and Tor over VPN features. However, Kill Switch is always turned on by default. It prevents from becoming unprotected if the VPN connection is lost. Besides, it’s possible to purchase a dedicated IP for advanced level of security.
  • P2P servers are located in only 27 countries out of 90 offered by CyberGhost VPN. Some popular torrent trackers like RarBG and TPB are not available in my region. So that I connected to CyberGhost VPN in Belgium, Norway, Spain, Luxemburg and the UK. All of the tested servers coped with the task. However, the fastest VPN server was located in Luxemburg.

More details about CyberGhost VPN you’ll find in the dedicated review.

3. SurfShark VPN ($1.99 per month) – 3 out of 41 testedSurfShark for torrenting

Its perfect work with P2P clients makes SurfShark one of the best VPN providers for torrenters. The opportunity to install the app on the unlimited number of gadgets serves to protect a group of people joint by a common interest – torrenting.

Be convinced it’s on the list of top three best providers for P2P file-sharing not accidentally:

  • SurfShark developers have foreseen P2P servers for its subscribers. These servers are configured so that they support P2P traffic. I’ve checked them and can conclude that they cope with the task to bypass restrictions.
  • The provider ensures that the expected speed drop while using SurfShark services is 10-20%. However, sometimes I observed significant changes in speed – more than 70%. The servers in Italy and Denmark performed the best speeds. But it depends on the servers’ remoteness. The nearest servers are the fastest ones.
  • The service offers an AES-256 encryption method which is considered to be the market standard. It is not uncommon that ciphering can reduce speed.
  • IKEv2 protocol should just work fine for torrenting. But I was not satisfied with the speed and decided to try OpenVPN (UDP). The speed became faster. To make my activity safe and protected against third-parties, I enabled Kill Switch. This feature disconnects the internet connection in case the VPN connection is lost. As a result, no one will be able to peek at what you are doing on the internet even if VPN drops.
    SurfShark headquarters on the BVI. There is no obligatory data retention law therefore the company does not have to store logs.
  • P2P SurfShark servers are located in the US, the UK, Canada, the Netherlands, Denmark and Italy. The provider also allows using P2P on other servers. In this case, a user will be routed through servers in Canada or the Netherlands. I recommend connecting to a dedicated P2P server to choose the optimal location. It’s possible only to change the country through the app. However, there is no way to switch between locations within one country.

More details about Ivacy VPN you’ll find in the dedicated review.

4. ExpressVPN ($6.67 per month) – 4 out of 41 testedExpressVPN for torrenting

There are some points which stopped me from placing Express higher in the rating. However, it’s worth using the app to hide IP from Internet Service Providers and unlock restricted sites.

The following characteristics make it a good VPN for file-sharing:

  • There are no special configurations for P2P. But it doesn’t mean that torrenting is impossible with ExpressVPN. You’ll just connect to one of their server locations, and it will surely work already.
  • The speeds depend on your current internet speed and the server location you wish to connect to. There might be reductions due to encryption, but not enough to affect quality or performance. It would be unfair to say that I tried all its servers (there are more than 3000), it’s impossible. But the ones I tried (approximately 40) showed good speed test results. The fastest server I tried was in Italy. In this case, a 20% speed drop was observed.
  • Once you are connected to ExpressVPN, its tunnel encrypts your file before it goes to your ISP, so it’s already safe. It uses the strongest ciphering method in the VPN market – AES 256-bit. There’s no difference with the top 3 VPNs of this rating.
  • Coming to security, I want to mention that it also has a Kill Switch feature. Even if you got disconnected to the VPN while you’re downloading a torrent, the app will disconnect your internet connection too so that the torrent client won’t continue to download while VPN is off. I have checked with respect to possible leaks. Despite I failed to connect to some ExpressVPN servers, I’m satisfied with the test results. The servers I tried didn’t undergo IP leaks.
  • As I’ve already mentioned, ExpressVPN consumers can use all the servers of the provider for P2P file-sharing. In fact, there are 3000+ servers in 94 countries. The application allows choosing not only the country but the location as well. It’s very convenient when I want to connect to the nearest of the US-based servers.

More details about ExpressVPN you’ll find in the dedicated review.

5. Ivacy VPN ($2.25 per month) – 5 out of 41 testedIvacy for torrenting

I tried this app on Windows PC because some features are not available on Mac. Ivacy unblocks popular torrenting sites in a matter of seconds, has good speeds and moderate price.

Here’s why Ivacy takes the fifth place in the rating:

  • Ivacy VPN has P2P servers. Torrenting is not allowed on all servers. However, it’s possible to use Torrents servers for other purposes as well.
  • The company prides itself in providing high capacity, low latency, and secure bandwidth. However, the speed you get depends on many factors and technicalities like transit nodes between your network and our VPN server, etc. This is because the network traffic usually travels around the Earth from a user to a VPN server and then back to its destination.
  • As usually, the provider uses AES 256 for traffic encryption. I’ve checked the system files of the app. It’s true.
  • Although IvacyVPN itself is a secured network, it offers Kill Switch for Windows and Android OS. This feature is unavailable for other operating systems, which is a minus. But having installed Ivacy on my Windows PC, I didn’t face any security issues. All the tests were passed successfully.
  • Not all Ivacy servers can be used for torrenting. In this regard, the number of available locations of torrenting is fewer. Besides, it depends on the tunneling protocol you are going to use.
Belgium, Brunei, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Germany, Ghana, Kenya, Latvia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Nigeria, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Sweden, Turkey, UAE, Venezuela, UK, USA, Canada Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, United Kingdom, USA, Canada

More details about VyprVPN you’ll find in the dedicated review.

VPNs that don’t work for torrenting

After testing 41 VPN apps, I’d like to conclude that not all providers are good for torrenting. Thus, in this section of the article I’ve collected the services that I don’t recommend for P2P file-sharing:

  • UnblockUs

This service is not a VPN at all. It was created with the purpose to unblock certain streaming services like Netflix, HBO GO, Pandora and some others.

If you want to download torrent files, anonymity is a must. However, UnblockUs doesn’t make its user anonymous. It even hasn’t passed IP leak test.

Conclusion: bad for torrenting in view of leaks and lack of traffic encryption.

  • Broswec

Despite the fact that this VPN can be used to access torrenting sites, it won’t protect your BitTorrent client. The thing is that Browsec works as an extension for browsers. Torrenting cannot be safe with this VPN because third-party apps necessary for torrenting connect to the network without the secured connection.

Conclusion: VPN extension for browsers cannot protect P2P clients.

  • TunnelBear

It doesn’t have optimized servers for torrenting. Besides, not all torrent sites can be unblocked by means of TunnelBear.

Conclusion: P2P is not supported by this VPN.

Want to use the best VPN for torrenting free of charge?

I don’t recommend doing it. Free VPNs process logs and share them with the advertisers. Otherwise, they couldn’t exist. Thu, with a free VPN we cannot count on anonymity on the Internet.

What do you need to know about VPNs for torrenting?

Now when you know what the best VPNs for downloading torrent files are, it’s time to find out more about the problems that mane seeders face.

Why are the best torrenting sites are blocked?

Torrenting itself is not illegal. However, as soon as a person shares a copyright-protected file, this activity is recognized as illegal.

In this regard, many countries around the world ban access to such sites at all.

How could it possibly be?

Internet Service Providers track their users’ online activity. They know what sites are visited and what files are exchanged through the Internet.

When the provider identifies a person opens a torrent tracker, it bans the site for all the users of this region. That is why mirror sites (clones of prohibited torrent trackers and search engines) are not the way out.

How to make use of safe torrenting?

If your aim is to make your P2P file-sharing safe, VPN is the number one thing to help.

Good VPNs serve to hide an IP and substitute it with the IP of another country (usually the one where access to the restricted tracker is allowed).

Besides, when user’s traffic is encrypted, the ISP doesn’t know what we are doing online and cannot throttle our bandwidth (it’s also a common practice to make people stop torrenting).

In this case, you won’t get a warning letter from your provider.

Best VPNs for torrenting according to “Reddit” users

After I have tested 40+ VPNs and have chosen the most advantageous for torrenting, I decided to find the best VPN according to Reddit users’ opinions.

Most of the users recommend subscribing for NordVPN for torrenting. This provider is appreciated by the Reddit audience because of user-friendliness of the app and reliability.

Among other recommended providers I found Express, AirVPN, SurfShark and some others.

VPNs recommended by Reddit users for torrenting

VPNs for torrenting: key highlights

In this article, I’ve presented only the best P2P VPN providers. The ones listed in the top 5 of this rating have passed all the tests (IP and DNS leak, speed test) and performed great results. Their features serve to make subscribers anonymous and therefore safe while torrenting.

Don’t be upset that you haven’t found best free VPN for torrenting, as it doesn’t exist. Free provider process and sell logs about the users to earn money on their credulity. Thus, anonymity and security on the Internet are out of the question.

There are also VPN services that are not recommended to use for torrenting. As a rule, such providers don’t support torrenting at all or have bad security test results.

In view of the fact, that free VPNs store logs, don’t include them in this rating. They won’t make you safe online. Besides, they are not good at restrictions bypassing. I recommend to make use of a VPN free trial – a period when you can test the service without payment.

Some VPNs I have mentioned in the rating of the best ones are also in good standing among Reddit users. Among them are Nord, Express and SurfShark.

Compare 5 top VPNs for torrenting

Let’s sum up.

I have chosen these 5 providers not accidentally. They manage to unblock top torrent sites. They have good speeds and diverse server park. And what is most important is that they are really secure.

Let’s revise the best VPN providers for torrenting:

Special P2P servers Traffic encryption Fast speeds Security Server locations
NordVPN + 256 AES yes Panama 60 countries
CyberGhost VPN
+ OpenVPN, IKEv yes Romania 58 countries
SurfShark + 256 AES average The BVI 49 countries
ExpressVPN Allowed but no dedicated 256 AES yes the BVI 94 countries
Ivacy VPN + 256 AES yes Singapore 50+ countries

For further questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!