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VPN Unlimited review

Last updated: July 8, 2020 By Dean Chester

The rate of occurring data breaches is on the rise these days. As it was predicted earlier, ransomware damage costs will rise to $11.5 billion in 2020. Whereas cybercrime will cost $6 trillion annually by 2020.

Do you need more arguments to start thinking about your internet security?

Certainly, not!

Then it is high time to study VPN Unlimited review.

To begin with, like any other VPN provider, VPN Unlimited has its own pros and cons. If you are looking for an overall opinion, we would say it is above average. It has a long way to go compared to the likes of ExpressVPN. Let’s see if the provider worth using in 2020 or not. We’ll cover features, privacy, speeds and more. Stay with us and you’ll find the following information:

VPN Unlimited Review

Tariffs and prices

Even though robust encryption and a clear privacy policy are the main indicators of trustworthy provider, the cost matters a lot from a customer’s point of view. If VPN services are priced unjustly, then customers wouldn’t be interested in the product.

But there are so many VPN services in the market today and with a little search, you can always find a cheaper alternative to an overpriced service. $15 a month is usually the average price of VPN services.

1-month package.  If you are looking for temporary protection, then you can opt for their 1-month package. This plan is great for those who want to use favorite services being abroad.

If you want to know the base price, they charge just $9.99 a month.

One Year package costs $59.99 per 1 year and allows saving up to 50%. This is the best choice for those whose occupation is connected with internet activity.

3 Years account offers you the best price $99.99 billed once or $2.78 per month.

VPN Unlimited lifetime subscription allows protecting both you and your data without any time limits for $199.99.

VPN Unlimited lifetime subscription

However, if 5 devices are not enough for you, have a look at VPN Unlimited tariffs offering 10 devices:

VPN Unlimited tariffs offering 10 devices per account

7-day money-back guarantee is offered by VPN Unlimited, which persuades the potential clients in the stability of this cheap VPN service work.

VPN unlimited offers all the major payments options, such as Credit Card, PayPal and Bitcoin for anonymous payments.

VPN Unlimited free 

The VPN provider gives its users an opportunity to try the service without paying for it. In such a way, it is possible to use the Virtual Private Network free.

The period of free trial lasts for 7 days, which is enough to evaluate all the benefits of the service and become its subscriber forever.

VPN Unlimited servers are located in 52 countries:

Info on servers 

The total number of servers is really important.

When you have a number of servers worldwide, then you can serve a wider customer base. Moreover, a number of servers equate to better speed. Also, the availability of the VPN also will be improved when you have more servers.

Your connection will be faster if you have a server which is closer. So, always go for companies with a large number of servers distributed all over the world.

VPN Unlimited has only more than 400 servers worldwide. But the important thing is that they have servers in all the important countries.

VPN Unlimited servers are located in 52 countries:

  • Africa (Israel, South Africa)
  • Asia (Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey)
  • Europe (Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Moldova, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, Ukraine)
  • North America (Canada, Mexico, the USA)
  • Oceania (Australia, New Zealand)
  • South America (Brazil and Chile)


But what stands out VPN Unlimited in a crowd of other good VPN providers?

Its functions!

Let’s take a look at the basic features provided by this service. 

  • Multiple connections

The biggest feature is that they provide multiple connections. They allow you to connect with more than one device at a time. When you have the whole family using the internet via different devices, be it PCs and mobile devices, these multiple connection features are going to be really handy. If you have so many gadgets, you will find this feature very attractive.

At a time, you can have 5 or even 10 connections. Most of the VPN services allow only 2 connections. So, this has to be one of the biggest features from their side. 

  • Referral program

Not too many VPN services have referral programs. But customers generally love programs like this as everyone likes freebies. To join the program and earn up to $75, you are to register and create a new account, accept commercial terms, and acquire users to the website.

  • Bandwidth

When you have a bigger bandwidth, you will have a smoother connection. So, it is important to make sure that the company doesn’t have unreasonable bandwidth limits in place. As of now, they don’t have bandwidth restrictions. They provide unlimited bandwidth to their customers. You can stream or download content without the fear of limited bandwidth.

  • Zero restrictions

Due to the hundreds of VPN servers located in over 70 places of the world, it is dead easy to bypass all possible restrictions (geographical, censoring and so on). One may download and stream from any source he/she wants. 

Security and privacy

Privacy and security are the most important aspects when it comes to a VPN service. Unfortunately, VPN Unlimited is not one of the VPNs which don’t keep logs. While reading their Privacy Policy, we have noticed that the VPN collects common user statistics and website traffic. Moreover, the provider stores the encrypted information about the amount of connected devices for each account and may keep some technical information.

Now, speaking of security, they provide the standard security. They use 256-bit encryption like other companies in the business, which take privacy of their customers seriously.

Support service

When it comes to any VPN service, a good customer service is a must. When it comes to any VPN service, a good customer service is a must. Hopefully, VPN unlimited offers high-quality customer support. Fill in a contact form or email them directly and you’ll get a response within half an hour for sure. Unfortunately, VPN Unlimited doesn’t provide with a live chat. However, the speed and quality of the service live this down.

VPN Unlimited won’t connect

As well as any other technology, it is not improbable that the VPN doesn’t work or even connect you to a right server. Even being tech-savvy you may need a professional assistance. However, in most cases, some problems coming from the VPN inability to connect can be eliminated even by average users.

Having subscribed for the service, you begin with the setting-up process. For making it easier for you, we have prepared several helpful notes here:

  • You should know that it’s impossible to run the service (even install it) without sending an email to the company. Having sent a subscription email, you will receive your PPTP account information together with your specific configuration files.
  • Having decided to run OpenVPN, you should learn in advance that the option is possible after a year-usage period.
  • When trying to establish a connection to the internet through one of the VPN servers on your router, don’t forget to disconnect all the running devices.
  • When switching from one server to another one, don’t forget to make sure you’ve updated the ‘client cert’ and ‘key’ fields.

Besides, many customers face difficulties with the Kill Switch for VPN Unlimited setting. When trying to activate the feature on your DD-WRT router you need to follow the next steps for not to come up with any obstacles:

  • Having entered the administration commands section, you should type the following script: iptables-I FORWARD –i br0 –o vlan2 –j DROP. 
  • Then you need to click the ‘save’ button for Firewall and reset your router.

When running the Tomato router you need to follow the coming steps:

  • Enter the administration scripts section of the Firewall and type the script: iptables –I FORWARD –i br0 –o vlan2 –j DROP.
  • The same actions as with the DD-WRT router are required here. Choose the ‘save’ button and reset your router.

So, as you see the most difficulties coming from the VPN settings can be eliminated independently. However, there are cases when you need a professional assistance in the issue. In this case, you are recommended to contact the support team and ask them for further help. Besides, depending on the completeness of the performed information, you may achieve a required response sooner or later.

Therefore, if you want to get the answer in a short time, you are advised to state all the information correctly and fully. Facing some difficulties with the VPN connectivity you need to advert the time when the issue occurred, the OS version you run the VPN app on, the app’s version and all available data on the problem. Thus, there is every likelihood to achieve a well-timed respond.

VPN Unlimited Extensions

Any fast-developing company cares about the service it offers. VPN Unlimited is one of the advanced companies interested in customers capturing through investing in new technologies.

Thus the service offers several useful extensions:

  • A Personal VPN Server

If you need to skyrocket the level of your online protection, the possibility is all you need. Also, it will help you boost your internet connection speed and bypass internet censorship. What is more, nobody will be able to determinate you run a VPN.  This extension is to help you surf the internet without any restrictions or limitations.

There are several characteristics that differentiate the service form a common a lot:

  1. The server works only for you, which enhances your speed a lot;
  2. It improves your online protection while avoiding you from hacker attacks, and private data leaking;
  3. It is highly recommended for gaming. As long as the whole server operates for you, lags, hits and game’s inaccessibility can be overcome with the use of your personal VPN server;
  4. A blank server IP without any clients’ background.;
  5. You can protect all your devices at once having set it for your router;
  6. You are stated to be the most valuable customer;
  7. You have an opportunity to receive the 1-year Professional Plan for 1-year purchase for free;
  8. The deployment time takes only about an hour.
  • Personal Static IP

There are blacklisted IPs from already known services, which deprive people of unblocking and accessing the geo-restricted services they need. The extension has much in common with the personal VPN server, though it’s much cheaper.

Being online every day you can subscribe for a personal IP address, which is to ensure additional protection for your sensitive information. It is ready for use from any VPN Unlimited client app. All you need is to select a necessary server location.

There are several benefits you achieve having taken an advantage of the extension:

  1. A clean reputation of your IP address placed in any chosen country;
  2. You will be able to access your banking account or mailbox from any part of the world without any fear of being blocked or intercepted;
  3. The add-o helps you get access to such geo-restricted websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.;
  • Additional devices

With the VPN Unlimited, you are able to arm additional devices with top-notch protection. All you need is to choose a desired amount of devices and the duration of your subscription to make them armed with VPN Unlimited defense.

Some additional info on pricing:

1 device - $0,99/month;

5 devices - $2,99/month;

10 devices - $5,99/month.

  • For teams and family

You can give a military-grade protection to your friends worldwide with the use of this VPN Unlimited extension. The extension includes all the technologies provided by the company, such as personal domain account management and dedicated round-the-clock support.

There are several plans for the extension:


For family

For team



5 accounts, 25 available devices, 24/7 dedicated support;


20 accounts, 100 available devices, 24/7 dedicated support;







Client account 

Setting up the client account is fairly easy. After paying for the service you will receive credentials to log in KeepSolid VPN Unlimited account:

Client account

The last step is to download the app. Go to their website and download the version compatible with your OS. You may want to look up SSL VPN service. The process of installation is dead easy, just follow the steps carefully.

The last step is to download the app.

IP Leak test and speed test for VPN Unlimited

We have tested VPN Unlimited for IP leaks and checked our connection speeds with the VPN. In general, the results are satisfying. No IP or DNS leaks were detected:

We have tested VPN Unlimited for IP leaks and checked our connection speeds with the VPN

You may see speed test results below. The first screenshot shows our speeds without the VPN, the second – with server in Milan.

You may see speed test results below.

he first screenshot shows our speeds without the VPN, the second – with server in Milan.


As any other VPN provider, VPN Unlimited has reduced our Internet connection speed. However, it’s still possible do download files online or watch high-quality movies. 


VPN Unlimited works well with Android. It also runs well on Linux and Windows. Unfortunately, the VPN for Mac is not available these days. Since there are so many VPN services today, you can easily buy VPN USA service. You will always come across reliable USA IP VPN services. Is this the best VPN service? Not really, to be honest.

VPN Unlimited works well with Android


Even though there are a few good things about their service, it is not very competitive when we consider all the aspects. Allowing 5 simultaneous connections have to be the biggest draw. They don’t have too many servers and it is a big drawback.

If you are in search of VPN USA services, then you will come across a plenty. We have to warn, those who are looking for USA VPN free of charge, free service may not be the safest. However, if you are ready to run a risk, you can subscribe to free providers like VPNBook or TunnelBear

And now let's have a look at distinctive features of VPN Unlimited.

VPN Unlimited pros

  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • Available for torrenting
  • Diverse browser extensions
  • Static IP addresses
  • Free trial for 7 days
  • Money-back guarantee

VPN Unlimited cons

  • Lack of ad-blocking
  • No live chat support
  • Might keep some logs
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