Golden Frog has launced updated version of the VyprVPN app with the Fastest Server Option.

The latest VyprVPN client release has nice new improvements on Windows, Mac and Android including Fastest Server Option, Desktop Notifications and Control improvements.

Fastest Server Option

With the VyprVPN fastest server option you are now able to connect automatically to the fastest server available. If the top speed is your priority, just choose “fastest server” and the VyprVPN app automatically chose the fastest server and connect. If you use the “fastest server”  with the auto-reconnect option you will always connect to the fastest server with every new VPN connection.

Desktop Notifications and more

The new VyprVPN client app release for Windows and Mac has an option for notifications. You are able to receive updates straight to your desktop every time your connection status changes. There is no more need to stop what you are doing and open the app to know what is your connection status.

With VyprVPN Windows app you don’t even need to open the app to Connect, log out or open setting. Those can be easily controlled straight from the jump list.

About VyprVPN

Golden Frog’s founders launched VyprVPN, one of the fastest Personal VPN service in 2009. Their main goals are to provide a secure and open Internet experience with the respect of user privacy. On the whole VyprVPN offers strong VPN packages that offer both security and speed.