VPNSecure is one of the services I used during my travelling around the world. I tested its speeds, features and security and defined the VPN’s pros and cons. In this VPNSecure review, I will tell about:

Finally, I’ll answer a few frequently asked questions, and after the review you’ll find user reviews about VPNSecure.

VPNSecure: Unique Benefits and Features

So, I tested VPNSecure and what can I say about this service?

Affordable VPN with standard features. If you need something more advanced, you’d better have a look at the list of my 5 top VPNs.

If you are still interested in VPNSecure, here’s my quick overview of benefits and features:

One of the best opportunities I liked in VPNSecure is that you can choose the level of encryption on your own. Besides, the provider applies one of the most popular VPN protocols – OpenVPN (I like it because it’s secure and fast).

I enjoyed using its Windows app as it’s dead simple and user-friendly.

Though it’s not advanced as ExpressVPN’s apps, VPNSecure supports torrenting and unblocks online streaming services such as Netflix.

VPNSecure is one of the fewest providers that offer both a money refund and a free VPN trial period (but it’s limited).

Still, I’m not pleased with its server network and overall speeds: they are rather variable for different servers.

So, here’s the complete list of pros and cons:

VPNSecure pros VPNSecure cons
Affordable prices A bit poor server network (48 countries only)
7-day money refund and 30-day free trial Server speeds are variable (US servers are slow)
User-friendly interface and easy setup Free trial VPN allows connections via the US  only
A user can choose encryption level in the app No-logging policy is not transparent enough
Compatible with all apps and routers
Decent security and privacy: no IP leaks, encryption, OpenVPN, kill switch
Works for Netflix and torrenting
Good customer support
StealthVPN for obfuscation

Here’s the list of the alternatives to VPNSecure:

NordVPN Visit Site 30-day money refund
ExpressVPN Visit Site 30-day money back
SurfShark VPN Visit Site 30-day money back

Pros and Cons of VPNSecure

Now it’s time to tell you how I came to the conclusion above: why I defined 9 pros and 4 cons.

Affordable prices

I analyzed the tariffs and pricing policies of all VPNs I tested and found out that an average price for a 1-year period is 5-6 dollars. Thus, the provider of VPNSecure offers quite affordable prices for 12 months subscriptions.

Of course, you can find even cheaper VPNs for 3 dollars per month (like NordVPN that costs $2.99 per month, for example), but you will have to obtain 2-3 years of using.

VPNSecure pricing

What I really liked is that each of the VPNSecure’s plans include similar features:

  • Apps for all my devices;
  • Unlimited access to all servers;
  • OpenVPN;
  • HTTP proxy and smarty DNS.

By the way, I heard that VPNSecure offered a lifetime subscription and decided to ask its support specialist about it. Here’s the answer I received:

Answer about a lifetime subscription

The payment methods are rather diverse (even Bitcoins are accepted):

How you can pay for VPNSecure

And you can even use up to 5 devices per one subscription. That’s even more than offered by ExpressVPN (3 devices).

Answer about multiple devices.

7-day money refund and 30-day free trial

Though a 7-day money-back period is shorter, (most providers of VPNs give their customers 30 days of use for refunding money for a subscription), you can use VPNSecure free of charge for 30 days.

What is its free trial?

  • It’s available for both desktop and mobile devices: Mac, iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux.
  • You can connect only via US server (as for me, it’s a drawback as you may need to test other servers).
  • The bandwidth is limited – 2 GB is allowed for free.

Still, I believe that the provider is rather generous as its users can save money on using VPNSecure free of charge for 5 weeks.

VPNSecure works for Netflix and torrenting

What can you do with VPN? If your answer is bypassing geo-restrictions, you are right. Unblocking Netflix with VPN and downloading torrents anonymously are very popular benefits.

Does VPNSecure work with Netflix? Yes!

If you want to access Netflix US, you’d better connect to a special server for streaming (USA TV Stream 1). My tests showed that they are faster than common servers located in the US.

Still, the US servers aren’t good for streaming in Ultra HD quality.

Another benefit you may be interested in is torrenting.

Does the provider of VPNSecure allow torrenting? Yes!

I failed to find the related information on the website so I asked its online support specialist. Here is a detailed reply:

‘’Yes. P2P/Torrents are supported across 90% of our servers. We do not restrict this.

UK1/UK2/US10 are current ones that it’s blocked on.’’

Finally, my tests proved that the service works for torrenting.

Compatible with all apps and routers

You can use this VPN service on many platforms. It works with all popular operating systems and even can be configured on a router. It’s very convenient if you don’t want to set up the apps on each your device or you need a VPN on more than 5 devices simultaneously (if you need to install more than 5 VPNs to protect all your gadgets, consider Private Internet Access, another good service.

VPNSecure platforms

User-friendly interface and easy setup

For the review, I was testing VPNSecure on Windows 10 and found its app quite user-friendly and intuitive. The download and setup process took a few minutes and clicks.

The interface is very minimalistic, and it’s very easy to understand how to use the software.

For example, you can choose the location from the full list of servers or use a search option. Then you need to click on the country and get connected. It’s as simple as ABC.

choosing servers in the app

The app menu includes General and Advanced settings.

The general settings allow you to:

  • fix leaks;
  • save your username and password not to type in them each time you launch the VPN;
  • turn Stealth VPN on.

With the advanced settings, you will:

  • disable IPv6;
  • use OpenVPN by default;
  • disable an internet connection on disconnect (kill switch),
  • choose the cipher level.

Why did I like the application for Windows?

  • It’s easy to choose locations;
  • I can choose the encryption level for stronger security or faster speeds.
  • Both general and advanced settings are clear and configured with just one click.

Decent security and privacy

I really like the level VPNSecure’s protection of security and privacy.

Firstly, a user can choose an encryption level in the app.

Сhoosing cipher strength in the VPNSecure app

The provider offers three levels of encryption:

  • AES 128-CBC
  • DEC –CBC
  • AES -256-CBC

One can prefer a standard 128-bit key or a military-grade one for advanced protection. I chose AES 128-CBC to get faster connections. The standard 128-bit is quite enough for me.

Secondly, OpenVPN is applied in the service. It’s one of the fastest and most secure VPN protocols.

Obfuscation is offered

I tested their Stealth VPN when I was in countries with strict censorship. For such countries, the provider offers obfuscation to bypass local filters.

You can turn Stealth VPN on with just one click in the general setting of the app.

Obfuscation heavily restricted regions

Good customer support

I enjoyed communicating with the customers support specialists while using and testing VPNSecure. Why?

First of all, they are always online, and you don’t have to wait for long to get a reply. Besides, their replies and explanations are clear and comprehensive. Good job, guys!

VPNSecure’s logging policy: double check it

According the TOS of VPNSecure, the provider doesn’t log user’s activity and data that can identify his or her personality. It’s quite clear and transparent.

no-logging policy of VPNSecure

Still, taking into account the Australian jurisdiction (inside of ‘’5 Eyes’’) of the service, the following extract from the website sounds a bit suspicious:

‘’… If required we will move jurisdictions and go above and beyond for you.’’

What’s more, according to this extract from the Terms of Service, the company has the right to monitor you:

‘’It is VPNSecure Trust’s policy to respect the privacy of its members.  VPNSecure Trust will not monitor you or your use of the service, including its contents unless VPNSecure Trust has reason to believe that such action is necessary to: (1) conform to legal requirements or comply with legal process.”

VPNSecure has a bit poor server network

VPNSecure has its servers only in 48 countries (the full list is here on the website). Though the server network is quite poor in comparison with others, each server supports OpenVPN, HTTP Proxy, Smart DNS, Obfuscation and SSH SOCKS.

Server speeds are variable (US servers are slow)

According to my speed tests for EU and US servers, the speeds are rather inconsistent. Some of the servers are fast, while the others are extremely slow. Among the fastest ones are German servers. If you want to get faster connections, you’d better choose a 128-bit level of encryption.

VPNSecure: Speed and Security Tests

Speed test

Before I started testing VPNSecure’s speeds, I fixed the speed of my Internet Service Provider. The download speed was about 75 Mbps and upload – about 70Mbps.

Internet speed without VPN

I chose 4 locations for testing: Germany, Hungary, France and Denmark. For each server I configured the same level of encryption with a 128-bit key. When I tested the servers located in Europe, I found out that German servers were the fastest (speed loss was about 10%). The speeds on the other servers are slower and quite variable (speed loss is about 20-50%).

Connected to a German server

Then I decided to compare the speeds when using stronger encryption (256-bit key). What’s the result of the test?

The speeds were even slower, and it’s quite obvious as the encryption is stronger. That’s why the standard 128-bit encryption is better for streaming.

Connected with 128-bit encryption

Then I turned to US servers and was not pleased with the speeds. The average speed loss was more than 50%. Though they aren’t the slowest ones, for example, the speeds on the US servers of PureVPN and VPN Unlimited were extremely slow (speed loss is more than 90%).

Connected to US servers with 128-bit encryption

Then I repeated the test with stronger encryption. The speeds were even slower than before.

Connected to US servers with 256-bit encryption

Check if I included it in the list of fast VPNs.

IP leak test

I tested about 10 VPNSecure’s servers and none of them leaked my true IP. The test was passed successfully.

IP leak test for Hungarian server

IP leak test for US server

VPNSecure: Benefits and Features Tests

Does it unblock Netflix?

The Netflix company is quite severe to those who overcome geo-restrictions. When such users are detected in using VPNs, they see a message with an error. Why?

Many VPN servers’ IPs are already blacklisted by the company and easily identified.

I tested a few VPNSecure’s US servers and each of them unblocked access to Netflix US.

VPNsecure-Me for Netflix

Still, the speeds on the tested servers weren’t very fast. But its USA TV stream 1 server was extremely slow.  The other US servers were faster, but the overall speed reduction was about 60%.

Do P2P servers unblock torrenting sites?

As I have mentioned above, 90% of servers allow torrenting. So I tested the same servers for torrenting and they successfully unblocked popular torrent trackers.

VPNsecure-Me for torrenting

VPNSecure: Frequently Asked Questions

According to its Terms of Service, “VPNSecure Pty Ltd (ABN: 41 151 546 020) is the Trustee for VPNSecure Trust (ABN: 76 159 968 869) in Brisbane Queensland Australia.’’

It’s not the best jurisdiction for a VPN provider as Australia is one of the ‘’5 Eyes’’.

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Taking into account its Australian jurisdiction and inconsistent logging policy, I wouldn’t recommend using it for torrenting if you care about your privacy.

Still, if you decide to connect to VPNSecure’s servers, follow the steps below:

  • Launch the VPN app and turn it on.
  • Connect to one of the servers that support PP connections (UK1/UK2/US10 are currently blocked for torrenting).
  • After you get connected, open you your browser and visit a torrent tracker.
  • Open the torrent client and start torrenting.
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VPNSecure offers pre-configured routers via Flashrouters.com. The following models are available:

  • Linksys E1200 DD-WT Flashrouter
  • Netgear AC1450
  • ASUS RT-AC66U Flashroute
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In case you can’t connect to any server, follow the steps below:

  • Reload your device and try to connect once again.
  • If this doesn’t work, contact the provider’s online support.
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