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The idea to build up a tool to prevent surveillance and provide access to unrestricted web content appeared in response to Room 611a. Carolyn and Ron Yokubaitis found out that the National Security Agency monitors At&T’s networks.

They reported about the incident to the FCC, but it was ineffective. It made them think about the privacy and security of web surfing. They introduced one of the best VPN services – Vypr.

In its turn, the Golden Frog announcements made me study the service and prepare this unbiased VyprVPN review.

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My investigation is based on a practical study of the app, speed and leak testing and in-depth analysis of the documents presented on the Golden Frog VPN website.

VyprVPN Unique Benefits and Features

Seeking a way to overcome the issues of modern ‘sanitized’ Internet, the developers of VyprVPN have worked out a set of useful features.

I’m going to enlarge on them in the next part of this VyprVPN review.

In the meantime, I bring to your notice the list of weak and strong sides of the provider:

VyprVPN pros VyprVPN cons
200 000 shared IPs No P2P servers
NAT firewall Live chat is not available 24/7
Chameleon VPN technology Expensive
Diverse protocols
No leaks
Zero logs policy
3-day free trial
3-5 devices per account
VyprVPN Cloud
700+ servers

If you are not impressed with the advantages of the provider and want to look at something else, I recommend you the top 3 services to use in 2019:

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Personally, I recommend VyprVPN because of its relatively fast servers, leak absence and beneficial Chameleon technology. That’s exactly why I had no troubles while accessing Netflix through a VPN connection.

However, if you appreciate a diverse server park or cannot pay for the service, VyprVPN is not for you.

Pros and Cons of VyprVPN

At the beginning of this review, you were offered a list of VyprVPN advantages and disadvantages. And now it’s time to take the point further.

Do you want to know why thousands of people around the world appreciate its beneficial location? Are you interested if there is any chance to try the service risk-free?

Let’s move on!

VyprVPN and its Plus Points

Moving on the beneficial features of the provider, I want to notify that some points will be highlighted in further parts of the review.

VyprVPN Server Locations

The first thing that bothers potential VPN subscribers is the number of servers and their locations.

The provider has more than 700 servers. They are located in 64 countries all over the world. Besides, you’ll like the US locations.  VyprVPN places its servers in 8 regions of the USA.

I’ve also found it rather handy that the app offers me the fastest location.

In its turn, there are over 200 000 shared IPs you can make use of.

VyprVPN server locations

Unlimited server switching allows making your digital footprint hidden.

However, there’s a fly in the ointment. VyprVPN doesn’t have dedicated P2P servers . It means, additional protection for seeders is not expected. However, torrenting is possible for VyprVPN users.

Lifehack! If you are looking for a VPN with P2P servers, look through NordVPN review and ExpressVPN review.

Chameleon VPN technology

First of all, it serves to prevent the blocking of VPN services. Due to this function, it’s possible to go round censorship and restrictions imposed by the government or Internet Service Providers.

Apart from it, VyprVPN Chameleon technology allows resolving speed issues by dint of bandwidth throttling.

Isn’t it great?

With the help of only one additional function, you get faster speeds and less restrictions!

Switzerland Location

The region where a VPN provider is placed might have a strong impact on its work and the security level of its subscribers. Swiss location has salutiferous effect for the provider. The country is not a member of the 14-eye alliance.

It means Switzerland is not obliged to share data on the activity of internet users with third-party countries. The article 13 of the Swiss Federal Constitution guarantees the right for privacy.

VyprVPN Free Trial

I always find it beneficial when a service provides an opportunity to try the app before paying for it. VyprVPN is on the list of such services.

3 days are enough to study the client and understand whether it is worthy or not.

However, to make use of this advantage, you are to enter your payment details.

Lifehack! Don’t forget to cancel VyprVPN subscription if you’re not satisfied with the service. Otherwise, you’ll be charged automatically.

VyprVPN Logs are not Stored

Looking for the best VPN software? Want it to be zero-logs? Golden Frog has done its best to make the service logless. This is facilitated by its advantageous geographical location, local laws and privacy policy of the provider.

Cross-platform Compatibility

I’ve already highlighted the fact that VyprVPN is available in 8 languages. Of course, it’s for user convenience.

Golden Frog has taken it a step further. The company has worked out applications for all popular platforms.

Platforms compatible with VyprVPN

Vypr expands the horizons and allows installing VPN software on routers and other platforms:

  • Blackberry;
  • Boxee;
  • DD-WRT;
  • OpenWRT;
  • Synology NAS.

Thus, having set up the VPN on your home router, you can protect all your devices connected to it.

Unique Cloud Feature

VyprVPN Cloud allows users to set up VPN software on a server that they rent or own. This feature is available for the following platforms:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS);
  • DigitalOcean;
  • VirtualBox.

NAT Firewall for Additional Protection

If you have to connect to public WiFi hotspots often, you should know about the possible risks. WiFi networks are extremely vulnerable to hacking attacks.

In this regards, VyprVPN introduces NAT firewall. Due to this feature, users acquire an additional layer of protection.


This feature serves to make your traffic protected. And at the same time, it helps to bypass censorship and other restrictions.

VyprVPN and its Weak Points

You won’t find a never-ending list of disadvantages of the provider. However, there are some points that I found unattractive.

VyprVPN Pricing

The prices of Golden Frog VPN provider are far from moderate. Its basic plan is $9.95 per month, whereas the VyprVPN premium package will cost you $12.95 monthly.

It’s rather expensive.

The provider takes it into account and offers a discount in case of a yearly plan. Thus, Golden Frog brings down prices by 51%. Still, they are still high: $5/mo – basic plan, $6.67/mo – premium plan.

For example, PIA discount system allows saving up to 65%.

Live Chat Support

I cannot say that the support service of VyprVPN is absent. Neither I can say it’s perfect.

On the VPN website, I found information that live chat is available 24/7/365.

But actually, this is not the case.

When I tried to contact a specialist for the first time, I failed. VyprVPN live chat support is not available round-the-clock. It’s inconvenient for the residents of Europe and a set of Asian countries.

VyprVPN: Benefits and Features Tests

I think you can find this part of VyprVPN review rather useful. Here I’ll show how to download VyprVPN and run it on Windows. Also, I’ll explain how to make use of its beneficial functions.

Let’s get started.

VyprVPN Setup Process on Windows 7 and Later

VyprVPN software can be installed on Windows 7 and later versions. I’ve tested it on Windows 10.

Before starting VyprVPN download process I always look through the site. It’s available for people who speak English, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, German, Chinese and Turkish.

VyprVPN website front page

It’s very advantageous for both potential subscribers and the provider. More people can get to know about the service in view of the language divide absence. In its turn, the Golden Frog company attracts clients from all over the world.

Having looked through the main page of the site, I clicked on ‘GET STARTED’. I was redirected to the next page and offered to create an account.

Here are the steps I had to follow:

  • choose a plan (basic or premium and monthly or yearly);
  • type in first and last name, valid email address and a password;
  • enter payment details (credit card, PayPal or Alipay).

Despite the fact I had to enter my payment details while creating a VyprVPN account, I would be charged only after 3 days of a free trial.

Lifehack! If you don’t like the service, you have an opportunity to cancel VyprVPN within these 3 days. You won’t be charged in this case.

When you get an email from the provider, you can download a VyprVPN app for any of the allowed devices.

VyprVPN for Windows

No manual setup is required. The app installer has done everything instead of me. And what was my surprise when I’ve spent only 58 seconds on it!

I logged in with my username, and password and the first thing I’ve noticed was my real IP address. The application showed me that my internet connection is not protected. Clicking on the ‘Connect’ button, I connect to the nearest VPN server.

VyprVPN app

However, it’s possible to choose the server location manually.

At first sight, the application seems to be inconvenient. The list of servers is hidden. It’s unclear how to change the settings.

The information available for a user is:

  • a public IP address;
  • time connected;
  • protocol used;
  • encryption strength;
  • status of Nat Firewall.

To get access to advanced functions, I clicked on the settings icon and chose options.

The information is divided into 6 categories:

  • Connection (here you can enable functions of Kill Switch, Connect at Start and Automatic Reconnect; also, you can manage trusted WiFi networks).
  • Protocol (switch between protocols in accordance with what you are going to do on the Internet).
  • DNS (the service gives an option of whether to use VyprDNS or the one which belongs to third parties; besides, here you can turn on the function of DNS leak protection).
  • General (it’s allowed to disable or enable notifications, change the language of the client).
  • Advanced (it’s not recommended to change these settings unless directed by a specialist of customer support).
  • Account (the information on user credentials and app version is presented here).

VyprVPN customer support

I also find it unhandy to contact the support service through the client. In this case, only email support is allowed. I’ve sent a request, but the question was answered only in few hours.

24/7 live chat support is out of question either.

When I went to the site, I found out that live chat assistance would be available again only at 8.30 PM US Central Time.

VyprVPN is used around the globe, but not all people can get immediate support in time.

The following variants are offered instead:

  • look through the FAQ section on the site;
  • fill in the contact form;
  • send a message at support [at] goldenfrog.com;
  • study the page with the latest news on VyprVPN.

At the same time, when I got a reply, I was favorably impressed by the answer.

How to Use VyprVPN for Netflix?

Although Netflix provides more than 139 million people in 190+ countries with entertaining material, its content varies from country to country.

Until you are in the USA, you get access to Netflix library without restrictions. However, as soon as you leave the country, the situation would be changed.

For example, neighboring Canada has access only to 63% of Netflix content, whereas China, North Korea and Syria don’t have an opportunity to stream Netflix at all.

In view of local laws and licenses, the provider has to impose limitations on some content.

It’s implemented by means of a proxy detection system. It copes with the task to detect and block proxies, VPNs and unblockers.

Keep your pecker up!

VyprVPN and Netflix

I’ve tested the service. And the result is great!

I connected to one of the US-based VyprVPN servers. The one placed in New York performed the fastest speed.

When I opened the Netflix site, the system did not detect I was surfing the network through VPN. Netflix with its fantastic library might be used from any corner of the world (of course, if you are one of the VyprVPN subscribers).

Does VyprVPN Works with Torrenting Sites?

The next function of VyprVPN I tested was the facility to unblock and use torrent search engines and torrent trackers.

As you can see on the screenshot, I haven’t faced any troubles.

I tried about 25 VyprVPN servers for torrent sites, and all of them managed to unblock these websites.

VyprVPN for torrenting sites

VyprVPN: Speed and Security Tests

Having installed VyprVPN on my Windows device, I’m concerned about its speed and security test results.

If the results are interesting for you as well, don’t skip this part of Vypr VPN review.

VyprVPN speed test results

The average speed of my internet connection falls in the range of 70-96 Mbps. To tell the truth, I was ready for the speed drop.

Speed test when VyprVPN is off

The fact is that even the best VPN providers cause a decrease in speed. The specialists explain it in the following way: when you connect to the Internet through a secured VPN connection, your request passes through additional server, which might be located in a remote place. This is exactly what influences the speed drop.

The nearest Vypr VPN server is located in London (the UK). The speed became slower by 66%.

VyprVPN speed test (UK server)

An average user would not notice this speed drop when surfing the web and even watching video. However, if you download a movie through a torrent client, you’ll have to spend more time on it.

The second server I tested was located in the United States. It’s not by chance that I’ve chosen this place. A lot of entertaining services and sites are blocked outside the US. This location is of particular interest to me.

Unfortunately, there’s not much to boast of.

The download speed – 4.22 Mbps, upload speed – 5.14 Mbps. VyprVPN speeds decreased by over 90%. Troubles with streaming are guaranteed.

VyprVPN speed test (US server)

I also tried VPN servers in Australia, Ireland, Argentina, Czech Republic, Norway, Spain and many other countries.

Thus, I’ve reached a conclusion that it’s necessary to connect to the nearest servers to prevent troubles with VyprVPN slow speed. Thus, I can’t say it’s the fastest VPN I’ve ever tried.

If you are from a European country like myself, you’d better connect to the UK-based servers.

VyprVPN Privacy Testing

The next thing I put to the test was leak resistance. The most unfavorable leaks a VPN user can suffer from are concerned with IP and DNS.

When you use a VPN service, and a special tool detects your real IP address, your online security is under threat.

Besides, if your IP is leaking, services like Netflix, Pandora and many others would detect you’re trying to cheat them.

In the event you experience a DNS leak, your Internet Service Provider would know about your online activity.

VyprVPN test result is presented on the screenshot below.

VyprVPN leak testing

As you can see, VyprVPN has passed leak tests successfully.

The program has detected the IP which belongs to the VPN provider. My IP is reliably masked by the service.

Some app installers can contain malicious software. As soon as the app is installed, the device is infected. In this regard, I took a decision to check whether VyprVPN file contains viruses or not.

The engines have not detected this file. It means it’s absolutely secure to run on your device.

VyprVPN (no malware)

VyprVPN logs and privacy policy

The provider states it neither stores logs nor processes them. In order to get at the truth of the matter, I took a decision to scrutinize its privacy policy and terms of service.

The documents are on open access on the VyprVPN website. The privacy policy of the service was last updated on November 26, 2018.

Here’s the first thing that caught my attention:

VyprVPN logging policy

Having a strong desire to ensure users in its transparent no-logging policy, VyprVPN has prepared a detailed audit.

It’s all good, but I need facts.

The main points of VyprVPN privacy policy hold much water:

  • a user’s IP is not stored by the provider;
  • it doesn’t collect data on VyprVPN IPs used by its subscribers;
  • information about the connection time and traffic is unknown for Vypr VPN;
  • DNS requests are not stored either.

These lines testify the provider is zero logs in deed and not in name.

At the same time, Vypr has the right to collect user names, emails, phone numbers, payment details and physical addresses. This information can be used to maintain services and provide first-class customer support.

Note! The provider ensures it does NOT collect personal information from people under the age of 13. In case it happens, it’s required to inform the provider about the incident. The data will be removed.

Tunneling protocols of the VPN provider

This time I’m satisfied with the protocols the provider offers. The key feature of the service is that it introduces a unique technology – Chameleon.

It presupposes a 256-bit encoding. Also, Chameleon allows hiding user VPN traffic so that there is no way to detect and therefore block it. The residents of countries with severe censorship appreciate this feature.

The protocol I’m going to speak about is OpenVPN. The strong side of this tunneling protocol is its speed. Notwithstanding long distances, it performs good VyprVPN speeds. 160-bit and 256-bit ciphering are used in this case.

In the event when security is not top priority for you, the provider has PPTP protocol. Due to its 128-bit encryption, you benefit from faster speeds.

The last protocol by Vypr is L2TP/IPsec. It’s reckoned to be one of the securest in the VPN market.

It’s very easy to switch between protocols:

  • run the Vypr app;
  • click on settings icon;
  • choose ‘Options’;
  • open ‘Protocols’;
  • tick off next to the necessary VPN protocol on the list.

As you can see, Vypr has advantageous features like Chameleon technology and VyprDNS. However, it’s not without weak sides. For example, it cannot be called the best VPN for torrenting.

Feel free to share your thought about the provider in the comments.

VyprVPN: Frequently Asked Questions

Here you’ll find answers to the most common questions I’ve found on forums and theme-based websites.

It’s not enough to delete the client. If you don’t cancel VyprVPN subscription, you will be charged automatically. Thus, it’s recommended to contact the support service to cancel the subscription.

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First, open the setting in the client. Then open options. There you can change protocols, enable or disable functions like Kill Switch.

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The provider doesn’t offer a free package. However, it’s possible to use the service free of charge for 3 days. To make use of a period of a free trial, you are to create a VPN account and use your payment details. The payment won’t be charged immediately.

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