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VPNarea review

Last updated: July 8, 2020 By Dean Chester

The internet is great fun because you can be transported to different worlds with the click of a button and chat with friends from all over. The sad part about the internet is that because it is so wide and free it is also open to online predators who are trying to log into your personal accounts so they can steal your identity, money and sensitive information. This is also why many countries have improved their security by banning certain social and entertainment sites. It is quite tragic if a popular site like Facebook is banned in your area, but luckily you can regain complete internet freedom by calling in the help of a good VPN service like VPNArea.

VPNarea Review

VPNArea has been voted as one of the “best VPN for 2020” and is the perfect choice for you because they won’t just unblock these restricted sites for you; they will also protect you from hacking and provide you with connections in multiple countries and on multiple devices. You will receive the best online protection, the fastest network speeds, ultimate online freedom and much more when you buy this USA VPN service.

Tariffs and prices of VPNArea

VPNArea is one of the best VPN services when it comes to features and affordability. You receive great functionality at great prices. They provide three membership options that allow you to receive fantastic discounts when you pay up front.


  • 1 Month – The monthly fee is $9.90 and includes all the benefits that this USA IP VPN has to offer with the exception of the dedicated IP option.
  • 6 Months – When you pay for six months in advance, you will be paying a total of $50 which brings your monthly fee down to only $8.33. You get all the benefits that this great VPN service has to offer, including the dedicated IP option.
  • 12 Months – This is the most popular of the memberships because you are only spending $59 for an entire year, which brings your monthly bill down to only $4.92 and you get all the benefits that VPNArea has to offer.

The benefits included in the packages are, servers in 69 countries use the VPN services on up to six devices, unlimited bandwidth, a seven day money back guarantee, multiple platform software, instant activation, dedicated IP option, encryption, anti DNS leak, great online protection and much more. You can also make secure payments through PayPal, Credit Card, Payza. Bitcoin is a great variant for those who want to be anonymous while paying for service.

Unfortunately, VPNArea does not offer free trial. Nevertheless, it provides its clients with 7-days money back guarantee. Therefore, if you will come to the conclusion, that VPNArea is not for you, the company will pay back.

Info on Servers of VPNArea

Info on Servers

VPNArea is owned by Offshore Security LTD company, which is registered in Bulgaria. The websites of this country are placed in Switzerland. Such powerful combination of countries is beneficial for VPNArea clients, as Bulgaria does not follow the directive of data storage and Switzerland is famous for its laws on data protection.

VPN clients can access this VPN service from all over the world and connect to over 200 servers from more than 69 countries. They already have servers in all of the countries with the best content like the USA, EU, Brazil, China  (learn what is the best VPN to use in China) and much more and they are expanding more with each passing day.

As you see a VPNArea user has a wide variety of servers to choose from. This Bulgarian provider has hundreds of high-speed servers.

Besides, you will find detailed information on each country (for example, the number of servers located there) thanks to a VPNArea network server list.

Furthermore, it is possible to take advantage of total bypass using any of your gadgets. All the members of your family can use the subscription to VPNArea on their smartphones, desktops, tablets and routers.

Functions of VPNArea

There are a lot more reasons to get this private VPN service than just security. Here are some of the top benefits you will get when you become a VPN client:

  • You can change your IP address to match those of 69 countries and be completely anonymous since no one will ever realize that you are connecting from another country.
  •  The fantastic security software that they use does not impair the network speed. You can still upload, download or stream at fast network speeds no matter which server you access.
  •  Anti DNS Leak & IPv6 Leak protection stops ISP from knowing which sites you visit and protects your IP address so you can browse completely anonymous.
  •  You can connect with up to six different devices at the same time and be protected no matter what you use and no matter which connection you access.
  •  You can transfer as much content as you like because there are no restrictions.
  •  It is allowed to access any content around the globe, whether it is the news portal blocked in your region because of the strict censorship policy or a library of a well-known service.
  •  A kill switch stops all your online activities if your VPN service is deactivated for some reason so you will be notified and protected (Read more about the kill switch VPN feature).
  •  Ad blocking will help those who are already annoyed by the numerous pop-up windows that advertise something on a regular basis and make the process of internet surfing almost impossible.
  • Check the server before connecting to it. To experience the best quality of VPNArea service one is to be attentive before connecting to one of the servers granted by the VPN provider. The number of users connected to the server is directly proportional to the speed.
  • Unlimited bandwidth is offered by VPNArea, which means that you will manage all your activities on the internet.

Dedicated IP: who will benefit from it?

VPNArea clients can pay only $20 a year to add a special IP address with a private server. This function allows you to choose the IP from numerous countries around the globe including popular ones, like the UK, the USA, Netherlands and Australia.

The VPNArea IP price increased slightly making this product competitive among other security services. Moreover, VPNArea is the only service offering free private VPN server.

Dedicated IP address will be attractive for technical users, who want to work on gaming servers and alike. Apart from this, such facility makes it less possible for a user to be noticed and blocked by the services like Netflix US. This facility will be the main priority for those who appreciate confidentiality. Learn more how toi get Netflix unblocked.

It is important to mention that Dedicated IP with a private server is available only in case of annul or 6-months subscription.

Security and Privacy of VPNArea

There is a reason why this is a popular VPN service and that is because they use the best security to protect you when you use the internet. 256-bit AES encryption software encrypts all of your online activities so no one can see what you are viewing, streaming or downloading. VPNArea also keeps no logs so no one can monitor your URLs or browser history to pinpoint anything against you. They also have DNS leak protection and WebTRC Leak protection that keeps you safe. It is, however unsure what security protocols they use, which are a bit of a downside since the protocols can make a huge difference in your security.

On account of company location VPNArea is not regulated by the law on data storage. It allows the provider steer clear of logging, which means that the information of VPN users and their online activity is not kept.

Become free with VPNArea

To become absolutely free on the internet it is unnecessary to visit other countries. It is enough to become a VPNArea user. By means of this security and privacy tool you will benefit from numerous facilities, which will make your activity on the cyber space free, secure and private.

VPNArea encryption methods

Technically speaking, VPNArea supports three tunneling protocols: OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP. If you are interested in your online security and confidentiality it is not recommended to use PPTP. It is better to pay attention to Open VPN and L2TP in case you want not to be monitored by third parties.

Advanced users prefer OpenVPN protocol, as VPNArea encodes protocols with open source code, using reliable 256-bit AES algorithm. L2TP is safe as well and known by its speed. It is faster than OpenVPN.

Thus, for those who make speed but not security their top priority, OpenVPN is an ideal variant.

Built-in security systems

The detailed study of this security tool shows that VPNArea possesses some additional security systems built in a VPN service, which will be definitely liked by users.

In the first place, let us discuss Anti-WebRTC. It puts right the leaks and as a result the system does not allow the websites to identify your real location.

In the second place, we should thank the developers for Anti-Leak DNS VPNArea system. The time when VPN encrypts your web history and puts obstacles in the way of your Internets Service Provider to see your traffic, the possibility of ISP to monitor the websites domain does still exist. You can prevent your provider from spying on you by means of Anti-Leak DNS function.

Automatic IP interpreter

This function can be used so as to add extra security level of your internet session. If you decide to use it, the facility to state the preferable interval will be available. For example, if a person wants his/her IP address to be changed every 10 minutes, the system will change it automatically. Manual actions are not required. The IP address will be chosen accidentally. 

Support service provided by VPNArea

First of all, their website is fantastic. All the info you need is stated clearly and understandable so you won’t have to consult other sites to find out about them. The site has an FAQ section that you can browse for self-help solutions and you can contact the technical team directly through email ([email protected]), Skype (vpnarea-support) and through live chat and get instant support.

The live support service allows getting a prompt reply. The specialists of suport service will answer you the shortest possible time. To start a chat it is requiered to leave the data on your name and email address. What is more beneficial, the answer will not be sent to your email. You will get the answer online.

Client Account procedure

You need to register online and make a payment before you will be able to do the VPNArea software download. Once the registration and payment are done, the installation is quick and the apps are completely user friendly so you can get the best protection the moment your software is set up.




VPNArea supports all platforms which include Windows, Apple, Android and Linux VPN apps. You can connect six different devices at the same time and be protected at home, work or on the go (learn which is a good multiple device VPN) . The developers worked diligently to meet users’ demands and they coped with this task, as it is possible to install this security system almost on any device.

The website

VPNArea has created a well-designed official website, which has enjoyable look not only for a newbie of the service, but also for people with great sense of humor. The main meme of the website is Einstein, which helps the visitors orientate themselves on VPNArea’s website. VPN Area’s site is a Swiss hosted website that despite the funny pictures filled with extra informative content. So, if you have decided to look through VPNArea reviews you can make it using the section ‘The experts love our service and our software’. Yes, humor is the main strategy of the company. But VPNArea has achieved great success not due to the sense of humor, at least not just because of it, but also due to the up-to-date technological solutions the company has included to the service. All the packages of VPNArea coincide in the functionality, apart from 1 month package, which is lack of dedicated IP option. VPNArea has many add-ons able to make your surfing the internet much better and faster like kills witch or Anti-DNS and Anti-IPv6 Leaks. So, if you have decided to subscribe for VPNArea, the official website is a rich repository of information that will give you a possibility to make up a broad picture of VPNArea service.

Terms of service

Sure enough we will not enumerate all the points of the section as it’s your direct responsibility as a potential client to read all the terms closely, but we are to highlight the defining moments of the conditions.

The main part of any agreement is terms and rules of usage or exploitation. So, being a privacy concerned customer, you need to read all the data posted at the same-named section on the official website of VPNArea. Firstly it should be mentioned that all the modifications of the terms of usage are noted at the section, for instance ‘Terms last modified: 4th of January 2017’, so if you want to be in the know, you should regularly look through the terms of VPNArea . As soon as you just browse the official website of  VPNArea you are not obliged to supply any of your personal data, however, having decided to subscribe for VPNArea, you will have to share your true email address. All the VPNArea accounts are for single user, nevertheless they can be shared between friends or family members. As well as any other company VPNArea can change the prices, but all the clients will be informed about it in advance, moreover, despite many other providers the service allows up to 6 devices simultaneously. Any subscription can be restricted in access by VPNArea, provided a customer breaks the rules enumerated on the official website of the service. 

So, all the conditions of the output usage should be thoroughly examined by you independently, in case if you want to form a subscription or to compare the service with the other one, as this makes you protected from undesirable effects.


Today the Internet is something more than the tool for communication with friends, social networks, gaming and purchasing. It is the system that keeps data about every single event, person, road, country, building and what not. And if you think that you have nothing to hide or your information is not interesting for anyone, you misjudge completely. Any data can be charged against you. Thus, it is vital to hide your IP address away from prying eyes.

VPNArea has everything internet users could ask for. They offer protection, internet freedom, anonymity and affordable rates to those who become annual members. One of the biggest highlights of this reliable VPN service is the live chat function that allows you to get the best support for any problems that you are faced with instantly and if you can’t get your issues solved, you can always apply for a seven day money back guarantee that will ensure you won’t lose a penny. 

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